Zippy's Pizza is a restaurant in Teen Titans Go!. It has appeared in "Hey Pizza!" and "Staring at the Future".


In "Hey Pizza!", Cyborg and Beast Boy were sitting on the couch watching TV, when they saw an ad about Zippy's Pizza, at the end of the ad it says that if they don't deliver your pizza in under thirty minutes then it's free. This causes Cyborg and Beast Boy to go in a "Pizza War" between the Hey Pizza! In "Staring at the Future", Beast Boy and Cyborg go to Zippy's Pizza to eat. They fight over the final slice which falls on the ground, and they decide to have a staring contest to see who gets it. They end up staring at pizza for 30 years, and emerge from the pizza store in the future. When Cyborg builds a time machine, they arrive back at the store where they share the pizza rather than fight over it. Another 30 years later, most of the store has been destroyed, along with the rest of the city.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Game Appearances


  • Zippy's Pizza has been destroyed in all of its appearances so far. However, it always seems to be fixed before it's destroyed again.
  • The pizza in its logo resembles Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa
  • Zippy's Pizza has a different logo in the future that gives gives everyone a clue that Zippy's Pizza was founded in 2010,Beast Boy and Cyborg had been staring at the pizza until 2040

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