This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Yearbook Madness" from season 2, which aired on May 14, 2015.

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[The episode opens with Starfire, Robin, and Raven sitting on the couch. Starfire is on a tablet, Robin is listening to music, and Raven is reading a book.]
Cyborg: [Sliding into view on his knees.] Ooh!
Beast Boy: [Hops out of Cyborg's body.] Yeah, baby!
Robin: [Removing his earphone.] What?
[Camera moves between Cyborg and Beast Boy as they say their lines.]
Cyborg: We
Beast Boy: Just
Cyborg: Had
Beast Boy: The
Cyborg: Best
Beast Boy: Idea
Cyborg: Ever
[Camera shows Starfire, Robin, and Raven looking side to side.]
Beast Boy: And
Cyborg: It's
Beast Boy: Not
Cyborg: Just
[Camera shows Beast Boy and Cyborg hopping up and down.]
Beast Boy: Taking
Cyborg: Turns
Beast Boy: Saying
Cyborg: Each
Beast Boy: Word
Cyborg: In
Beast Boy: A
Cyborg: Sentence.
Starfire: What could be a better idea than the alternating of words?
Raven: Please don't encourage them, Star.
Beast Boy: We
Cyborg: Had
Beast Boy: The
Cyborg: Great
Beast Boy: Idea
Cyborg: To
Robin: [Angrily.] Just say it!
Cyborg: [Sadly.] We want to make yearbooks for the Titans.
Starfire: Of what year is this book?
Beast Boy: The year is this year, Star! Hmm. [Thinks about the year, but gives up.] This year!
Cyborg: We're gonna finally commemorate all the highlights of the last year in the form of pictures in the form of a BOOK.
Raven: Absolutely not. Yearbooks are only popularity contests that leave people with hurt feelings. Tell them this is a bad idea, Robin.
Robin: [Tapping his chin.] Popularity contest. Popularity contest.
[Robin has a fantasy where the yearbook, titled Year of the Robin, has pictures of the Titans in various high school situations. In his mind, he is the Most Handsome, Class Clown, dances with Starfire at prom, and shoves Gizmo into a locker. The Titans gather around him.]
Starfire: May I sign the yearbook?
Robin: Sure. I still have some space in the corner of this page.
Cyborg:I want to sign it too, your majesty.
Beast Boy: Keep in touch with me, bro!
Raven: I want you to have a good summer.
Robin: [The Titans begin crowding.] Whoa, whoa. One at a time. [Fantasy ends.] A yearbook is a great idea. My notable achievements will finally be recognized in print like best hair and class clown.
Beast Boy: Class clown! You're not funny.
Robin: Only the yearbook can say for sure. Finally, I can prove I'm socially superior to all of you!
Starfire: Indeed. What is the first step in the making of the yearbook?
[Cyborg and Beast Boy stand while wearing sunglasses.]
Beast Boy: [Lowers sunglasses.] Picture day, girl! Uh!
Cyborg: Uh!
[The scene transforms into a photo studio with a backdrop set off and lights pointed toward it. Cyborg takes pictures of Silkie, who is sleeping on a stool. He uses his body to carry his head which acts as the camera.]
Cyborg: So good, Silkie. You are working it, buddy. The camera is in love with you. Next! [Starfire takes Silkie’s place. Cyborg stares at Starfire, spits into his hands, and dresses her up. He takes a picture.] Next! [Beast Boy fixes his eyebrows.] Smile tiger. [Beast Boy transforms into a tiger.] Next!
Raven: [As she sits down.] Let's get this over with.
Cyborg: How 'bout we get a shot with your hood off so we get a picture of your smiling face?
Raven: No.
Cyborg: I know there's a pretty girl under there.
Raven: Just take it.
Cyborg: Oh, come on, don't be shy. [Carries head closer to Raven and she leans back.] You so pretty. Show the world how beautiful you [Raven turns demonic and screeches, causing Cyborg to scream and he accidentally takes a picture.] Next. [Places his head on the stool.] Handsome devil. [Takes pictures of his body, then a camera pops out of his body and takes a picture of his head.] Next!
Robin: [Crushes the stool. He is wearing a yellow vest over a long-sleeved white shirt with green gloves, a red bowtie, and his hair is gelled back.] Huh! I have to nail this photo. Ha! Hoo! [Begins running around.]
Cyborg: Dude, how about a smile?
Robin: No, sorry, cool dudes don't smile.
Cyborg: Oh, come on, Rob. Give us a little smile for the birdie. [Squeeks a yellow rubber bird.]
Robin: [Laughs.] Wha-what? You think a dog toy is going to make me smile?
Cyborg: [As the birdie.] We're two birds of a feather, aren't we Robin? I want to be your friend. Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Robin: [Laughs.] He's my friend.
Cyborg: [Off-screen, snaps a picture.] Got it!
Robin: No!
[The Titans are in the kitchen. Beast Boy and Cyborg are eating a stack of pancakes while standing near the table. Starfire is eating a bowl of cereal, Robin is slouching, and Raven is reading a book on the table.]
Robin: Well, picture day was a disaster.
Raven: I told you yearbooks were a bad idea.
Robin: It's okay. It was only one picture out of possible thousands.
Starfire: There can be more of the pictures in the yearbook?
Robin: Of course. Like pictures of all my clubs. Yeah! [Winks.]
Beast Boy: You're not in any clubs.
Robin: I'm in a lot of clubs! I'm just the only member.
Cyborg: There has to be two people in a club. Otherwise, it's just a sad, lonely little man hanging out with himself.
Beast Boy: Yeah, like, we're in the Pancake Appreciation Society.
Beast Boy and Cyborg: [Singing.] Silver dollar. Short stack. Syrup on my flapjacks. Pancakes! Pancakes! We appreciate pancakes! Pancake Club!
Raven: That’s not a real club.
Beast Boy: It’s real, 'cause I like pancakes for real, mama!
Cyborg: All it takes is two members.
Starfire: [Laughs.] Then let it us all form the clubs.
[Beast Boy and Silkie walk down the tower's hallway as part of the Animals Club. Starfire, while fighting tentacles, and Raven form the Not Quite Human Club. Cyborg and Beast Boy are sleeping in sleeping bags as part of Napper’s Delight. Robin sits in a tent in his room by his himself as part of the Masked Crimefighters of America. Cyborg and Beast Boy play thumb war as part of the Thumb Warriors. Robin watches as Jinx, Raven, and Starfire form the Girls in Eye Patches with Hook Hands. Starfire, Cyborg (with rocket boots), Raven, and Beast Boy (as a toucan) fly in the sky as part of the High Flyers Club. Underneath, Robin is looking at them as part of the Speed Walkers only for a satellite to fall on him as part of the Hit by Falling Satellite Club.]
Beast Boy: Sorry none of your clubs worked out, dude.
[Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg are sitting on the couch while Robin is standing nearby.]
Robin: That's funny that you mention that. I just formed a new club! Anyone else wanna join the People Who Talk to Themselves Club? [As his left hand in a high pitched voice.] I do Robin. [Normal voice.] That's two members! [As his right hand.] Uh, me too. [Normal voice.] Whoa! This club is growing so fast! [As his left hand, in a deep voice.] It's nice to meet so many fellow voices.
Raven: I was worried about this. His need to be featured prominently in the yearbook is driving him cuckoo bird.
Robin: Don't worry about me, Raven! I'll be featured! I'm a lock for the yearbook awards. Best Hair, Tightest Pants. [As his left hand, in a deep voice.] Don’t forget the Most Voices in His Head Award. [Normal voice.] Thank you, voice. And, of course, Most Likely to Succeed.
Beast Boy: What exactly makes you more likely to succeed than us?
Robin: [Laughs crazily.] Just watch me. [Robin, wearing a yellow shirt, is sitting in the laboratory behind a desk in the dark.] Come on, come on, come on, think, Robin, think! How can I be a success? I just have to start a business providing something everyone needs. [Leans back and puts his boots on the desk.] But, what?
[Robin stares at his boots and smiles. He creates a design, but throws it on a growing pile. He then goes to the drawing board and cheers when he reaches a breakthrough. He goes to the streets of Jump City and tries selling them, but fails until one customer purchases a pair. He opens an establishment called Boots by Robin and sells many boots. Later, he and construction workers build a factory and he is featured in various magazines. He leaves his factory, which is located next to Titans Tower, and enters the tower.]
Robin: Ha ha! I made a multimillion dollar boot industry. Time to give me that Most Likely to Succeed Award.
Cyborg: Sorry, Robin, we can't.
Robin: But my boot factory is a huge success.
[The camera shows that the Titans are wearing Boots by Robin.]
Raven: They are super comfortable.
Robin: Ha, see?
Beast Boy: Bro, how can you be the most likely to succeed when you've already succeeded?
Starfire: It does defeat the whole point of the award.
Robin: [Sighs. He takes out a communicator and presses a button, causing the factory to explode.]
[The yearbooks are manufactured by The Printer, 1234 Print Road, Printville, Georgia 12345 and sent to the Teen Titans by a biplane. Cyborg and Beast Boy open the door to see the package.]
Cyborg: Hey
Beast Boy: Everyone!
Cyborg: Yearbooks
Beast Boy: Are
Cyborg: In!
Beast Boy: Check
Cyborg: Them
Beast Boy: Out!
Robin: [Knocks Beast Boy and Cyborg to the side and grabs a yearbook.] Just give me the book! Oh, you beautiful, leathery, little book. You're finally going to validate me as the most popular Teen Titan!
Beast Boy: Oh, yeah! Check it out. I got most likely to have worms!
Cyborg: [Flipping through the pages.] Who is this dashing gentleman on pages 7, 18, 24, 109, 157, 187, 191, 211, 215 to 236, and 254? Oh, it's me.
Starfire: [Flipping through the pages.] I am on nearly every page!
Raven: [Using her soul-self to hold the book.] Oh, look, there I am. Cool.
Robin: Quiet! [Shushes the Titans.] I need silence while I check out all my pictures. [Flipping through the pages.] Not me, not me, not me, not me, ha! Oh, it’s a cactus. Not me, not me, hey, hey, there I am! Oh. [Sees picture from picture day.] That’s not a very good picture. Not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me, not me!
Beast Boy: What's happening to him?
Raven: Yearbook madness.
Robin: [Frantically.] Not me, not me, not me, not me! ONE PAGE! I'M ON ONE PAGE! [Camera shows Titans Tower where crows fly away. Returns to living room.] That's okay. It's not like the true test of popularity is how many times you show up in the yearbook. It's how many signatures you get in your yearbook! [Crazily.] Sign my yearbook! SIGN IT! [The Titans back away slowly.] Oh, I see. You're all afraid I'm going to be most popular. Well, I don't need your signatures, because I'm going to get the most signatures of anyone in any yearbook of all time! [Screams and runs to the window, but smacks into it. He keeps on hitting it until he shoots a birdarang that causes the window to explode. He screams and jumps into the ocean.]
Starfire: Raven, will you sign my book of the year?
Raven: Sure.
[Aqualad, Mas y Menos, Speedy, and Bumblebee are eating ice cream sundaes at Yum Yum Kitty Diner when Robin approaches them.]
Robin: [To Aqualad.] Sign my yearbook. [Aqualad signs. He moves it to Más y Menos.] Sign my yearbook? [They sign. He goes to Speedy, who is ready to sign, but closes it and moves to Bumblebee.] Sign my yearbook. [Bumblebee signs. Batman is sleeping on a chair in the Batcave. He army crawls toward Batman’s hand, which is holding a pen and signs it with his hand before crawling away. At H.I.V.E. Tower, he is smacking Gizmo with his staff.] Sign my yearbook! Sign it! [Billy Numerous comes out and duplicates himself. He carries the book to each duplicate.] Sign it! Sign it! Sign it! [He beats up Mammoth and stops.] Sign my yearbook? [Mammoth falls while holding a pen. He returns to Titans Tower.] Ha, ha, I have more signatures in my yearbook than anyone else. I am the best. [He sees Starfire's yearbook.] Uh, are those signatures? [Starfire's yearbook is filled with signatures.] Green Lantern? Aquaman? Haunted Tank? 'Aliens rule', Superman. Where did these come from?
Starfire: The heroes heard about our yearbook and wanted to sign the adorable messages.
Robin: You didn't have to scream or beat them to get them to do it?
Beast Boy: No, bro, they just like us.
Robin: Huh, must be nice. Well, I can still get more signatures. [Speaks for his left hand in a high pitched voice.] Great job, Robin. [Signs it. His faces and voices begin morphing as he continues to sign his yearbook.] Thank you, Robin. No, Robin, you're clearly the best. See you next year. Good luck. K.I.T. To Robin, a true B.F.F. Too good to be forgotten!
Cyborg: It's not a popularity contest, Robin.
Robin: Yes, it is! And I'm going to win it. I have to be in the yearbook!
Starfire: You do have the one awkward picture, Robin.
Robin: No, I have to be in the yearbook! Literally! Raven, magic me in there, now!
Raven: No way. How 'bout you just calm down? Take me some deep breaths.
Robin: Sorry, I got a little worked up. This is supposed to be fun, right? Can I sign your yearbook, Raven?
Raven: Sure. Why not?
Robin: [Signs Raven's yearbook.] Will you read what I wrote you?
Raven: Course. 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos.' Wow, I'm dumb.
Robin: [Laughs crazily as he is covered in Raven’s black soul-self and is sucked into Raven's yearbook. Enters a photo of Cyborg and Beast Boy with pancakes.] We’re the best bros ever. Pancakes! Keep in touch. [Enters a photo of Starfire.] Most Likely to get married. [Kisses the picture. Enters a photo of Raven and Beast playing chess and moves a piece.] Checkmate. Chess Club rules! Woo hoo!
[The Titans are watching Raven.]
Starfire: Can we save him?
Raven: Yeah, but do we really want to?
Robin: [On the page with Raven’s signatures.] I win yearbook! [Cheers echo. A soul-self of Raven’s hand closes the book as Robin continues to cheer.] Woo hoo! Yes! Yes! Ha, ha!
[Starfire's picture is shown next to a line that says 'Starfire opens a school on Tamaran teaching English as a Second Language'. Raven's picture is shown and the line says 'Raven finally succumbs to her Father's dark influence and enslaves the universe'. Cyborg's pictures are shown and the line says 'Cyborg appears as himself in two blockbuster films'. An alternate yearbook photo of Beast Boy is shown and says 'Beast Boy gets into some chocolate and dies'. Robin's yearbook photo is shown and the line reports that 'Robin is indicated on multiple counts of embezzlement and racketeering after destroying Boot by Robin factory. His present whereabouts are unknown'. His yearbook photo flashes red.]

Episode ends.

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