Woo Doo
Would You Starfire Island Adventures
Song by Starfire & Robin
Released: Sometime, somewhere in 2016
Venue: Deserted Island
Bamboo Titans Tower
Length: 1:00
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Woo Doo Song Teen Titans Go

Woo Doo Song Teen Titans Go

Woo Doo is a song sung by Starfire in "Open Door Policy" of the "Island Adventures" special when she was trying to explain to the other Titans how dangerous the mysterious side of the deserted island can be.


Starfire: The mysterious side of the island

Woo woo doo. Woo doo!

It's where the mysteries lie

Woo doo. Woo-hoo-hoo!

It is the different from my land.

Woo doo. Woo-oo-hoo!

Where marvels await the eye

Woo doo. Woo Doo!

Robin: But..

Starfire: Shrouded in the mysteries.

Whoo-woo-do. Woo-hoo-hoo!

Starfire: Ancient treasures to discover.

Whoo-woo. Woo doo. Woo-hoo!

Robin: So...

Starfire: Action and adventure await the brave, but part woo-doo woo-doo.

But WATCH OUT! There's a shadow on that wall!

Woo-doo woo-doo woo-doo woo-doo woo-doo...