Cyborg: We're gonna get those salmon and honey back from those garbage spirit animals, but we're gonna have beat at their own game.
Robin: Education?
Cyborg: Spirit animals don't care about no education. I'm talking about football.
Robin: Okay, spirit animals. The rules are simple. You win, you keep the salmon and honey. We win, he gets it all back. Agreed?
Grizzly Bear: [Competitive, yet profoundly roars aggresively]

[Beast Boy kicks the ball into the grizzly's mouth, then the grizzly bear claws Robin, and jumps over Cyborg. Robin is about to throw a ball then gets smacked down, and so does Cyborg, who tries to elongate his mechanical arms. Starfire uses her laser eyes trying to knock the bear out. Beast Boy tries to throw the football, but two bears stop him by smacking down on him. Raven uses her portal, then Robin throws the ball to Beast Boy, who then gets hit by a bear with its elbow knocking one of his teeth out. Cyborg and Starfire go in opposite directions trying to hold the bear.]

Robin: We need a field goal for the win.
Beast Boy: Are you cray? It's too far! I can't kick it from here.
Cyborg: Maybe you can, but have you considered a two-year spirit animal? It's a lot cheaper, and without the distractions of sports and partying, you can focus on learning.
Beast Boy: I knows what you're saying, bro. My spirit animal's gonna be a two-year community donkey.

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