This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Wally T" from season 3, which aired on May 19, 2016.

Beast Boy
Wally T
Titans Tower
Jump City
"Teen Titans Go! Fan Song"
Plot Point
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[Cyborg sitting down the couch together with Beast Boy and Wally T playing a video game.]
Robin: [walking to the living room] Cyborg, Beast Boy, kid I don’t know… [stopped walking] Wait a second! [went near Wally T while staring] Who’s the kid I don’t know?
Cyborg: William Walter Thmpson.
Robin: William Walter Thompson?
Cyborg: William Walter Thompson.
Robin: William Walter Thompson?
Cyborg: He goes by Walter.
Beast Boy: [stood up] But we calls him… [drumming together with Cyborg]
Beast Boy and Cyborg: Wally T!
Robin: Wally T?
Beast Boy and Cyborg: [playing rock guitar] Wally T!
Robin: Wally T?
Beast Boy and Cyborg: [Cyborg playing a flute and Beast Boy dancing] Wally T!Robin
Beast Boy: Wally T.
[Beast Boy and Cyborg playing a keyboard while wearing shades and going to say “Wally T” again but interrupted by Robin.]
RobinStop that!
Beast BoyCan’t, bro. [kicks the keyboard away] When someone says Wally T…
Cyborg[stretching his neck to Robin] Wally T!
Beast Boy: We gots to say...
Beast Boy and Cyborg[Cyborg stretches his neck to Beast Boy] [ in a sing-song voice]  Wally T! [their shades split in half then fall off]
Robin[In a sing-song voice] Wally T!
Beast Boy and Cyborg[In a sing-song voice] Wally T! [then sat down the couch]
RobinI see. And why is Wally… [clears throat] This handsome young gentleman in the Tower?
Beast BoyPsh! He doesn’t know?
CyborgMan, what a knucklehead. 
Beast BoyHe’s our number one fan, yo!
RobinWe have a fan? [stretches his hands at the side] Are you sure? I thought everyone considered us an abomination.
CyborgThey do. Everybody hates us.
Beast BoyEveryone except Wally Walls, right here. [points at Wally T]