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  • I was born on October 14
  • I am male
  • Notorious Zimmer

    It seems like all the cool kids are doing it so I've decided to change mine (avatar image) too!

    • In case you're wondering it's one of Superman's more notorious (pun intended) villians, Mr. Mxyzptlk! :)
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  • Notorious Zimmer

    Saving screenshots

    October 14, 2014 by Notorious Zimmer

    As for how I do screengrabs, well, it can be a bit complicated so brace yourselves. I'll try and simplify it over time.

    DISCLAMER: Any program I provide links to is freely downloadable and malware/adware free from their original sources.

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    1) Find a reliable video source for your grabs. You can get the episodes from either iTunes , Amazon , or Google Play . For my captures, I try to use 720/1080p videos without the logos and text, but Mystical's suggestion works, too!

    2) A decent video player that allows frame-by-frame skipping and backtracking such as Media Player Classic HC or MPlayer OSX Extended for Mac OSX.

    3a) There are several paint programs available for editing/cleaning your images such as GIMP , MYPaint , and Krita…

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  • Notorious Zimmer

    Hi, folks,

    I've worked on replacement profile pictures for the Titans with the HIVE5 coming soon and would like everyone's opinion on them? If people like them, I'd be able to work on other requested characters as well. :)

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  • Notorious Zimmer

    Before the better known Wolfram/Perez 80's series comic and the 2003 animated series, there was earlier animated Teen Titans shorts going back to 1967.  I totally forgot about it and after seeing it again, I realize why! ;)

    So if someone mentioned "original" Teen Titans ask are they refering to the 1967 shorts or the 2003 series! :)

    While it lacks a Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire, it still techincally counts as Teen TItans animation. Just think of it in the historical sense.

    Oh, the episode.

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  • Notorious Zimmer

    I got "Jinxed!" :D

    September 20, 2014 by Notorious Zimmer

    Ok, I know it's no big deal and I said I didn't care for the badges before, but seeing the Jinx badge popup did give me an admitted giggle! :)

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