aka iiBBR, Blossom or Tay tay

  • I live in Jump City (Roleplay)
  • I was born on November 21
  • My occupation is Drawing, Animate n Sketching also loves hearing music pop
  • I am Happy and Lazy
  • IIBBRae

    Hi people! I'm gonna be inactive at February 10 so who's your favorite celebrity? (Like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry or Justin Bieber) type down below of this blog. If your shy, that's ok I guess you keep blushing, lololol.... I'm a cannibal right now... (DA FAQ? U R NOT CANNIBAL OMG SUCH BEST JOKE!) Just ignore the cannibal because my younger brother wants to trick you, :c so please follow the wiki rules. I always read your comments below and I reply some of them. KK cya~ ♥

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  • IIBBRae

    Try not to laugh. c;

    January 21, 2015 by IIBBRae

    He people! I just made this blog because IM BORD. and yes, tell me if I am funny or not.

    So here's the picture type below of this blog and  please follow the wiki rules.

    I really know that if you already follow the rules I just posted that because some users won't repect ok?


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  • IIBBRae

    Hi! I'm back sorry for inactive I was learning how to cook a food and this is a game the easiest one. Spot the difference in this picture, type the comments below if you know which picture is the wrong one is it Left? Or right? I made this picture on Picsart, although Picsart is just for android. :3 Goodluck! And follow the wiki rules :3

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  • IIBBRae


    December 26, 2014 by IIBBRae

    Mrry Christmas dudes and dudas (lol, just an expression).

    How are you?

    Did you get any presents? (iibbrae has a present with fashion makeups :3)

    Write it on this blog if you have any presents gift by somone like manito or manita... Don't be shy or worried I always be a good and generous person :3

    Did you have a good day? (I have a good day that I join the party in Ankara)

    Just write it too, lol

    Do you like snows? :3 (in Turkey, I think it has no snow... :[)

    Write it either if you have or not...

    And last question... do you like Christmas too? (IIBBRae loves Christmas alot! Because we have free gifts from our friends, families and our cousins.)

    Write it on this blog if you LOVE Christmas!!! :D


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  • IIBBRae

    What's your hair color?

    November 29, 2014 by IIBBRae

    Hi people from this WIKI! I just wanna "ASK" that what is your hair dye/color.

    ● Black - your hair is black, your totaly a pure Asian human. ^-^ *or African and South America because most of them are brown skin but some are not, Africa is the most due African countrys are really hot and your skin turned very BLACK!!! (Susheishi tried that but her skin is normal right now...) and African people eats spiders sometimes...*

    *TIP: Black-haired humans can have dark or light eyes.*

    Brown ~ SECOND common hair dye at all... *some people in Turkey have black and brown hairs* also it is common in all continents *eccept for Antarctica because that continent is very cold to meet there...

    *TIP: Girls or women with brown or black hair are often referred to …

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