These are episodes that had some scenes changed due to a certain reason in the United Kingdom.

Super Robin

In U.K. airings of this episode, the episode is edited to end right after old Beast Boy and Cyborg make fun of old Robin.

Meatball Party

Raven opening the fridge and seeing the Titans, encouraging her to eat the meatball is cut for some reason.

Real Magic

During Raven's "hate it" montage, the scene where it has a trail of rose pedals leading to Beast Boy, who was laying on her bed in only his underwear, gesturing Raven to come closer was cut out in some places in the U.K. due to sexual content and complaints. 

I See You

In the Stakeout Song, Cyborg and Beast Boy mentioning staying up real late and puking up what you ate is cut for grossness, probably so that the United Kingdom don't encourage kids to do those things.

Love Monsters

Starfire telling the Yo Mama was cut due to inappropriate content.

Serious Business

Starfire mentioning that she cooks chilli in the bathroom is cut due to grossness.


The flashback of the Titans throwing up, as well as Raven mentioning they ate the candy with the wrappers on is cut, probably so the UK don't encourage kids to eat candy with the wrappers on.

Road Trip

Any footage of Starfire punching Robin or Beast Boy in the face is cut due to violence.

Multiple Trick Pony

Starfire gazing at Robin's butt is cut due to sexual content.

Also, Kid Flash showing off his butt cheeks, along with Starfire gazing on his butt is also cut.

Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt

Along with the title, any other reference of soccer players being portrayed as people who pretend to be hurt is cut.

Yearbook Madness

At the end, the quote saying, "Beast Boy gets into some chocolate and dies" is changed to "Beast Boy gets into some chocolate" due to not wanting the British children to think Beast Boy actually died.

Campfire Stories

At the end of the 1st campfire story, Beast Boy saying, "Now I'm gonna eat you!" due to him talking about the monkey eating his own boogers. This is considered as grossness.

Also, in the 4th story, Robin pouring water on his pants is cut due to this being a reference to wetting himself.

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