Harvey Dent, better known by his criminal name Two-Face, is a classic enemy of Batman who lives by luck alone. This deranged, split-in-half supervillain was once allied with Batman, but his disfigurement changed his appearance and motives.

In the finale of the Teen Titans Go! Island Adventures special, he makes a cameo beside many other prominent villains.


Batman History

Before his turn to scum and villainy, Harvey Dent held a promising career as the District Attorney of Gotham City. Alongside the mysterious Dark Knight, he helped clear the streets of crime. But after having the left side of his face doused in acid, Dent lost his mind and fell to the criminal underworld. Half of his face burned gave him the inspiration of using the name Two-Face. One of his trademarks was using a coin to make a 50/50 decision, usually whether to let someone live or shoot. He repeatedly takes on the one responsible for his downfall... Batman.

Teen Titans Go!

Generally a Batman adversary, Two-Face had not come in to contact with the Teen Titans for a while ('cept Robin, who fought him alongside his mentor)... he usually was just pictured inside the Titans Tower and Robin's room for be-on-the-lookouts. However, Control Freak introduces him in "The Titans Show", hoping he, along with various other supervillains, can take on the Titans. Sadly, the episode ends before that gets too happen.


TTG Two-Face

Design of Two-Face for "The Titans Show".

So, for the physical description of Harvey, we're goin to split him into two parts: the right and the left. That way it'll be more simple, and simple is better. Two-Face's right side is his "Harvey Face" half, well groomed and professional. His bluish black hair is well combed, and he wears a slightly pink-tinted suit with a white collar, black dress shirt, and white tie. Two-Face's sleeves and midsection have buttons, and below his pink pant is a finely polished white shoe.

The left shoe, however, is a mismatched black dress shoe. In fact, his entire left side is mismatched: this is his monstrous, deformed side. Two-Face's left pant leg is colored dark maroon, and so is his suit. The buttons are still in the same place, but his under shirt is now white and his tie black. The collar of the suit is slightly darker red. Harvey's hand and face on the left side are no longer white... they're now a grisly, greenish blue color with warts and wrinkles all over. His eyeball turning yellow from rot, and his cheek is slowly corroding away, making his smile hideous. His neat hair is now all furled up and white as a ghost.

Power and Abilities

  • Criminal mastermind: Harvey is excellent is scheming up criminal operations, and when there's a decision, there's a coin flip.
  • Toxin immunity: He can not be damaged by any deadly chemical formulas.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Batman cannot take him down easily, as Two-Face has punching skills.
  • Master shooter: A target can be hit with deadly accuracy by his semi auto pistols.
  • Law school: Almost useless, as criminals don't abide by the law, but you never know when law knowledge might be needed...

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Teen Titans Trivia

  • The appearance of Harvey's green skin falls in line more with the acid-burn origin story of Two-Face rather than The Dark Knight's oil drum explosion story. His left face would be reddish-black and more...realistically singed if it was the latter.
  • Design art of Two-Face shows him flipping his signature coin with his left thumb. This exact picture was used for the episode in which he appeared, but the coin was taken out. The result: Two-Face just randomly giving the Titans a thumbs up. Which can be bothersome.