• "We don't exactly see eye to eye to eye to eye." -Trigon in "Dog Hand"
  • "And the party animal himself...Beast Boy." -Trigon in "Dog Hand"
  • "Go ahead and annihilate them, dear. Then we can go get ice cream to celebrate." -Trigon to Raven in "Dog Hand"
  • "The last thing you need to do is kill all your friends." -Trigon in "Dog Hand"
  • "This place is a pigsty! How do you live like this?" -Trigon to Raven in "Dog Hand"
  • "When was the last time you even tried to torment a species for no reason, huh? Huh!? HUH?!" -Trigon to Raven in "Dog Hand"
  • "Your time has come, Raven." -Trigon in "Dreams"
  • "I'LL SEE YOU AT THANKSGIVIIIIIIIING!!!!" -Trigon while being sucked into a portal in "Caramel Apples"
  • "Seeing you lash out in anger reminds me you're still daddy's little girl!" -Trigon to Raven in "Caramel Apples"
  • "I promise I'll won't devour any souls this year... only that succulent bird!" -Trigon in "Thanksgiving"
  • "I can't resist it! I HAVE TO EAT THAT TURKEY!" -Trigon to Robo-Turkey and the rest of the Titans in "Thanksgiving"

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