The Top Secret Government Laboratory is a location in Teen Titans Go!. It is first seen in the episode "Boys vs Girls."


When Robin lost Cyborg and Beast Boy to the side of the girls, he became envious. During the other Titans' celebration, he devised a plan to infiltrate the Top Secret Government Laboratory. He easily sneaks past the security, and arrives at the 'HAZARD' Door. Robin locates what he was looking for, and extracts a valve of the "Cooties". He then makes his way back to the Titans Tower to finish his quest: to expose Starfire and Raven to the substance.

In "Movie Night," Cyborg gets Beast Boy out to cut a wire and remove the TV's Static, Beast Boy Is Nervous, but cuts a wire, and nothing happens, however, the screen cuts to the top secret government laboratory where the wire set off an alarm.

Known Chemicals

  • Creeping Crud
  • Heebie Jeebies
  • Wickedy Whomps
  • Cooties

Episode Appearances