The Tooth Fairy's Lair is the home of the Tooth Fairy. Despite popular real life myth's of the Tooth Fairy being a magical and enchanted place, the home of the Tooth Fairy is in the middle of a dirty alleyway in the street of Jump City.


Raven takes her friends to the Tooth Fairy's Lair to retrieve the teeth of Robin, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy from the Tooth Fairy herself. They find the lair in a rundown alleyway and enter through the door, where numerous piles of teeth are present in nearly every crevice of the home.


The house is in the shape of a huge molar tooth, and possibly is a real molar tooth that has been magically altered to it's "house size". It's of brown coloring, and there are various cracks where the door is in the front of it. The inside is filled with boxes of numerous amounts of teeth, as well as pillows on sofas, lamps, and paintings all being based around teeth.

Outside the alley where the lair is located, you see Sticky Joe and Burgers Rule spray painted on a brick wall.

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