• Hello! Sorry again for asking yet another question but when season 5 was announced it was said to have "less episodes than season 4". Is that true or is season 5 a 52-episode season and if its not 52 eps, how many eps will it have? :O

    Btw, huge fan, I watch every single episode and collect some merch, so its a true honor speaking to the crew. :3

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    • Hi! No need to apologize. I'm happy to answer whenever I can. Season 5 is another full 52 episode season. It's a very aggressive schedule!

      Thanks for being a fan! It's always great to hear from the people who like the show. Hope you see the movie! I think you'll really like it

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    • Oh coool! And yep, as said in Fourth Wall, Bottle Episode, and 200th Episode Spectacular. XD Thank you for answering! 

      Yep! You bet I'm seeing the movie! It looks great! And you're welcome! I'll always be a fan! :3

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