This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "The Titans Show" from season 3, which aired on August 5, 2016.

Beast Boy
The Island
Island Adventure Song
Plot Point
Escaping the island
This transcript is incomplete and in the right order.

Beast Boy: The freckle on my butt looks like Mickey Mouse!
Cyborg: Looks more like a meatball sub if you ask me.
Starfire: I believe it is the unicorn upon its cloud of dreams.
Raven: Okay. Clearly, it's a human skull.
Robin: Enough about the freckle! Obviously, it's shaped like two bears high-fiving.
Raven: They're girl bears.
Control Freak: Aloha, Titans!
Robin: The greatest villains!
Starfire: Why would people who despise us devote so much of the time and energy watching us?
Beast Boy: Girl, have you been on the internet?
Cyborg: Brutal, brutal stuff!
Raven: Why are people so mean?
Cyborg: I don't deserve this!
Control Freak: Well, keep in mind the opinions of people on the internet aren't accurate indicators of popularity or success.
Robin: I should've known the master of media manipulation was behind this!
Control Freak: I was starting to get bored watching you in your normal environment.