The Rules of Robin is a book owned and presumably authored by Robin. The pages are filled with various laws and activities that will ultimately help the Teen Titans become the unstoppable team Robin has always dreamed of.


Known Rules

  • Rule 1: Follow the Rules! Failure to follow the rules is punishable by 2 years of laundry duty, 1 year of toilet cleaning, 6 months of refrigerator cleaning, 3 months of cleaning Silkie's litter box, 3 months of cleaning Beast Boy's litter box, 2 months of giving Robin foot massages, 3 months of clipping Robin's toenails, 5 months of feeding grapes to Robin...
  • Rule 51: (NONE) Chicken is great if it's seasoned right, which I do all the time.
  • Rule 52: A superhero must train a minimum of three times a day. Exercises which qualify include: chin ups, sit ups, lunges, push ups, trunk lift, squats, crunches, back (the rest is cut off)
  • Rule 74: (NONE) The only part of it is known as "may lead to an impulsive tendency to matriculate and discombobulate."
  • Rule 75: Robin is the handsome one. Robin is the most handsome of the Teen Titans. Not Cyborg. Not Beast Boy. Starfire and Raven are automatically unable to be handsome because they are girls.
  • Rule 213: Apples are to be eaten bottom to top. No more of this sideways nonsense, and when disposing of the stem, (the rest is cut off)
  • Rule 345: Always eat healthy. As you all know, the key to a healthy diet revolves around not the four basic food groups, but the two basic healthy groups: meat and potatos. A serving of medium-rare steak and a whole deep fried potato (the rest is cut off)
  • Rule 451: Always keep a tidy living area.
  • Rule 569: In bed by 9:00 PM.
  • Rule 637: Was never stated, but it can be assumed it had something to do with Robin remaining the Titans leader, as he mentioned it when Nibor was being made the new leader of the Titans.
  • Proper Training Procedure: Hands must be properly powdered before lifting any weights. Lions should be significantly stretched and loosened. Not doing so may lead to groin injuries and trauma to the gluteous maximus. Proper is a must! You must correctly perform each move to your upmost capability to achieve maximum buffness. This could take years of training or being born with this innate talent, such as myself.
    • Hurdles: <loop>Run. Jump.</loop>
    • Wall Crawl: In order to properly perform the wall crawl, a person's hands must have callouses of at least of one inch thickness. This will insure a proper and stable grip. Upper body strength is also a must, as it will.
    • Rope Climb: In order to perform the rope climb properly, one needs great upper body strength and hands that aren't sweaty. Sweaty hands can lead to a lose grip and a long fall to one's doom. Please