The Power of Dance is a magical book that instructs steps to follow to better dancing, even depicting advanced moves that are forbidden.


The Power of Dance is a book full of instructions to great dancing. It was given to Raven from the Dance Demon so she could teach the other Titans how to dance properly. Despite the fair warning of not performing the "forbidden dances", the other Titans took advantage of that opportunity and shortly after became cursed by the Dance Demon as his backup dancers. Raven battles the Dance Demon to a dance off. Defeated, Raven gives up. With help from Birdarang, Raven beats the Dance Demon and the curse is lifted from the other Titans.

Physical Appearance

It is medium-size and dark purple with pictured illustrations of various dances.

Episode Appearance

Season 3


  • It seems that the book itself is evil as it contains black magic within its dozens of pages.