Robin: We do smart people comedy from now on!!! Now shut your butts, and let's get highbrow!

Robin: Cyborg! Sadness.

Cyborg: (Slightly confused-sounding, and dismal expression) Mary took her ducks to the pond where... they ate... bread... crum... (Tomato throws at Cyborg)

Robin: Did you lose your heart when you got those robot parts??!? Cyborg: (Shy gasp), Yes! Starfire: (Daramtic, erratic expression) The merry ducks went to the... Robin:That preformance makes me angry!! Raven. Happiness! Raven: Mary took her ducks to the po... Beast Boy: (rather happy) Mary... Robin: Mary... took her ducks to the pond, where they ate... bread crumbs! (Pointing arrow for "Acting")