Robin: I hope you're all excited as I am to see to see the basketball superstar, LeBron James's dribbling exhibition at the amusement park.

Starfire: I would be more excited if it weren't so the late.

Robin: We would've been there hours ago if Cyborg and Beast Boy hadn't been insisting on stopping food every five minutes.

Cyborg: Hey! We were like, hungry, man!

Beast Boy: (as a dog) Rah! Rungry! (Coughs and turns into normal form) Yeah, hungry, bro!

Beast Boy: What's up with your peepers, mama?

Raven: I lost my contacts.

Beast Boy: Well you looks good with glasses. Mmm! Real smart, yo!

Raven: (blushes)

Robin: Keep an eye for the exit, gang. It's hard to see from that spooky fog!

Starfire: I wish to see the exit setting! Oh, I believe I see something! (Sign crashes into Starfire) It is in one mile!

Beast Boy: Classic, Stafire. No one gets into actions like you!

All (except Starfire): HAHAHAHAHA!

Raven: Oh, safety hazard, Starfire! You are a delight! (Repeat HAHAHAHA!)

LeBron James: Is Jump City waiting to see some non-bassy fundamental dribbling!

(Record scratch, crickets chirp.)

LeBron James: Man, I told my agent nobody would see a man just bouncing a ball up and down.

(canned laughter)

All Titans: Hey, LeBron!

LeBron James: Hey, Teen Titans. Love ya guys. Thanks for came out to see me! But, uh, where's everybody else?

Robin: We were wondering the same thing!

Manager: All gone... all of them!


LeBron James: This is getting a little too creepy for me, guys! I'm gonna go dribble over there, now! Dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble!

Wacky Doodles Owner: All I see is some teens going through my sensitive files.

(record scratch)

Beast Boy: Oopy-doopy-loo!

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