Brain's plan is almost complete
The brain season 4
Brian checking on the titans
Brain 3
TTG ep57 Brian Still03

The Brain in his ultimate form.

Brain throws something
Titans captured by Brain again
Brain vs Robin
Birdarang defeats The Brain

The Brain's cameo with Professor Chang, Punk Rocket, Puppet King and Wildebeest.

I'm the Sauce Image52
I'm the Sauce Image54
I'm the Sauce Image57
I'm the Sauce Image59
I'm the Sauce Image73
40% 20% 20% Image49
40% 20% 20% Image64
40% 20% 20% Image97
40% 20% 20% Image63
40% 20% 20% Image78
40% 20% 20% Image94
40% 20% 20% Image95
40% 20% 20% Image89
40% 20% 20% Image87
40% 20% 20% Image77
Farce 6
Image (34)

The Brain and others in "The Titans Show."

Screenshot (35)

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