The Avogodo is a minor villainous identity of Robin in the episode, "The Avogodo".


Once Robin merges himself and the avocados, he turns into The Avogodo. In this form, Robin tries to turn everyone in the world into avocados. He battles and defeats the Titans but when the Titans make him eat guacamole, Robin gets defeated and changed back to normal, though he still is in his Avogodo form, and apologizes. The Titans later then cage him up at the Tower until he changes back to normal entirely. He then asks them before they leave for a glass of water, which they all gladly handed to him. After the other Titans left, Robin drops an avocodo seed into the glass and creepily chats "soon".

Powers and Abilities

Avocado Psychology

  • Avocado Empowerment
  • Invulnerability
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Avocado seed generation
  • Tree generation



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