Thanksgiving Turkey is the symbol of an American holiday, Thanksgiving. At one point, he got mixed up in a sinister kidnapping of The Easter Bunny, in which he was viciously interrogated.

He appears in "The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic" special on Teen Titans Go!, along with a cast of other holiday patriarchs.


In detention block Room B, the Thanksgiving Turkey was seated at a desk, about to be questioned on the whereabouts of The Easter Bunny. Apparently, he had something to do with the sudden disappearance of the beloved rabbit. Raven showed him a pic of the bunny, and he clucked nervously, presumably saying he had no idea where he was. Starfire, the "bad cop", grew outraged and chucked the table at a building. Even more frightening is when she grabbed his throat and slammed his face onto the wall 4 times. But Starfire doesn't achieve anything with this violence and drops the dazed turkey, and lightly thinking the beat down as "role-play".

After the questionings, Thanksgiving Turkey found himself locked away again, this time by the formidable Santa Claus (he wanted to take over all the holidays, so he captured all of the mascots.) But Raven manages to release Thanksgiving Turkey with her magic. Commencing an airstrike on the jolly yet evil man with another captive, Cupid, the turkey is mercilessly shot down by machine gun elves. Still, the other holiday symbols manage knock Santa out of the fight.

Physical Appearance

Although he's special, Thanksgiving Turkey doesn't look to bazaar like his other holiday buddies... he has a round, chunky body covered in reddish-brown feathers, and two yellow scaled feet (drumsticks, anyone?). His tail has multiple feathers protruding out in a fan shape, colored light brown with white tips. Thanksgiving Turkey's neck is all shriveled, red, and skinny, and his head also lacks feathers. Around his yellow beack is a small floppy cone, and he has large black eyebrows.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Unlike regular turkeys, Thanksgiving Turkey can glide at incredible distance and speed.

Episode Appearances


  • When Trigon transformed Cyborg into a turkey to eat in "Thanksgiving", he strongly resembled the official Thanksgiving Turkey, but just with robotic parts.

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