Here are a list of quotes from Terra throughout the series.


  • "Peace out, Titans!" -Terra to Titans in Terra-ized.
  • "Girlfriend isn't the word I'll use." -Terra to Beast Boy.
  • "Wow, you wrote that from me?" -Terra to Beast Boy.
  • "Urgh! Let me go!" -Terra to Raven in "Terra-ized".
  • "The villain world is going to pay alot for what I uncovered here!" -Terra to Titans.
  • "You wanna know how I really feel? Fine!" -Terra to Beast Boy in "Terra-ized".
  • "Can you bring me my camera?" -Terra to Beast Boy in "Terra-ized".
  • "Not even of our first kiss?" -Terra to Beast Boy.
  • "I'm in. And everything's going just as planned." -Terra with her phone to a unknown source in "Terra-ized".
  • "Where is that trash coming from ?!" - Terra in "Be Mine".
  • "Chilli... Really?! STOP DROPPING FOOD AT ME!" - Terra in "Be Mine".
  • "Sorry Raven. But i'd like to share MY feelings first!" -Terra to Raven in "Be Mine".
  • "Can't believe i'm stuck here again!" -Terra.
  • "Enjoy your fish, Fishface McFish!" -Terra to Aqualad as she tosses a fish into his face in "Rocks and Water".
  • "Not the trash hole again!" - Terra again falling into the trash hole in "Rocks and Water."