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Name Terra
Alias Tara Markov


Sex Female
Species Human
Friends Slade (Master)

Beast Boy (former love interest, ex-boyfriend)
Aqualad (former love interest, ex-boyfriend)

Enemies Raven (Rival)

Teen Titans

Occupation Evil Apprentice
Voiced By Ashley Johnson
Quote1 Peace out, Titans! Quote2
--- Terra

Terra (Tara Markov) is the villain-apprentice of Slade and enemy to the Titans who made her debut in Terra-ized.


Terra makes her debut as a villain in the episode Terra-ized. In the episode, she poses as to be Beast Boy's girlfriend in order to gain access to all of the Titan's secret files. It can be implied that she is stealing them for Slade, as she calls what is assumed to be him on her phone to give him an update on her mission. Terra dislikes Raven very much due to her defeat in a battle with Raven at the end of the episode.

Though all the other Titans are blinded by her disguise, Raven discovers her secret. Having her cover blown, Terra captures the Titans (minus Beast Boy). After she ties up the Titans, Terra attempts to leave the tower, but is stopped by Beast Boy, who thinks she is leaving him. Terra uses her powers to create a gigantic boulder, and nearly kills Beast Boy, if not for Raven escaping and stopping her.

A fight ensues between Raven and Terra, which ends with Raven opening a portal to another dimension, and she is sucked inside.

In Be Mine, she escapes from the dimension with Beast Boy's help, and attempts to exact revenge on the Titans using a pair of gauntlets that amplify her powers. Raven reveals Terra's treachery to Beast Boy, causing him to become depressed. Later, during a valentine's dance, she tries to kill the Titans, leaving Beast Boy for last. However, he serenades her, with his special song for her, Fade Away, which deeply touches her. An enraged (and heartbroken) Raven then throws her back into the dimension she escaped from earlier, with Beast Boy jumping in after her.

Her opinion on Beast Boy is unknown after he sang the song to her, as she never got the chance to say anything else, as she was interrupted by Raven, and charged head on to attack her, only to be easily stopped by Raven's magic and banished to the dimension hole again, with Beast Boy jumping in after her to her apparent annoyance.


Terra is a tall pale teenage girl, with blonde hair. She wears a black short-sleeved shirt, that ends just above her navel. She also wears short yellow shorts and a thick brown belt with a circular buckle and a pouch on her left hip. She also wears gloves and boots of the same color. She has big, light blue eyes. Her mouth design is slightly similar to Robin's.


Terra's power is geokinesis/terrakinesis, the ability to control and move rocks. When she uses her power, her gloves turn yellow, and sometimes, when she uses her full powers, her eyes will turn yellow as well. She was also able to manipulate Beast Boy, but that was probably just Beast Boy being gullible.

  • Geokinesis/Terrakinesis: Terra is easily able to bend the Earth to her will, anything from controlling small pebbles to large boulders.
  • Rock Manipulation: She has a strong sense in this ability, she can move objects with her mind, but it is limited to only rocks, dirt, soil, stones and marbles.
  • Mastery of Deception: Was able to deceive Beast Boy, as well as the other Titans in attempt to hack into the Titan database.
  • Survivalist: Terra was able to survive for six months in another dimension, which turns out to be a dump filled with garbage.


Season One

Season Two




Beast Boy

Teen Titans Go (TV Series) Episode Terra-ized

Beast Boy & Terra on the couch.

Somewhere along the line, Terra met up with Beast Boy, and he fell instantly smitten with her. He brought her back to the tower, and introduced her to the others, claiming she was his "girlfriend". Terra was annoyed at Beast Boy, but humored him, just to gain access to the Titans' secret vault. After she trapped all the Titans (except Beast Boy) and had stolen the plans, she attempted to leave, but Beast Boy stopped her, thinking she was leaving him. Later on, while trapped in the other dimension, she planned to kill the Titans, especially Beast Boy (even though it was Raven who trapped her). When Beast Boy brought her back, he asked her to be his valentine, and she accepted, then left to get him a "gift" (which was actually a weapon to destroy him). When Raven discovered this, she showed Beast Boy, who ran away, planning to win Terra over. That night, when Terra attacked the Titans, Beast Boy began to serenade

Beast Boy playing on his guitar for Terra

her with a song he wrote. Terra was flattered, and finally began to fall for Beast Boy. Raven attacked her and trapped her into the other dimension, but Beast Boy followed, swearing he would never lose her again. She was very annoyed at being in the other dimension, but no longer hates Beast Boy, and allows him to lick her face.

In Rocks and Water, Beast Boy is crying, depressed about his break up with Terra. He tells Raven this who feel the same way about her ex, Aqualad. A flashback shows, in the trash hole, Beast Boy kept singing Fade Away to Terra which she liked but then got annoyed with. Beast boy asked Raven to use her powers to pick up a rock and smash him with it, just like if Terra was here. Beast boy called Terra up on the Titans Communicator stating "I love you". Terra appears at the Tower enraged.. Beast Boy assumes she came back for him. Terra explains she has a boyfriend, when Aqualad shows up, making Raven jealous. Raven and Beast Boy pretend to be going out to make them jealous. The two couples and Robin and Starfire triple date with cyborg being the third wheel. Terra and Aqualad get into an argument when Terra eats the calamari but make up. Beast Boy and Raven agree to try to break them up. Terra and Aqualad officially break up after their tricks.       


Raven Attacks Terra

Terra gets punched by Raven.

Raven and Terra are arch-rivals. During Terra-ized, Raven was jealous of Beast Boy liking Terra. When she discovered Terra was evil, she tried to warn the Titans, but nobody believed her and they accused her of being jealous. In the end, she trapped Terra into another dimension. When she returned, Raven instantly began spying on Terra. When she discovered Terra was still out to get them, she told Beast Boy, but this time she had proof. That night, when Terra attacks the Titans, Beast Boy wins her affections through a song he wrote for her, provoking Raven's jealousy. Terra seemingly begins to fall for Beast Boy, but Raven attacks her, banishing her into the other dimension again.

Terra and Aqualad


Terra is shown to be dating Aqualad in Rocks and Water. Although Terra admits that she and Aqualad may have only gained a liking towards each other through their hatred towards the Titans. Other than that, Terra and Aqualad can't get along on anything, and Beast Boy and Raven kept pulling pranks to break them up. Terra and Aqualad broke up, agreeing to see other people.


  • Terra's voice actor, Ashley Johnson, voiced Terra in the original Teen Titans series.
  • Her name comes from the Latin word Terra, meaning earth or land, nodding towards her power of moving the Earth.
  • This series differs from the original as Terra began as a villain, while in the original, she was a true Teen Titan, until a couple episodes after her debut. Although, this may be because she is already Slade's apprentice and we did not see it.
  • At the San Diego Comic Con 2013, "Terra-ized" was shown, along with another "Be Mine".
  • Terra was seen a number of times talking to someone on her phone, which is most likely Slade, her master in both the comics and the original series.
  • Unlike Terra in the original series, this version seems to have full control of her powers, which is more accurate to the comics. Terra from the original series took a long time to control her powers, and still never fully mastered them.
  • Terra is the third character to be banished to another dimension, the first being Ed (though he eventually escaped) and the second being Trigon.
  • Terra's outfit based off from Titans Rising; an episode from the original series. It's exactly the same only without the Titans T on her shirt.
  • In the original series, Terra and Beast Boy were entwined in a romantic relationship. In Teen Titans Go!, Terra at first didn't show any feelings for Beast Boy although he has romantic feeling for her. It is possible after the song he sang for her in Be Mine, Terra started to feel affection towards Beast Boy.
  • When Raven sucked her into another dimension in Terra-ized it was uncertain what dimension she was in. In Be Mine it was revealed that the dimension Raven sucked her into was a trash shoot.
  • She is the eleventh villain from the original series to return.
  • As part of a running gag, Terra ends up getting banished into the trash hole in every episode she appears.


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