Teen Titans Go Album cover by Shock777

Album cover.

BBRAE is an album produced by Greg Cipes and DJ Hymn that features remixed and extended versions of songs sung by Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go! along with possible upcoming ones.

List of tracks on album:

  1. BBRae (Bae)
  2. Don't Fiddle With It
  3. Got Go!
  4. Fade Away (Remix Version)
  5. Free Me (Remix Version)
  6. On a Mission
  7. Go Green
  8. I Love Pie (Extended)
  9. Register
  10. Shakey
  11. Piece of Pizza
  12. DJ Cyborg
  13. Beard
  14. Vegetarian


  • The whole album can be bought for $8.88 at CD Baby. You can also buy the songs separately for $0.99 each. You can also buy it on iTunes for $9.99 and can buy the songs separately for $0.99 each and on Amazon for $9.49 and an buy the songs separately for $0.99 each.
  • The album was released by DJ Hymn.
  • Greg Cipes announced this album back at Kotoricon in 2015.
  • The whole album is actually titled "BBRae" in appreciation to the song BBRae (Bae).
  • The album cover is done by Alexandra Shock (mostly known as Shock777). The album's producer, DJ Hymn, asked her to create the album cover because he thought her art was very good.