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Teen Titans Go! #1

Teen Titans Go! is a comic book series based on the animated series of the same name.

General Information

It is a digital-first comic to be released monthly with a print version (containing two issues) to be released bi-monthly. Like Batman '66, it utilizes the publisher's DC2 (DC squared) technology, making it an interactive digital comic.

Both Merrill Hagan and Sholly Fisch, who have both written for the TV show, alternate in writing duties on the comic series.

Issue Guide

No. Title Guest Heroes Villains
1 (1a) Food Fright None Trigon (cameo), Pizza Monster
Synopsis: Someone's been eating Cyborg's sandwiches! But who? One of the other Teen Titans? Or something more...SINISTER? Cyborg and his stomach want answers! NOW!
2 (1b) Par for the Course Speedy (cameo) Riddler
Synopsis: Tempers flare as Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg enjoy a "friendly" game of mini-golf. Meanwhile, Raven and Starfire hit the arcade!
3 (2a) Idol Hands The Red Bee The Brotherhood of Evil, Darkseid
Synopsis: When Starfire signs the team up for the popular reality show "Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here!", Robin becomes obsessed with showing the world just how talented the Teen Titans really are! But what will happen when their rivals are revealed to be one of their greatest criminal rivals?
4 (2b) Cold Blooded Speedy (cameo), Aqualad (cameo) Captain Cold
Synopsis: After a fight with Captain Cold, Robin comes down with a cold himself! Running a high fever and quarantined from the rest of the Titans...the madness begins to set in!
5 (3a) Party Party None Terra, Killer Moth, H.I.V.E. Five
Synopsis: We all know the Teen Titans are great at throwing "hat parties" and "meatball parties"...but can they throw a regular ol' "party party?" Don't miss who's on the guess list!
6 (3b) Silicon Valley Cyborg None Slade, Mother Mae-Eye, H.I.V.E. Five
Synopsis: When Cyborg is named CEO of the Silicon Valley startup “ChirpFolio,” he hires the Titans as his employees! Cyborg is out to show the world that ChirpFolio is the next big thing! But...what is it that this company does, anyway?
7 (4a) Go Fish! None H.I.V.E. Five
Synopsis: As the Teen Titans engage in an epic game of "Go Fish," the Hive-Five come knocking on their doorstep!
8 (4b) Robin the First Universe Staff (cameo) Dr. Light
Synopsis: Tired of finishing second, an ultra-competitive Robin comes up with a plan to show the rest of the Titans that he's actually the best! But things get out of hand when Robin's competitive nature gives Dr. Light an upper hand.
9 (5a) Prank'd! Batman, Superman (cameo), Aquaman (cameo) The Gordanians
Synopsis: How do the Teen Titans kill time in between missions? By making prank calls, of course! But what happens when Beast Boy prank calls...Batman?!
10 (5b) Don't Look None None
Synopsis: A package for Raven leaves the rest of the Titans asking, "What's in the box?!"
11 (6a) But Games Can Never Hurt Me TBA TBA
Synopsis: What about when Cyborg and Beast Boy plug their sweet new game console into the Tower's mainframe computer? It's mayhem! It's madness! It's...TOTALLY AWESOME!
12 (6b) Sleep Over Bumblebee Jinx, Trigon
Synopsis: What happens when the girls have a slumber party and don't invite any of the boys?
13 (7a) Starstruck None Terra, Dr. Light, The Brotherhood of Evil, Trigon (cameo)
Synopsis: When Starfire develops a massive crush on the latest teen pop sensation, Robin will stop at nothing to recapture her attention--even if he must become a teen idol himself!
14 (7b) No Jacket Required TBA H.I.V.E. Five, Plasmus, Dr. Light, Killer Moth
Synopsis: Cyborg gets an awesome new jacket! Boo-yah!
15 (8a) One Potato, Two Potato, Couch Potato TBA TBA
Synopsis: The Teen Titans get an awesome new TV! But is it TOO awesome? Will they ever be able to focus on anything else ever again? ...What? Did you say something? It's so pretty?
16 (8b) The Rocky Road to Love None Terra (cameo), Jinx (cameo), Gizmo
Synopsis: The day the Titans have been dreading all year has finally arrived. A day of unimaginable pain. Insurmountable loneliness. Inconceivable amounts of ice cream. That's right--it's Valentine's Day!
17 (9a) Stare Master TBA TBA
Synopsis: It’s Titan vs. Titan in a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all...staring contest! But which is stronger: Robin’s focused glare, whose intensity can rip through to the deepest core of a man’s soul…or Raven’s just not caring?
18 (9b) Royal Pains TBA Blackfire
Synopsis: When Blackfire accuses Starfire of losing touch with her roots, Starfire makes an effort to act more like a Tamaranean Princess--no matter the cost!
19 (10a) May I Have This Trance? TBA TBA
Synopsis: After responding to an ad in a comic book, Beast Boy is the proud owner of a brand new pair of Hypno-Specs—and he’s not afraid to use them!
20 (10b) Last Pizza TBA TBA
Synopsis: Pizza with friends! It's the best! But how will the Titans decide who gets the last slice? PIZZA DOME!


My Little Mustache TBA TBA
Synopsis: It's a proud day for Cyborg when he grows his very first mustache! But what happens when said mustache becomes a sentient being bent on turning Cyborg adult?!


Family Plan TBA Trigon, Myron
Synopsis: You think your family is tough? Well, welcome to Raven’s family reunion! Sure, her dad, Trigon the Terrible, is the malevolent ruler of the underworld...but you haven't met her uncles, Horrace the Horrid, Barry the Beastly, and Myron the Mildly Irritating!


Save the Date TBA TBA
Synopsis: Raven thought things couldn’t get any worse after Starfire posted an online dating profile…until she posted one for Raven, too! But she quickly learns things can get a whole lot worse when their “perfect dates” start showing up at their door!


Opposite Day! TBA TBA
Synopsis: It's "Opposite Day" at Titans Tower and chaos reigns supreme! But you know what they say about Opposite Day: it's all fun and games until someone accidentally tears open a rift into the Anti-Matter Universe.


Tooth and Consequences TBA TBA
Synopsis: The Titans explore the single most terrifying word in the English language: "dentist"! Will Robin's dental routine save him from that dreaded trip?


Sea Changes Aqualad TBA
Synopsis: Beast Boy does too many chores at Titans Tower, so he joins his buddy Aqualad for the easy life under the sea. But making his lazy-living dreams come true isn't nearly as simple as he imagines.


Upgrade, Downgrade TBA TBA
Synopsis: Cyborg really should have read the fine print before upgrading the Tower's computer system'because Mallah-ware isn't fun for anyone!


Wishful Thinking TBA TBA
Synopsis: TBA


Scaredy Pants TBA TBA
Synopsis: Raven and Cyborg create a pair of spooky-looking leggings from a pattern in one of Raven’s arcane books. But Robin’s in for quite the fright when he tries on these “Scaredy Pants”!


Fouled Out Bumblebee, Aqualad, Speedy, Mas, Menos TBA
Synopsis: When Titans East instigates a friendly softball outing, Robin sees a vast conspiracy by Speedy to undermine his team. And when his mania spreads to the other Titans, they’re going to turn a friendly game into a high-stakes death match.


Mumbo Jumble TBA Mumbo Jumbo
Synopsis: Mumbo Jumbo thinks he can rob any bank in the city, because he’s got a foolproof plan for scrambling the Titans’ powers. But he’s got another 'trick' coming!


Road Trip TBA TBA
Synopsis: When Batman leaves Robin the keys to the Batmobile, the Teen Titans go on a fun-filled cross country road trip!


Starfire Starter TBA TBA
Synopsis: When Starfire comes down with a case of the dreaded Tamaranian flu, the Titans go to another dimension to find the rare medicine she needs. But is the cure worse than the disease?


Bite Sized TBA TBA
Synopsis: When Jump City celebrates Titans Day, it's an excuse for the teens to party with their adoring fans. But it's cut short, literally, when they're magically shrunk down to a minuscule proportion. Can these teensy Titans reverse this mad modification in time to save the city?


TV or Not TV Part 1 TBA TBA
Synopsis: Part one, The Teen Titans…stars of their own TV series? But which Teen Titans TV series will it be? Each of the Titans has their own idea…and one of them might just be your favorite!


TV or Not TV Part 2 TBA TBA
Synopsis: Part two, The Teen Titans…stars of their own TV series? But which Teen Titans TV series will it be? Each of the Titans has their own idea…and one of them might just be your favorite!


Precogsniffin' TBA TBA
Synopsis: The prank war to end all prank wars has erupted in Titans Tower, but for some mysterious reason, Beast Boy seems to be out-pranking everyone, even dodging Cyborg’s barrage of stankballs. It’s like he knows what pranks are coming before they even happen. Unbeknownst to the other Titans, Beast Boy has a new power-he can SMELL INTO THE FUTURE! But what happens when Beast Boy gets a whiff of…the apocalypse?!


The Herring King TBA TBA
Synopsis: When the Titans bring Beast Boy's beloved pet fish Sven back to his homeland, Beast Boy is revealed to be the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy! But is he truly "The Herring King"?


Beach Party A-Go-Go TBA The Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Madame Rouge, H.I.V.E. Five
Synopsis: Swapping their uniforms for bathing suits, the Titans zoom to the beach…only to discover that the H.I.V.E. Five had the same idea for a “Beach Party A-Go-Go!”


Poetry Jam TBA TBA
Synopsis: Robin’s “Poetry Jam” was supposed to be romantic, but things get really gross instead. We’re shocked.


Couch Surfers Aqualad (cameo), B'wana Beast (cameo), Wonder Woman (cameo) H.I.V.E. Five, Trigon, Blackfire (cameo)
Synopsis: Titans Tower has been condemned! The Titans don’t want to be couch surfers, but they have to find a new place to live while repairs are underway. Think the Batcave is available?


Goblin Catch 'Em All Batman (cameo) Slime MonsterControl Freak, Goblins (debut)
Synopsis: When the Titans get swept up in the Goblin Grab gaming craze, Beast Boy gets swept up by Control Freak. Will his teammates rescue him or be distracted by their need to “Goblin Catch ’Em All”?


Scooby-Doo Team-Up

In the Scooby-Doo Team-Up series, comics #1 and #2, Mystery Incorporated teams up with Batman and Robin to solve a mystery. Later on, Mystery Incorporated teams up with the Teen Titans. Though Robin was drawn differently, the Batman and Robin crossover is later revealed to be canon with the Teen Titans Go! crossover.

No. Title Guest Heroes Villains
7 (4a) Teen Titans -- Ghost! Part 1 Mystery Incorporated Myron

Synopsis: Is Titans Tower haunted?! Could there be more to the thumps in the night than a series of 'ghostly' pranks by Beast Boy and Cyborg? Robin has called in some experts to solve the mystery - if Scooby, Shaggy, Cyborg, and Beast Boy ever stop chowing down on pizza and start looking for clues, that is!

8 (4b) Teen Titans -- Ghost! Part 2 Mystery Incorporated Myron

Synopsis: The haunting of Titans Tower may be solved, but an even more mysterious visitor has the Teens in a tizzy. Scooby and gang will just have to stick around until the day is truly saved!

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