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Teen Titans Go! is a cartoon series based off of a DC Comics superhero team, the Teen Titans. It was mainly created because of the successful New Teen Titans animated shorts. The show was originally released on Cartoon Network, like it's predecessor.

There’s a more comedic aspect of Teen Titans Go! compared to the original Teen Titans show, along with a different animation design; however, Teen Titans Go! still retains the same characters (and new ones of course), and even including the same main voice actors to reprise their roles of the voices of the Titans.


Sure, they're still DC superheroes who save the day, but what happens when they're not fighting crime? They love to have fun and goof off, but they also have to deal with issues of being five teen roommates, whether that's chores and romantic tension or demon dad pop-ins and impromptu meatball parties. There's no shortage of pandemonium in the Tower as the Teen Titans get up to super-powered hijacks.

Teen Titans Go! Season One, Part One () - TV Spot Sandwich00:31

Teen Titans Go! Season One, Part One () - TV Spot Sandwich


Since there are so many characters in Teen Titans Go!, only the main ones are listed below. However, here's a convenient link to a list of all the characters in the show: Character Guide.

Teen Titans

  • Robin (voiced by Scott Menville) - The self-appointed leader of the Titans who has a huge crush on Starfire. He has no toleration for either slacking or disrespect, even though that's what all the other Titans do.
  • Starfire (voiced by Hynden Walch) - A Tamaranian princess from the planet Tamaran who tries to learn Earth's culture and avoids Robin's constant obsession with her. She loves kittens, puppies and all things cute but watch out! Don't make her too mad or you get a laser to the face.
  • Cyborg (voiced by Khary Payton) - The cybernetic hero's many gadgets can come in handy in a battle, but his human side is more laid back and nonchalant. He is currently in a relationship with Jinx.
  • Raven (voiced by Tara Strong) - A Gothic female teenager who is from Azarath who is annoyed by everything and almost always in a dark mood, but that's understandable, considering she's half-demon however she has a love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus. She also has a "secret" romantic crush on her teammate Beast Boy.
  • Beast Boy (voiced by Greg Cipes) - Cyborg's best friend, to the point that they can finish each other’s sentences. He's got a thing for Raven. He also is a laid-back and at-times an irritating prankster. He is named for his human-to-animal metamorphism powers (alternatively shapeshifting).
  • Silkie (noises voiced by Tara Strong) - A giant larva moth, which is "the perfect pet" for Starfire. Also, he throws up a lot, just to let you know. He is actually very inteligent, which is unknown to the titans, even though intelligent was one of silkie's 5 core parts in some of their parts.

H.I.V.E. Five

  • Gizmo (voiced by Lauren Tom) - Even though he's only five years old, he still manages to be the leader of the H.I.V.E.. He rivals Cyborg with his tech skills.
  • Jinx (voiced by Lauren Tom)- A dangerous gothic super villainess who can shoot powerful hex blasts and manipulate objects (able to manipulate Cyborg too).
  • Mammoth (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - The super-strong and destructive addition to the H.I.V.E. Five. The damage he can cause is, well, mammoth.
  • See-More (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - Able to shoot laser beams out of his eye lens, See-More is not to be trifled with, unless it's the Titans, of course.
  • Billy Numerous (voiced by Scott Menville) - He can multiply himself by the dozens and attack the Titans from all sides... that, or he can play video games with his clone.

You can read and learn more about the full cast and crew here.


Each season has or will have a total of 52 episodes besides season 3 which has a total of 53 episodes. Right now, the show has three complete seasons, with a fourth one currently airing.

Merchandise Releases

A great deal of merchandise and other items have been issued, probably because Teen Titans Go! is such a popular show.



There's been a total of 20 Teen Titans Go! comic books written (22 including the Scooby-Doo! Team-up crossovers). For a full list, click here.


Figures, plush toys, Sonic toys, and playsets have released for a while. For the main article, click here.


Teen Titans Go! has been met with mixed reactions. Almost immediately upon the series' release, fans of the original Teen Titans complained that the show was not as well written or animated as the previous show. However, most media reviewers had a reaction to the contrary, believing that this was a well done reinvention of the classic series. Most negative feedback from the fans involves the change in tone, as many complained that the series should be dramatic, not comedic. Interestingly, children have apparently taken the series very well, as it has performed positively far beyond expectations. The series has garnered record ratings among children, with it currently being the number one show on Cartoon Network.

The series creators have taken note of the negative feedback, often treating it as a joke and making references to it in the series itself. In several episodes, the Titans mention that they are un-liked by fans, considered an "abomination." In "The Fourth Wall", the Titans become aware of their original counterparts, commenting that they were much cooler before and even questioned why not having a season 6 of the previous series to answer cliffhangers. "The Return of Slade" features the Titans commenting on the satisfying resolution of the original series that no one else will ever get to see. The episode "Wally T" gave the most blatant references, with the cast in awe that they had even one fan. Robin even questioned their fan further, asking which iteration of the Titans he preferred. Pushed aside from all the negativity this show receives it is very successful and has been nominated more than once for a Kids Choice Award.


  • Teen Titans Go! has more episodes than the original series.
    • However, each episode is only 11-ish minutes in length, instead of being 22 minutes per episode.
  • In the series "Mad", there is a parody of Teen Titans called "Teen Titanic".
  • The show has the same name as a series of unrelated comics that followed the original Teen Titans series.
    • Despite this, the comic series promotes Teen Titans Go!.
  • According to what Greg Cipes said at San Diego Comic Con 2016, the show is currently the number one show on Cartoon Network, and one of America's top shows of all shows.
  • Teen Titans Go! has been nominated three times in a row for a Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon but always ended up getting defeated by SpongeBob Squarepants. Previous nominations were at the KCA 2015, KCA 2016, and KCA 2017.




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