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Tara Strong
  Tara Strong 2016  
Role   -   Voice Actress
Character   -   Raven
Date of birth   -   February 12, 1973
Tara Lyn Strong (née Charendoff) is a Canadian actress, voice actress and singer who is the voice actor for Raven in Teen Titans Go! as well as the previous series Teen Titans and in DC Comics' New Teen Titans Shorts.

Other roles she is known for is her voice acting for Dil Pickles in Rugrats and it's spin-off series All Grown Up!, Bubbles in the original Powerpuff Girls series, Timmy Turner and Poof from The Fairy Oddparents, Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated, teenage Ben Tennyson from Ben 10, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Ben 10 Omniverse, and the upcoming Ben 10 reboot, Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Truffles in Chowder, Mary Jane Watson in Ultimate Spider-Man, Ilana in Sym-Bionic Titan, Terrence in Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, Melody from The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, Singe from DreamWorks animated television Turbo FAST and Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in DC Comics' animated web series, DC Super Hero Girls. She also played a role of Miss Collins on the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush and reprise her role of Batgirl in the DC animated movie, The Killing Joke.

Teen Titans Go!

List of characters voiced by Tara Strong in Teen Titans Go!:


  • Since Tara Strong voices Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, she is probably the reason why Raven loves Pretty Pretty Pegasus which is a parody of My Little Pony.
  • Greg Cipes sometimes calls her "mama" which is the same nickname Beast Boy calls Raven at times in the show and even called her a "hot mama" during the SDCC 2014 interview.
  • She and Greg Cipes do what they call "Fondle Fridays" where they take a ton of selfies together and post them on Twitter.
  • She (along with Greg Cipes) is also a vegetarian. She has been a vegetarian since the age of 16 and she is also Jewish.
  • According to behind the scenes of Teen Titans Go! Trivia promo on CN, she proudly supports the relationship and romantic interaction between Beast Boy and Raven. Claiming they make "the better fit". She has also has shown her love for the pairing of the two through tweets several times on her Twitter account.
  • She shares the same birthday with Scott Menville.
  • Scott Menville refers to call her his "superhero sister". Possibly due to the fact she voices Raven which seems to be like a sister to his character Robin.
  • She is also known by the majority of the My Little Pony fandom as the "Queen of Bronies" which the word "brony" is a fandom term for male My Little Pony lovers and watchers.
  • She also the re-dub voices of She-Hulk (The Incredible Hulk) from the classic Marvel cartoons into comical shorts as part of Disney XD's Marvel Mash-Up shorts.
  • She is a fan of the men's pro basketball team the LA Clippers.
  • She was replaced by Kristin Li for the voice of Bubbles for the 2016 The Powerpuff Girls reboot.
  • She was the voice of Penny from the 2014 Inspector Gadget series.
  • She will reprise her role of Ben Tennyson in the upcoming Ben 10 reboot in 2017.

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