Tamaran is the home planet of Starfire and her older sister Blackfire and millions of others of the Tamaranian race. 


Season One

In the episode, "Ghostboy", Starfire said that it was not uncommon to be struck by sudden laser beams from outer space on her home world.

In "Staff Meeting", Starfire said that some Tamaranians are attached to inanimate objects, and are banished from the city and fed to the Glorthnorg.

In "Staring at the Future", a thirty-year older Starfire had become the Queen of Tamaran. Cyborg and Beast Boy visited her to try and get her to see a movie with them and asked if there were any movies on this world, but she said that, as queen, she had too many "responsibilities" and could not come with them.

Season Two

In "Mr. Butt", the world appeared twice in flashbacks, showing a five-year-old Starfire and a young Blackfire playing, and how Blackfire had stolen her favorite doll back then.

The planet is shown again in "Tamaranian Vacation", where the Titans wish to visit the world, imagining it to be a wonderful place; due to Starfire's overly sweet personality and positive attitude. The place turns out the be nothing they imagined, from having to breathe in fire-burning oxygen, to simple handshakes starting an all-out war between Tamaraneans and other aliens.

In "More of the Same", Starfire mentioned some type of song all Tamaraneans sing on New Year's eve.

Inhabitants and Former Inhabitants

Inhabitants never seen or Mentioned

  • Wildfire (Ryand'r)
  • Galfore (K'norfka, Starfire's surrogate father)
  • Myand'r (Starfire's deceased father and former king)
  • Luand'r (Starfire's deceased mother and former queen)

Plant-life and Atmosphere

It has very little fauna, due to ever-burning effects all over the world. The air (as Beast Boy puts it) is "made out of hot sauce" which ensures that the weak do not survive.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

Appearances in other Media

Online Game

Comic Books


  • In the original series 29th episode, Betrothed, the Titans' never endured any burning effects whatsoever. Also, Tamaran was shown to a hot magenta sky, and three moons as opposed to twin suns.
  • The outside of the world itself made a brief appearance in Transformation when Starfire was rejected because of her temporary unseemly grotesque appearance.
  • The guards closely resemble Starfire: auburn hair, purple and grey uniforms, pale orange skin, bright green eyes.
  • A handshake is the most aggressive way of declaring war.
  • It is unknown what galaxy Tamaran is in.
  • It is the only world that is seen in a playable game; either online or video game.
  • According to Starfire in the episode "BBSFBDAY", Tamaran is the 8th planet in her solar system and it's revolution around the sun takes 60 190 days, which equals 164.79 earth years.


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