This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "TTG v PPG" from season 3, which aired on June 30, 2016.

Monkey Army
Plot Point
Stopping Mojo Jojo
This transcript is incomplete, but in the right order.

[Buttercup pulls the plug and causes the monkey to collapse slightly.]
Bubbles: So, we're just gonna wait for this poisioning fog to clear and then go after him, right?
Blossom: Right.
PPG Narrator: A world where superheroes do not battle villains? What kind of awful place could that be?
PPG Narrator: Thank heavens! The Powerpuff Girls!
Starfire: Who are the odd floating color-coordinated children?
Robin: The Powerpuff Girls.
Blossom: That's... right. How did you know?
Robin: The voice.
Blossom: We've come from another dimension looking for a dangerous villain. Mojo Jojo.
Bubbles: We don't need babysitters. We need to stop Mojo Jojo!
Buttercup: [Speaking in a deadpan way] We're superheroes, not babies. Got it? I am Buttercup and that's Bubbles and Blossom.
Raven: [Speaks in a opimistic and fun way.] I'm Chico and that's Chewy and Chappy.
Blossom: What's wrong with these guys?
Robin: You are tiny helpless babies.
[Blossom slaps Robin]
PPG Narrator:And so, the Titans and the Powerpuff...
Robin: Hey! It's you again.
PPG Narrator: Robin, as the only one who could hear him adressed the narrator.
Robin: [Gasps.] A narrator! I've always wanted a narrator. Say what I'm doing right now.
PPG Narrator: And so, with his grim determination in his eye, Robin dramatically exits the room as the others looke on with concern for his well-being.
Beast Boy: [Farts] A... B... C... D...
[Starfire cries green laser beams, then Bubbles uses the beams to burn the gorillas guarding the zoo that Mojo Jojo invaded.]
Starfire: How very immature! [Zooms away slowly.]
Raven: What do you expect. They're babies!

[The Powerpuff Girls ogle at the Titans.]

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