The T-Plane is the Titans' main mode of transportation for long distance missions.


It is first seen in Colors of Raven, flying over Jump City, so the Titans can launch an air-attack on the villainous Dr. Light. Robin tells the Titans their mission, then a hatch in the floor of the plane opens up, allowing the Titans to parachute to the ground. The Titans also use it in Lazy Sunday to go back to the community center to get The Couch back from the community center. It is also used in Missing, by Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy to return Silkie to Killer Moth.


One-Man Cockpit

Jet Engines - Has two jet turbines for speed and power.

Drop Hatch - Used to quickly parachute down to land.


  • The T-Plane is similar to the early versions of the T-Jet from the comics.
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