Quote1 I could destroy a year supply of your hair gel. Quote2
--Starfire The Terrible threatening Robin to fight her

Starfire the Terrible is a villain alter-ego of Starfire. Her arch-enemy is Robin. This is Starfire's first villain persona.


After Robin was complaining and being upset that he didn't have an archenemy, Starfire decided to become his archenemy. At first she couldn't do anything "evil." She couldn't even drink milk from the milk carton! The next day, she came out and said, "I am going to do something evil!" The other Titans (excluding Robin) started teasing her, saying, "Oh no!" Then, Starfire blew up the moon! She also blew up all of Robin's special hair gel.

Later, the Titans went to her secret fort in their yard. She had lasers and evil robots. Then, she also used her beloved mutated larva Silkie as another obstacle. She defeats all the Titans, except for Robin. He wheel punches her, and celebrates that he defeated his archenemy.

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The image gallery for Starfire the Terrible (Character) may be viewed here.


  • This is the first villain identity created by Starfire. The second one is Sapphire.
  • She is somehow more grammatically correct than normal Starfire.

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