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Here are a list of quotes from Starfire throughout the series.


  • "After much research, I have decided to hold the festivities for Cyborg here." -Starfire to the Titans (Excluding Cyborg) in "Pie Bros"
  • "Do you think this spike will be sufficient for tail-pinning?" -Starfire to Raven in "Pie Bros"
  • "You cannot eat the zorka berries, Silkie. They are bad for you." -Starfire to Silkie in "Driver's Ed"
  • "It is okay, Robin. Many fail the test of driving." -Starfire to Robin in "Driver's Ed"
  • "Duude! You got it twisted. You're old man is straight up the bomb." -Starfire to Raven in "Dog Hand"
  • "What's the haps playas?" -Starfire in "Dog Hand"
  • "Haters gonna hate." -Starfire to Raven in "Dog Hand"
  • "That woman has LOST her humanity!" - Starfire talking about Raven in "Nose Mouth"
  • " Second Santa I knew you.." - Starfire in " Second Christmas "
  • "That because she's all up in your man's grill, and you are all like, uh-uh, Boo Bear is mine." - Starfire to Raven about Terra in "Terra-ized"
  • "But I have never eaten the opponents." -Starfire in "Artful Dodgers"
  • "I am going to my room to partake of the mustard." -Starfire in "No Power "
  • "Could I have been wrong, is fighting the only way to peace?"- Starfire in "Breakfast Cheese"
  • "You have NOTHING in common with Robin! Goodbye, Speedy." -Starfire to Robin disguised as Speedy in "The Date"
  • "But, is not lying.... wrong?" -Starfire to Beast Boy in "Starliar"
  • " I see in that case I shall inform the others that I'm more well liked then they are" - Starfire in "Starliar"
  • “Regarding the movies, Raven would prefer you not to come with us. She said you chew your popped corn too loudly.” - Starfire to Cyborg in “Starliar
  • “I understand. I promise I will stop the lying. Now if you’ll excuse me, my head is engulfed in flames and I must extinguish it.” - Starfire to Beast Boy in “Starliar
  • "Everyone... STOP!!!" -Starfire in "Starliar"
  • "Must you use the Silkie for the demonstration?" -Starfire to B'Wana Beast in "You're Fired!"
  • "Look at us! We're covered in evil, smelly, space goo!" -Starfire to the Titans in "Laundry Day"
  • "I always wanted to be a secret weapon." -Starfire responding to Cyborg in "Artful Dodgers"
  • "Robin! We need you!" -Starfire to Robin via communicator in "Dude Relax!"
  • "Are we sure it is wise to let the machine decide who we love?" -Starfire to Cyborg and Robin in "Matched"
  • "Well, at least now we know what the Raven's are thinking." -Starfire to the Titans in "Colors of Raven"
  • " I didn't know the steakhouse was also meant for stakeouts". - Starfire in I See You
  • "Is this really necessary, Speedy?" -Starfire to Robin disguised as Speedy in "The Date"
  • "It's nice to meet you, disembodied voice." -Starfire to the voice in Robin's head in "The Date"
  • "The truth is, on my planet, sniffing dirty clothes is good luck." -Starfire to Robin in "Ghost Boy"
  • "Oh, hang on to your life-force!" -Starfire (Thinking it is Beast Boy) to a mosquito in "Ghost Boy"
  • "Oh, this will be the most delicious pot of the chili!" -Starfire in "Serious Business"
  • "Clogborger! It's hideous!" -Starfire in "Laundry Day"
  • "Pink, her happiness." -Starfire following Cyborg in "Colors of Raven"
  • "Now perhaps we may use your powers to fix anything that annoys us?" -Starfire to Raven in "Nose Mouth"
  • "Oooooo, Delicious!" -Starfire To Beast Boy and Cyborg In "Burger vs Burrito"
  • "If I go any faster I may rupture the space time continuum." -Starfire in "Gorilla"
  • "You're not wearing the shirt...or the pants." -Starfire to Robin in "Matched"
  • "Only the true pirate can understand such strange words." -Starfire to Cyborg in "Pirates"
  • "I do not know what the pie-rat is" -Starfire to Cyborg in "Pirates"
  • "I've never seen you look so adorable, Raven! Do you have the date?" -Starfire to Raven in "Pirates"
  • "Robin is correct! Your posture is better and you are speaking more clearly!" -Starfire to Raven in "Legs"
  • "Robin you forget rule three. Don't mess with the Jeff!" -Starfire to Robin in "I See You"
  • "Could this be the clue?" -Starfire to Robin in "I See You"
  • "Am I suppose to be the face sparkle, DUMB?!" -Starfire getting angry with Raven in "Caramel Apples"
  • "Why is the Trigon upset?" -Starfire to Raven in "Caramel Apples"
  • "Robin? Are you the okay?" -Starfire to Robin in "The Mask"
  • "Robin! Why did you hide such beauty from us?!" -Starfire to Robin in "The Mask"
  • "I wish you all the luck that is good, Beast Boy." -Starfire to Beast Boy in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "They are giving me the aches of the head." -Starfire to Raven about the male Titans in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "How could one say that one gender is superior to the other?" -Starfire to Robin in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "Why do we wish to be the boys?" -Starfire to Robin in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!" -Starfire (along with Raven, Beast Boy, & Cyborg) to Robin in "Boys vs Girls"
  • "You act as if you hold more affection for the vehicle than for us, Cyborg." -Starfire to Cyborg in "Road Trip"
  • "Oh he is the perfect!" Starfire talking about the kitty in "Caramel Apples"
  • "My ignorance will always hold me back !" - Starfire to Raven in "Knowledge"
  • " The flowers, the flowers grow in the ground.....give them water or they will die" -Starfire singing in "Mr. Butt"
  • " hola coche" - Starfire speaking Spanish to the T-Car in "Road Trip"
  • "it is the happy day of the Valentine !" - Starfire to the rest of the Titans in "Be Mine"
  • " I have another game.....candor or audacious undertaking" - Starfire to the rest of the Titans in "Slumber Party"
  • "slug bug!" - Starfire to Robin in "Road trip"
  • "What if I could make of the cookies?" - Starfire in "Uncle Jokes"
  • "I am the cool...Shamma lamma mu-mu." - Starfire in "Uncle Jokes".
  • "Ooh-hoo! I have the big shoes. It is enough to drive one crrrrrrazy!" - Starfire in Crazy Day.
  • "To pass me the by and go the way, the answer to my riddle you must say."- Starfire inside Raven's mind in "Crazy Day."
  • "Did I misspoken the riddle?" - Starfire in Raven's mind in "Crazy Day"
  • "Oohohoho! That is not even the hat!" - Starfire in "Crazy Day"
  • "Your mother has the weight problems so severely that the doctors comment she should eat more of the fruits and vegetables!" - Starfire in "Love Monsters"
  • "I wonder what friend Beast Boy would look like when he emerges!" -Stafire to the other Titans in "Crossiant"
  • "The hallow has been un-weened!" - Starfire in Scary Figure Dance after the HIVE Five destroys the candy factory.
  • "I have the apples, but I could not find the bob!" -Starfire in "Scary Figure Dance"
  • "Apologies, our intent was not to frighten you!" -Starfire in "Scary Figure Dance"
  • "Because this is how the ghosts talk!" -Starfire in "Scary Figure Dance"
  • "We are the living!" -Starfire in "Scary Figure dance"
  • "Halloween hasn't been scary since I was a little gillnart." -Starfire in "Halloween"
  • "You look like the belle of the ball!" - Starfire to Robin in Black Friday
  • "Did the Santa Claw receive my letters?" - Starfire to Robin in Garage Sale
  • "Look where your materialism has gotten us, Cyborg!" - Starfire in Pyramid Scheme
  • "Ooh the floor money!" - Starfire in Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice
  • "Would you like to pay for the luxurious trip with your golden pirate treasure?" - Starfire to Robin in Bottle Episode
  • "It is all the Bill of Rights to be one's, two's and three's self." - Starfire in Inner Beauty of a Cactus

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