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Starfire's Emoticlones are five seperate beings of Starfire that were created by the Mysterious Prism. They made their debut in Some of Their Parts.

Emoticlone Versions

Each Starfire has their own personality and actions, as well as their own attire and hair colours.

Purple Starfire (Passion)

The purple emoticlone of Starfire represents her passionate side as she was sitting in a seductive way. Her hair is floral lavender and her attire is deep purple.

Green Starfire (Disgust)

The green emoticlone of Starfire represents her disgusted side as shown by her facial expression. Her hair is apple green and her attire is sea green.

Cyan Starfire (Craziness)

The blue emoticlone of Starfire represents her crazy, deranged and loony side. She is crazy to the extent of once wearing a tuna salad as a hat. Her hair is cyan and her attire is light blue.

Grey Starfire (Fear)

The grey emoticlone of Starfire represents her fearful side. She sat in a cowardly manner. Her hair is grey and her attire is deep grey.

Red Starfire (Savagery)

The red emoticlone of Starfire represents her savagery, angry and ferocious side. She was Robin's choice of becoming a superhero in the Elite Titans. Her hair is blood red and her attire is crimson.

Episode Appearances


  • None of the emoticlones of Starfire have any love interest in Robin.
  • Savage Starfire's personality is similar to Rage Raven's, due to both of them being angry all the time - the only difference is she doesn't attack people randomly like Rage Raven does. It is also in part with Starfire's heritage as a warrior.


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