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Starfire profile card
Name Starfire
Alias Koriand'r
Kory Anders
The Jeff
Starfire The Terrible
Princess Stary Eyes
Sex Female
Species Tamaranean
Relatives Silkie (pet/little buddy)
Blackfire (older sister, arch-enemy)
Wildfire (younger brother)
Erifrats (Bizzaro Universe Counterpart)
Friends Robin (possible love interest)
Beast Boy
The Voice in Robin's Head
Dr. Light (temporarily)
Trigon (temporarily)
General Thraxis (ex-husband)
Aquaman (former love interest)
Kid Flash
Enemies Blackfire (older sister)
H.I.V.E. Five
Brother Blood
Dr. Light
Killer Moth
The Brain
Mother Mae-Eye
The Brotherhood of Evil
Occupation Superheroine
Tamaranean Princess
Residence Titans Tower
Voiced By Hynden Walch
Quote1 Glorious! Quote2

Starfire (Koriand'r) is one of the five protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. She is voiced by Hynden Walch.


Quote1 Starfire is an alien struggling to fit in and learn the ways of Earth while driving Robin insane with unrequited puppy love. Quote2
--Nancy Basile (Animated TV)


As revealed in the original series, Starfire was Koriand'r, an alien princess from the planet Tamaran who was in line for the throne. When the powerful Gordanians invaded the planet, her devious sister Komand'r (aka Blackfire), wanting the throne for herself, took the opportunity to convince the Gordanians to capture Koriand'r as Tamaran's soon-to-be-queen, in exchange for peace and her place in the throne. Koriand'r went 3


with them convinced it was for the good of her planet, only to discover Komand'r's treachery and the Gordanians' plan to bring her to their Citadel to live out the rest of her days as a tortured slave. Koriand'r then managed to escape during space flight and fled to the nearest planet, Earth. The Gordanians followed in hot pursuit, but were defeated when Koriand'r was defended by four superpowered teenagers. Once she was officially free of the Gordanians, Koriand'r decided to stay on Earth, took the name Starfire (which is what Koriand'r translates to in English), and joined the other heroes in forming the Teen Titans.

Starfire reprises her role from the original Teen Titans (Series) as the quirky, compassionate, yet powerful alien of the team. Even though she is often the one to ask the meaning of a word, she is extremely loyal and kindhearted, putting her friends before herself. Her usual mood is extremely friendly, but she will flip into a rampage if a friend/loved one is in danger or betrayed her. She can often cause chaos in a rampage.


Starfire dresses in a purple two-piece suit. The top half covers her chest while the bottom section is a miniskirt. She has grey gauntlets, and tall purple boots with stars on the soles and long purple-gray socks underneath. She has pale orange skin, slightly pointed ears, long hot pink hair and green eyes with the sclera of her eyes being light green along with large feminine eyelashes. Her hair curls over in bangs right above her eyes, and she has tendrils of hair in the front. As seen in Dude Relax and Laundry Day, she is seen wearing a pink bathrobe and towel on her head, which indicates that she enjoys wearing pink when relaxing.

Starfire dress

Starfire in Laundry Day

Laundry Day

In an attempt to replace her clothes while Raven washed them, Starfire took up sewing and created a beautiful ball gown which she says is hideous.

Starfire (Dodgeball Outfit)-Artful Dodgers

Starfire in Artful Dodgers.

Artful Dodgers

She wears a sports outfit in Artful Dodgers, which is quite similar to her usual outfit. The outfit consists of a blue headband that covers her eyebrows, a blue top, long white socks with small stripes near the top, and blue shoes. Her wristbands and necklace are the same.


Starfire hairstyle

Colors of Raven

Starfire can briefly been seen with two large ponytails, tied with green bows as Pink Raven brushes her hair.


Starfire The Terrible shooting with purple star-bolts.

Starfire The Terrible

Starfire once again took up sewing and this time created a legitimate villain costume. Unlike her normal attire, this costume is nearly all black with some purple spikes on her neck-plate and gauntlets, and covering most of her body except her arms and face. Her hair is fixed into a single ponytail due to the mask.


Starfire wearing Batgirl costume in Sidekick


When she and the other Titans visit the Batcave with Robin, she tries on a Batgirl costume, which causes Robin to drool and stare in awe. She wears a black suit with bat ears and a cape with a yellow belt, boots, gloves with a yellow Batman emblem on it. Due to the mask, her hair is fixed into a single ponytail.


Starfire with blonde hair in Nose Mouth

Nose Mouth

When Raven embraces her demon side and starts tormenting her teammates, she gives Starfire huge poofy big blonde hair, much to Starfire's horror.

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-23 16.05.08

Prisoner Starfire in Mr. Butt

Mr. Butt

Because of Starfire's mean older sister, Blackfire , Starfire is sent to space prison and during the course of a few weeks (or days) she changed how she looks. Starfire shaved off most of her hair off (which was now black), wore a orange jumpsuit with the sleeves torn off, and had numerous tattoos with buff arms.

Starfire's original costume


Baby Hands

In the flashback when the Titans first formed, Starfire looked exactly the same as her first appearance from the New Teen Titans comic series. At that time, she wore a single-piece swimsuit-like clothing, and her armor has more corners than curves. Her hair was also poofed out and curled, reaching longer than her feet. She couldn't understand English at all for she and Robin haven't kissed each other yet to recognize the language. It is unknown how she learned language until now.


After being changed into a child by the Halloween Spirit, Starfire and her friends dress up for trick-or-treating. Starfire wears a simple white sheet over her body with holes for eyes made at the top.


Starfire is an optimistic, eager, fearless girl who loves to see the joy around her (much to the opposite of Raven) and enjoys spreading love and happiness around the Tower. She is very kind and is known for telling the truth unless it is to help a friend. In "Ghostboy," she tells Robin a lie to keep Ghost Beast Boy a secret. The show likes to play with the idea of Starfire being "bad": In "Starliar," Beast Boy teaches her how to lie, and she is challenged to be a villain and enemy for Robin in "Starfire The Terrible," and even becomes partially evil in Mr. Butt.

Starfire can be naive to a point; in "Ghostboy," she believed "Mr. Butt"

While Starfire is kind, she can also be merciless. She will not hesitate to destroy everything in front of her when she is angry, as seen on "La Larva de Amor," when the Titans lost Silkie for a time, or in "Second Christmas" when Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven deceived her into believing an imaginary holiday.
Thumbnail 26685

Starfire Starbolt Snowball Barrage!

Starfire has a generous personality because while she tries to learn Earth customs, she would share aspects of her own Tamaranean culture with the Titans. As seen in Missing where she offers Robin some zorkarberries, she occasionally offers alien food that she enjoys to the Titans, though they often kindly refuse. She also tends to bring up certain aspects of her people's lifestyle: in "Staff Meeting," Starfire supports Robin's fetish-like bond with his staff by reasoning that some Tamaraneans bond with inanimate objects too.

A prime example of Starfire's personality is seen in "Breakfast Cheese," where she attempts to teach the other Titans the art of using compassion and friendship instead of violence and aggression to win battles.

She doesn't completely understand the English language. She doesn't often use contractions (don't, they've, can't, etc.) and often misquotes sayings and idioms. For example, she combined "locomotive" and "commotion" to say "What is all the locomotion about?" instead of "What is all the commotion about?" or adds the articles "Of" and "The" in places it shouldn't be, such as "the night of the girls!" instead of "girl's night out." Her unique form of speech characterizes her as the immigrant of the group. Starfire is often amazed by mundane Earth.

She is very kind going out of her way to make Robin happy by acting as a villain for him in "Starfire the Terrible." She is also superficial about her looks as seen in "Legendary Sandwich" when she fights a monster in outer space and gets most of her hair cut off, provoking her anger.


Powers and Abilities

Starfire's powers derive from her Tamaranean biology. Like Kryptonians (for example, Superman), Tamaraneans are basically solar batteries who convert ultraviolet light into superhuman abilities. The Tamaranean powers are also fueled by emotions.

  • Superhuman Strength: She was strong enough to break a wall. She is also one of strongest Titans on the team. Able to easily catch the couch that Cyborg threw at her in "Nose Mouth."
  • Flight: She can fly. In the Original show, she could fly when she had unbridled joy, though, it may not be this way in this show, as she is seen flying more than walking.
  • Superhuman Speed: Her flight may be faster than light, since she is capable of moving so fast that she can travel through time as seen in "Gorilla."
  • Superhuman Durability: She is seen on multiple occasions able to take a decent amount of damage that would otherwise completely incapacitate a normal human. For example, she has been crushed in No Power and Be Mine and was very close to fine.
  • Space Adaption: As seen in "Legendary Sandwich," she can survive while in space without the need for a space suit.
  • Starbolts: She can shoot green starbolts from her hands that creates an explosion.
  • Starblasts: She shoots lightning-like green energy .As seen in some episodes, the starbolts can create fire.
  • Eyebeams: She can shoot powerful laser-beams from her eyes.
  • Starbolt Rain: She summons many starbolts to harm the other Titans in "La Larva de Amor."
  • Detective Skils: She solved a mystery all by herself in " I See You."
  • Starbomb: A large energy ball similar to a starblast, but one that must be charged up and creates a bigger explosion, this is seen in "Mr. Butt".



Robin has a huge crush on Starfire, which borderlines on an obsession. Throughout the series he resorts to every means possible to win her over. It's hinted that she likes him back, although it is never confirmed until Mouth Hole.

In Driver's Ed, while the others (including Starfire) teased and laughed at Robin's results of his driving test, Starfire comforted Robin ("It is okay, Robin. Everyone fails the test of driving." though it doesn't help).

Starfire will like it

Robin finally decides to ask Starfire out on a date.

In The Date, Robin finally musters the courage to ask Starfire out on a date. While she states she is willing to go with him, she also reveals she has agreed to go on a date with Speedy. Robin desperately tries to win her over, but to no avail, so ends up deciding to sabotage her date with Speedy. Starfire discovers the truth and is furious with Robin and punches him.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 8.33.43 PM

Robin has difficulty resisting the urge to see Starfire in a bikini.

In Hey Pizza! Robin had the choice between building a senior center (for the unappreciated seniors) or a community pool (probably see Starfire in a bikini and rubbing sunscreen on her). His crush on her made it hard for him to decide. He ended up building the senior center, but Starfire was willing to model the bikini for him anyways. The bikini ended up being for Silkie, much to Robin's disgust. It could either be that Starfire was messing with Robin's feelings, or most likely because she really didn't know that bikinis are for people and not pets (her naivety of Earth culture).

In Colors of Raven when Robin and Starfire are chasing Raven's emotions, Robin was about to kiss Raven's passion (with the idea of putting the emotion inside the prism) but Starfire interrupted the kiss, hinting that she thinks it should be her and Robin kissing.

In Starfire the Terrible, it is revealed that Starfire does have feelings for Robin, as she shows up about to give him flowers but to her jealousy, he is pretending to kiss the moon. In the same episode, she really wanted to be Robin's nemesis so that he would feel better and feel like a "true" hero. In Breakfast Cheese, she is elated to see Robin using a means of peace, via flowers, to defeat his enemies, just like she had taught him and the other Titans. Overall, they seem to be close friends, but their romantic relationship hasn't evolved.

In Be Mine she accepts Robin when he asks her to be his Valentine. Then at the Valentines dance, Starfire gives Robin a little kiss on the cheek, much to his elation. Her actual feelings for Robin remain unknown after she said she loved him like "the brother."

In Sidekick, when Starfire dresses up in a bat costume, Robin uncontrollably drools at the sight of her.

In Uncle Jokes, she finds comfort in Robin's arms after Beast Boy and Cyborg kicked her out of their comedic trio. In Grandma Voice she becomes very alert when Robin falls through the window. In many episodes she is seen with a Robin doll on her bed but this could be because she has a lot of superhero dolls. In the episode Puppets, Whaaaaat?, at the end after once again the Titans call him a freak for playing his puppets and making kissing sounds thus leaving, Starfire remained at the doorway watching even after the others left. It is also seen that she has a stuffed animal of Robin on her bed.

In I See You, Robin brings Starfire on a criminal watch (aka "stakeout") which is actually just a trick to get her to kiss him. She never kisses him, but they do find Dr. Light and defeat him. Afterwards, Robin admits to Starfire that the whole thing was a trick to get her to kiss him. She then becomes very angry at him, but Robin quickly redeems himself by saying she turned out to be a great detective. After that being told that, she was calmed and tells Robin not to mess with her alternate disguise, "The Jeff".

Also in Salty Codgers, Robin and Starfire (when old) were seen slow dancing together. In Slumber Party Robin dares Starfire to date and marry him. But Starfire says that she was gonna pick a truth. Embarrassed, Robin ask her if she will do all those things but she says "no". Robin gets upset and gets in the blanket fort and starts crying while the Titans stare at him.

In Baby Hands, Robin says that Starfire is his girlfriend and that's why she is in the team after having his team's memories erased. Robin continues to insist this but Starfire rejects, ignores, and punches Robin. She was not even fazed or shocked when Robin confessed that she is not his girlfriend. She also joins in the other Titans in making fun of his baby hands.

However, in Sandwich Thief, Robin asked if she loved him on a lie detector and she said yes, but lied. She claimed she did not want to hurt his feelings which was a true statement. She also said couldn't learn to love him or under any circumstances try to go out with him which both turned up as true. However, this may have changed entirely upon seeing his face in The Mask; she is the most enthusiastic in seeing his "handsome" face, and even swoons when looking at him.

In Thanksgiving, Starfire was the only person out of the Titans to see if Robin was alright after the dinner disaster. She also stated that she was thankful that he was their as leader which cheers him up.


Starfire and Robin spinning each other in passion.

In Mouth Hole, Starfire gives Robin whistling lessons. While she was whistling, Robin starts to become distracted by her beauty. Robin states that she had beautiful hair and eyes. Starfire hears this and tells him what lovely words to describe whistling. Starfire then says to press their lips together and puckers up as Robin puckers up as well. Robin then tries to kiss her but Starfire grabs his lips and stretches them out, leaving Robin in pain. At the end of the episode, after Robin defeats the H.I.V.E with his new whistling power, Starfire states lovingly that she couldn't know that whistling can be so strong. Robin grabs Starfire by the hand and they begin to dance. Starfire then tells Robin to kiss her. They both pucker up while the other Titans watch in awe. This episode confirms Starfire's romantic interest in Robin for the first time.


Raven and Starfire

Raven teaching Starfire about earth customs.

Starfire and Raven are good friends. In Dog Hand, Starfire says to Raven's father, redundantly, that she is Raven's best female friend within the Teen Titans. Starfire is often extremely friendly to Raven, but Raven is generally not interested. She frequently tries to reject Starfire, but usually not in a mean way, she just wants to be left alone. Even when she does try to be a little mean, Starfire doesn't understand because of her naivety of Earth culture. However, in Girl's Night Out, despite her initial reluctance to join, Raven joins Starfire and Jinx in a girl's night out and they all have a really good time. In Artful Dodgers, they sing a duet "Team Titans" (spoofed off the original "Teen Titans" theme song, yet shorter and with different animations.) At the end of Colors of Raven Starfire gave a little speech about Raven, how it is possible under that "dark" appearance could exist a mix of happy, scared, loving, angry and lazy emotions inside. As well in that episode Raven happy side spend time with Starfire (and Cyborg) the most.

In Knowledge, after Starfire misunderstands yet another earth saying, Raven offers to teach Starfire about earth customs. She sings Mean What'cha Say to her, to educate her about earth sayings and how they are not to be treated literally. Starfire is very grateful for Raven's lesson, but the following day she still has not gotten the hang of it. To speed things up, Raven gives Starfire a magical necklace which would give Starfire knowledge. However the necklace fills Starfire's head with too much knowledge and turns her into a genius, where she begins to recite facts to ruin all of the other Titans' fun, including several of Raven's past times. Eventually they discover Starfire's head has swelled up with knowledge and is on the verge of exploding, to which Raven admits it is all her fault. She joins the other Titans to shrink down into the T-Sub and journey into Starfire's mind to destroy the knowledge and save her. After destroying Starfire's Knowledge, Raven apologizes to Starfire and she forgives her.

Raven vs Starfire

Starfire and Raven getting angry at each other.

At times, Raven and Starfire's relationship can be tested as shown in Caramel Apples, where they had a small fight between them, over Raven's dad. Other than that, they are pretty close and even pretended to play a role of being each other's fathers for the rest of the day.

In Boys vs. Girls, they both teamed up with each other (due to being the only females in Titans Tower) to compete against the male Titans to prove which gender is more superior than the other. Together, they worked as a team and won every challenge effortlessly, sealing the bet. They both can be quite annoyed with the boys whenever they act disgusting or arrogant.

Beast Boy


Beast Boy tricks Starfire into doing his laundry.

Beast Boy's street-wise and crafty personality due to his trickster nature makes him the polar opposite of Starfire. Even though both are good friends Beast Boy has a habit to manipulate her to his advantage. He has also pranks her, most notably in Ghost Boy because Starfire is the only one that's naive enough to fall for his pranks.

BBStar in Starliar

Beast Boy agrees to teach Starfire how to lie.

In Starliar, after Beast Boy hears that Starfire got invited to the Titans East Dance when the other Titans didn't, he encourages her to lie as to not hurt the other Titans' feelings. The two also practiced lying to the other Titans throughout the episode Starliar resulting in the Titans attacking each other out of anger. However Starfire keeps a friendly demeanor with him. They both have a similar personality of being positive, fun-loving, and native but Starfire is more mature than him. In Uncle Jokes, he teaches her with Cyborg's help, the art of comedy. When forced to kick her out, he seemed heart-broken-ish.



Cyborg and Starfire embracing their inner-child.

Starfire and Cyborg generally get along, and have almost never been at odds with each other.

In Pie Bros, Starfire volunteers to organize Cyborg's birthday. It was shown in Terra-ized that she and Cyborg enjoy watching morning talkshows together. Starfire is usually willing to play along in Cyborg's silly games and dances (She sang along in the "So Wrong" song, and participated in the Meatball Parties he threw). In Uncle Jokes, she also sang along in the "Uncle Jokes" rap. When forced to kick her out of the comedic trio, Cyborg was seen crying.

In "Hose Water", both of them are entranced by the baby bird hatching out of the egg, which inspires the two of them to explore their inner-child. The two engage in exceedingly childish activities throughout the episode, including setting up a fort from pillows, face painting, and drinking hose water. Their excessive childishness eventually leads them to regress to a younger age and they become eggs.


Starfire hugs Blackfire

Starfire hugging Blackfire.

Blackfire is Starfire's older sister. Unlike Starfire, Blackfire is much more cruel and warlike, using any means necessary to benefit herself, even if it means going against family. Despite her sisters flaws, Starfire has always cared for her, even when her toys were stolen from her as a child. Starfire loved her as a big sister, and always looked up to her. When Blackfire came to Earth to see her little sister (which turns out she only came to Earth to find Starfire so she could use her as a ploy to escape from the Galactic Police), Starfire was ready on the spot to assist her in anyway possible, and helped defeat the robots that were after Blackfire. The other Titans were disgusted once Blackfire was introduced to them, knowing better of her real intentions and were wary. Starfire, however, went to bat for her sister and convinced her friends that if Blackfire were to let her down, she would cause destruction on all creatures on the planet. Blackfire then interrupts her sister before Starfire finishes her sentence to her friend, and went on to give her sister a "makeover", to which Starfire happily agreed to. Starfire's clothes were all replaced by Blackfire's attire, and her hair was dyed black to match her older sisters'. The two were nearly identical, and identical enough that the Galactic Police looking for Blackfire, mistook Starfire for her and captured her in her sisters place. While her sister was in jail doing her time, Blackfire felt no remorse initially, and it was only then Starfire's friends said that Starfire is "probably the only person in the universe that loves her". Blackfire realizing this, felt shame for being a terrible sister, and together with the four remaining Titans, helped her become a better sister through training and practice. Meanwhile, Starfire was in jail, with fury in her eyes, and she vowed to escape jail to pummel her sister into the next dimension for what she did to her. Through intense workouts, Starfire become buff and muscular, completely different from her normal self, and easily broke a hole in jail wall which she used to escape. Once back home at the Titans Tower, Starfire confronted her sister, and was explained in rage how she always used her, and tricked her getting her into trouble. Blackfire apologizes to her, which was not good enough for Starfire, who rushes head on and punches her in the stomach, crashing her through countless buildings and walls that lead far out into the city. Right before Starfire delivers the final blow, Blackfire pulls out a doll she stole from her as a child, and explained she kept it the whole time, and returned it to her and apologized and admitted she has changed now. Starfire, who seemed to be calm from the doll, looked at her sister and said "so have I" with her eyes green ablaze, and disintegrated her own toy, and gave Blackfire a huge blast of a starbolt. The other Titans see the huge blast, and moments later Starfire comes through the Tower's elevators, with her sister collapsing on the floor, and says "we worked things out" with a smile on her face.


Starfire and speedy

Speedy giving a flower to Starfire while Robin is not impressed.

As seen in The Date, Starfire may had interest in Speedy because she said Robin and him are alike.There is proof of this is when Robin asked her if they could go out, she said: "I would love to, but I can't. Speedy has already asked me." Knowing her personality, she wouldn't care about who asked first, (who was Speedy) and accepted Speedy's invite. In Starliar, Speedy is somewhat shown to still be interested in Starfire, as he was part of the main group (the Titans East) who invited people to their big annual dance party, and Starfire was the only Titan to originally be invited to the party.



Jump City's Most Wanted Girls.

Starfire and Jinx are frenemies. In the episode Girl's Night Out, Starfire's plan was to free Jinx from prison so she, Raven and Jinx could have a crazy Girls Night Out. When Jinx was freed, Starfire says that if she tries to escape she will blast her into particles as she suspects she will try to run away. Starfire admits that Jinx knows how to bring the fun. She then frees her from the shackles that prevent her from using her powers and enjoys the night with her. When the police catch the girls and are put in the Juvenile Correction Facility, Jinx says that Starfire has even more crazy than her and softens them up after the night out. Starfire then plans to have another Girl's Night Out as she had loads of fun with Jinx. They are friends, but are also enemies by the code.

In Let's Get Serious, Starfire and Raven are briefly shown freeing Jinx again so they can have their third Girls Night Out.


Starfire beats up See-More

Starfire beats up See-More.

See-More appears to be Starfire rival on the H.I.V.E., as they both possess eye blasts. The two of them are most frequently shown fighting when the Titans face the H.I.V.E.

In Opposites, See-More engages Starfire and fires a blast at her, but she dodges before chasing him with a blast of his own. She is then showing beating up See-More by punching him in the eye.

In In and Out, after the Titans reveal themselves, Starfire engages in a beam-battle with See-More.

Episodes focusing on Starfire

Season 1

Season 2

Songs Sung by Starfire


  • Her earth name is an English translation of her Tamaranean name (Koriand'r) with "Kori" meaning "Star" and "and'r" meaning "fire."
  • All of her powers are derived from her Tamaranean biology, similar to the original series, but different from the comics. This is done by the writers of the original series to censor comic book Starfire's R-rated origin. To keep it simple (and to censor it still), only some of her powers are from her Tamaranean biology in the comics, like her flight and the rest came from experimentation like her starbolts.
  • Starfire will become very violent when she gets mad, as seen in La Larva de Amor, she brutally attacks the other Titans when they lost Silkie, also when the Sandwich Guardian ruined her hair in Legendary Sandwich. This is the very same when she becomes sad upon losing something precious to her, like Silkie in Missing.
  • When angered, she swears in Tamaranean (her home planet's language): "glorborger!" in Laundry Day, "clorbag valbernielk!" and "krebble-nebbits!" in Ghost Boy.
  • Ignorant of what kind of species Silkie is, Starfire refers to him as "the silkie". However, no other Titans have commented on his species. It is worth noting that, in the original series, Silkie was a mutated moth created by Killer Moth. Despite this, Silkie's appearance is that of a large version of a maggot.
    • In fact, Raven mentions Silkie is a maggot in Dreams.
      • This could just be because she has a tendency to put "the" before names.
  • Her hair is far longer in this show, down to her ankles, compared to her waist-length hair from the original show. This may be an attempt at trying to recreate the original Starfire's image from the comics.
    • She also appears to be attached to her hairstyle, and will react suddenly if anything happens to it: she gets angry if it's cut or burnt in "Legendary Sandwich", or terrified if it's a different color like in "Nose Mouth."
    • Although, her hair is dyed and cut when she and Blackfire were having "Sister fun time" in the episode Mr. Butt and she did not seem to mind at all. in fact, she seemed happy to do it. This reveals 1 of 2 things. Either 1: that as long as she agrees to it, it's fine to do, or 2: if it is someone she loves/likes, it's fine to do it.
  • Starfire frequently cooks chili for the Titans. In "Serious Business", it is revealed that she cooks it in the toilet.
  • As of Girl's Night Out and Mr. Butt, Starfire has a criminal record. This could be a reference to the original series episode Sisters, where she was framed by her evil older sister Blackfire for stealing a necklace off another planet.
  • In Gorilla, it is shown that Starfire can move so fast that she can break the fabric of time and space.
  • It is shown in Dog Hand that she has an interest to speak like an Earth teenager.
  • Starfire is very naive, as shown in Ghostboy as she believed Beast Boy was a ghost.
  • As seen in Laundry Day, Starfire does not know how to properly sew. However, in Gorilla and Meatball Party, she apparently does know how to knit, and in Starfire the Terrible, she was able to sew (in her own unique way) a villain's costume.
  • Blackfire (Komand'r) is Starfire's evil sister. It is currently unknown if she has a brother named Wildfire, since there was an original comic of the Teen Titans series (also entitled Teen Titans Go!) about a brother of Starfire named Wildfire (Ryand'r).
  • Starfire has difficulty lying, as shown in "Ghostboy", "Staff Meeting", and "Starliar".
    • She learns how to lie successfully in "Starliar", but always winks.
  • Starfire also has a liking for meatloaf in Super Robin.
  • In the original show, she had a grayish-violet tongue. in this show, she has a pink one.
  • Just like in the original series and its comic line, her "puppy-dog look" is very effective in getting what she wants from her friends.
  • Whenever she is confused or requires advice, like in Girls Night Out or Missing, she looks up to Raven. This role was taken by her looking up to Robin in the original series.
  • In the original series, Starfire wears a small silver band on her right arm. However, in Teen Titans Go!, she wears it on her left arm.
  • In I See You, it is revealed by Robin, that she has a strawberry scent.
  • Of all the other Titans, Starfire is visibly the most affected in seeing Robin's "face" without his mask in "The Mask"; she is seen swooning with a heartfelt expression while the others do not. This may mean what feelings she harbored for Robin before escalated drastically, almost to the level her original series counterpart felt for him.
  • No

    Answer is...."No."

    In Mouth Hole, it is confirmed for the first time that Starfire does have genuine romantic feelings for Robin, despite claims back in Sandwich Thief and in Rocks and Water, when she states the two will not fall in love on the triple date. It is shown during their time atop Titans Tower when she is teaching him to whistle, and at the end of the episode after Robin battles the HIVE. she also dances with him and tells him to kiss her.
  • Interestingly, in Robin Backwards, Starfire acts like she has a crush on Nibor. Yet when Robin goes to the Bizarro World, Erifrats also acts like she has a crush on Robin.


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