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Name Koriand'r
Alias Starfire
Sex Female
Species Tamaranean
Relatives Silkie (pet)
Blackfire (older sister, arch-enemy)
Wildfire (younger brother)
Friends Robin (Possible love interest)
Beast Boy
Enemies Blackfire (older sister, arch-enemy)
Sandwich Guardians
H.I.V.E. Five
Brother Blood
Dr. Light
Killer Moth
Mother Mae-Eye
The Mockingbirds
Occupation Superheroine
Residence Titans Tower
Voiced By Hynden Walch
Quote1 No price is ever too high when it comes to doing what is right! Quote2

Starfire (Koriand'r) is a main character in Teen Titans Go! and she is voiced by Hynden Walch


"Starfire is an alien struggling to fit in and learn the ways of Earth while driving Robin insane with unrequited puppy love."

Koriand'r was an alien princess from the planet Tamaran, who was in line to take the throne. This made her evil older sister, Komand'r, extremely jealous. For many years there was peace, until the Gordanians invaded the planet. To bring peace between the Tamarans and the Gordanians, Komand'r sold her younger sister as a slave to the Gordanians. The Gordanians planned to bring her to the Citadel to live out the rest of her days as a tortured slave. Koriand'r was barely able to escape and fled to the nearest planet, Earth. The Gordanians followed her and attempted to take her back, but Koriand'r was protected by four teenage superheroes. Once the Gordanians were defeated, Koriand'r took the name Starfire and joined the other heroes in forming the Teen Titans.

She is naive of Earth culture, often taken things literally or not fully understanding certain things about it. She is also innocent and a bit insecure. She is very friendly but can quickly be the polar opposite if she is enraged. She also doesn't completely understand the English language either. She doesn't often use contractions (don't, they've, etc.) and often misquotes sayings and idioms. For example, she combined "locomotive" and "commotion" to say "What is all the locomotion about?" instead of "What is all the commotion about?" or says "the night of the girls!" instead of "girl's night out."


Starfire wears a light purple suit, grey gauntlets, and tall purple go-go boots with stars on the bottom. She has orange skin, long reddish-pink hair and green eyes with the "whites" of her eyes being light green. Outside of that, in Dude Relax and Laundry Day, she wore a pink bathrobe and ties a towel on her head.
Starfire (Dodgeball Outfit)-Artful Dodgers
Starfire in Artful Dodgers.
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Laundry Day

In an attempt to replace her clothes while Raven washed them, Starfire took up sewing and created a beautiful ball gown which she says is hideous.

Artful Dodgers

She wears a sports outfit in Artful Dodgers, which is quite similar to her usual outfit. The outfit consists of a blue headband that covers her eyebrows, a blue top, long white socks with small stripes near the top, and blue shoes. Her wristbands and necklace are the same.

Colors of Raven

Starfire can briefly been seen with two large ponytails, tied with green bows.

Starfire The Terrible

Starfire once again took up sewing and this time created a legitimate villan costume. Unlike her normal attire, this costume is nearly all black with some purple spikes on her neckplate and gauntlets, and covering most of her body except her arms and face. Her hair is fixed into a single ponytail due to the mask.


Because she's from another world, Starfire is often amazed yet naive by Earth customs. Starfire is pretty amazing herself: she can fly throughboth the air and in space, lift heavy objects with ease, and fire various forms of green starbolts. Although she appears to be a pretty innocent girl, both her friends and enemies know better than to underestimate her.

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Starfire is a optimistic, eager, and fearless girl who loves to see the joy around her (much to the opposite of Raven). She is very kind and is known for always telling the truth, except in a few cases: in Starliar, she lies to the Titans (except Beast Boy who taught her how) about each other; and in Ghostboy, when she tells Robin a lie to keep the secret of Beast Boy being a ghost. Because of being from another world, Starfire can also be naive to a point; in the same episode, Beast Boy told her that he was a ghost and she believed it. But while Starfire is kind, she also has a very sensitive and fiesty side. When she gets really angry, she can destroy everything in front of her, as seen on La Larva de Amor when the Titans lost Silkie for a time or in Second Christmas when Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven deceived her into believing an imaginary holiday.

As she tries to learn the Earth culture, she also wants to share her cultures from her planet to the Titans. Her friends may find her to be weird, especially when she brings food dishes from her homeworld, but accept that as a way of learning more about her. She also brings up certain aspects of her people's lifestyle if the occasion calls for it: in Staff Meeting, Starfire supports Robin's staff-bond in declaring that some Tamaraneans bond with inanimate obects too--but is despised as well; and in Breakfast Cheese, she attemts to teach the other Titans the art of using compassion instead of violence to win battles, since her people are driven by their emotions.

Powers and Abilities

Starfire's powers derive from her Tamaranean biology. Like Kryptonians (for example, Superman), Tamaraneans are basically solar batteries who convert ultraviolet light into superhuman abilities. The Tamaranean powers are also fueled by emotions.

  • Superhuman Strength: She was strong enough to break a wall. She is also one of strongest Titans on the team. Able to easily catch the couch that Cyborg through to her in Nose Mouth.
  • Flight: She can fly. In the Original show, she could fly when she had unbridled joy, though, it may not be this way in this show, as she is seen flying more than walking.
  • Immense speed: Her flight seems to be faster than light. She's even capable of moving so fast that she can travel through time as seen in Gorilla.
  • Moderate Invulnerability: She is seen on multiple occasions able to take a decent amount of damage that would otherwise completely incapacitate a normal human. For example, she has been crushed in No Power and Be Mine and was very close to fine.
  • Space survivability: As seen in Legendary Sandwich, she can survive while in space without the need for a space suit.
  • Starbolt: She can shoot standard starbolts from her hands. In some episodes, the starbolts can create fire. 
  • Starblast: She shoots lightning-like green energy that creates an explosion.
  • Eyebeams: She can shoot powerful laser-beams from her eyes.
  • Starbolt rain: She summons many starbolts to harm the other Titans in La Larva de Amor.



Robin has a huge crush on Starfire and it's hinted the she likes him back, although it's unsure. In The Date, she was willing to go on a date with Robin, but had already agreed to go out with Speedy. Robin sabotaged their date and she got mad at him and punched him. In Driver's Ed, while the others (including Starfire) teased and laughed at Robin's results of his driving test, Starfire comforted Robin saying, "It is okay, Robin. Everyone fails the test of driving." though he didn't listen. Then in Hey Pizza! Robin had the choice between building a senior center (for the unappreciated seniors) or a community pool (probably see Starfire in a bikini and rubbing sunscreen on her). His crush on her made it hard for him to decide. He ended up building the senior center, but Starfire was willing to model the bikini for him anyways. The bikini ended up being for Silkie, much to Robin's disgust. It could either be that Starfire was messing with Robin's feelings, or most likely because she really didn't know that bikinis are for people and not pets (her naivety of Earth culture). In Colors of Raven when Robin and Starfire are chasing Raven's emotions, Robin was about to kiss Raven's passion (with the idea of putting the emotion inside the prisma) but Starfire interrupted the kiss, hinting that she thinks it should be her and Robin kissing.  In Starfire the Terrible, it is revealed that Starfire does have feelings for Robin, as she shows up about to give him flowers but to her jealousy, he is pretending to kiss the moon. In the same episode, she a really wanted to be Robin's nemesis so that he would feel better and feel like a "true" hero. In Breakfast Cheese, she is elated to see Robin using a means of peace, via flowers, to defeat his enemies, just like she had taught him and the other Titans. Overall, they seem to be close friends, but their romantic relationship hasn't evolved. Yet, in Be Mine she accepts Robin when he asks her to be his Valentine.Then at the Valentines dance, Starfire gives Robin a little kiss on the cheek, much to his elation. Her actual feelings for Robin remain unknown after she said she loved him like "the brother."


Starfire and Raven are good friends. In Dog Hand, Starfire says to Raven's father, redundantly, that she is Raven's best female friend within the Teen Titans. Starfire is often extremely friendly to Raven, but Raven is generally not interested. She frequently tries to reject Starfire, but usually not in a mean way, she just wants to be left alone. Even when she does try to be a little mean, Starfire doesn't understand because of her naivety of Earth culture. However, in Girl's Night Out , despite her initial reluctance to join, Raven joins Starfire and Jinx in a girl's night out and they all have a really good time. In Artful Dodgers, they sing a duet "Team Titans" (spoofed off the original "Teen Titans" theme song, yet shorter and with different animations.) At the end of Colors of Raven Starfire gave a little speech about Raven, how it is possible under that "dark" appearance could exist a mix of happy, scare, loving, angry and lazy emotions inside. As well in that episode Raven happy side spend time with Starfire(and Cyborg) the most.

Beast Boy

Beast Boy's street-wise personality makes him the polar opposite of Starfire.Even though they are good friends Beast Boy has a habit to minipulate her to his advantage. He has also pranks her, most notably in Ghost Boy because Starfire is the only one that's naive enough to fall for his pranks. The two also practiced lying to the other Titans throughout the episode Starliar resulting in the Titans attacking each other out of anger. However, Starfire keeps a friendly demeanor with him. They both have a simular personality of being positive, fun-loving, and naive but Starfire is more mature than him.


Starfire and Cyborg are good friends. They do not talk much, but have been confronted, like in Starliar. It was shown in Terra-ized that she and Cyborg enjoy watching morning talkshows together. Starfire is usually willing to play along in Cyborg's silly games and dances (She sang along in the "So Wrong" song, and participated in the Meatball Partys he threw).


As seen in The Date,  Starfire may have had an interest in Speedy, she used him to make Robin jealous. (Again, a rumor.) There is proof of this is when Robin asked her if they could go out, she said: "I would love to, but I can't. Speedy has already asked me." Knowing her personality, she wouldn't care about who asked first, (who was Speedy) and accepted Speedy's invite. However, she seemed to be interested in him partially because he and Robin shared many similarities. In Starliar, Speedy is somewhat shown to still be interested in Starfire, as he was part of the main group (the Titans East) who invited people to their big annual dance party, and Starfire was the only Titan to originally be invited to the party.


Starfire and Jinx are frenemies. In the episode Girl's Night Out, Starfire's plan was to free Jinx from prison so she, Raven and Jinx could have a crazy Girls Night Out. When Jinx was freed, Starfire says that if she tries to escape she will blast her into particles as she suspects she will try to run away. Starfire admits that Jinx knows how to bring the fun. She then frees her from the shackles that prevent her from using her powers and enjoys the night with her. When the police catch the girls and are put in the Juvenile Correction Facility, Jinx says that Starfire has even more crazy than her and softens them up after the night out. Starfire then plans to have another Girl's Night Out as she had loads of fun with Jinx. They are friends, but are also enemies by the code. 


  • "That woman has LOST her humanity!" - Starfire talking about Raven in Nose Mouth
  • "That because she's all up in your man's grill," and you are all like, uh-uh, Boo Bear mine." - Starfire to Raven in Terra-rized
  • "But I have never eaten the opponents." -Starfire in Artful Dodgers
  • "I am going to my room to partake of the mustard." -Starfire in No Power
  • "It is okay, Robin. Many fail the test of driving." -Starfire to Robin in Drivers Ed
  • "You have NOTHING in common with Robin! Goodbye, Speedy." -Starfire to Robin disguised as Speedy in The Date
  • "The sandwich will look beautiful in my hair." -Starfire in Legendary Sandwich
  • "But, is not lying.... wrong?" -Starfire to Beast Boy in Starliar
  • "Must you use the Silkie for the demonstration?" -Starfire to B'Wana Beast in You're Fired!
  • "Look at us! We're covered in evil, smelly, space goo!" -Starfire to the Titans in Laundry Day
  • "I always wanted to be a secret weapon." -Starfire responding to Cyborg in Artful Dodgers
  • "Robin! We need you!" -Starfire to Robin via communicator in Dude Relax!
  • "Are we sure it is wise to let the machine decide who we love?" -Starfire to Cyborg and Robin in Matched
  • "I shall retrieve the tomato!" -Starfire in Legendary Sandwich
  • "You cannot eat the zorka berries, Silkie. They are bad for you." -Starfire to Silkie in Drivers Ed
  • "Well, at least NOW we know what the Raven's are thinking." -Starfire to the Titans in Colors of Raven
  • "Is this really neccesary, Speedy?" -Starfire to Robin disguised as Speedy in The Date
  • "My hair!" -Starfire battling the Sandwich Guardians in Legendary Sandwich
  • "It's nice to meet you, disembodied voice." -Starfire to the voice in Robin's head in The Date
  • "The truth is, on my planet, sniffing dirty clothes is good luck." -Starfire to Robin in Ghost Boy
  • "Oh, hang on to your life-force!" -Starfire (Thinking it is Beast Boy) to a mosquito in Ghost Boy
  • "Do you think this spike will be sufficient for tail-pinning?" -Starfire to Raven in Pie Bros
  • "Clogborger! It's hideous!" -Starfire in Laundry Day
  • "After much research, I have decided to hold the festivities for Cyborg here." -Starfire to the Titans (Excluding Cyborg) in Pie Bros
  • "Pink, her happiness." -Starfire following Cyborg in Colors of Raven
  • "Mama's little bumgorf, no!" -Starfire to Silkie in Legendary Sandwich
  • "Now perhaps we may use your powers to fix anything that annoys us?" -Starfire to Raven in Nose Mouth
  • "Oooooo,Delicous!"-Starfire To Beast Boy and Cyborg In Burger vs Burrito

Episodes focusing on Starfire 


  • Her earth name is an English translation of her Tamaranean name (Koriand'r) with "Kori" meaning "Star" and "and'r" meaning "fire."
  • All of her powers are derived from her Tamaranean biology, similar to the original series but different from the comics. This is done by the writers of the original series to censor comic book Starfire's R-rated origin. To keep it simple (and to censor it still), only some of her powers are from her Tamaranean biology in the comics, like her flight and the rest came from experimentation like her starbolts.
  • Starfire will become very violent when she gets mad, as seen in La Larva de Amor, she brutally attacks the other Titans when they lost Silkie , also when the Sandwich Guardian ruined her hair in Legendary Sandwich. This is the very same when she becomes sad upon losing something precious to her, like Silkie in Missing.
  • When angered, she swears in Tamaranean (her home planet's language): "glorborger!" in Laundry Day, "clorbag valbernielk!" and "krebble-nebbits!" in Ghost Boy
  • Ignorant of what kind of species Silkie is, Starfire refers to him as "a silkie" or "the silkie". However, no other Titans have commented on his species.
  • Her hair is far longer in this show, down to her ankles, compared to her waist-length hair from the original show. This may be an attempt at the original Starfire's image from the comics. She also appears to be attached to her hairstyle, and will react suddenly if anything happens to it: she gets angry if it's cut or burnt in Legendary Sandwich, or terrified if it's a different color and in Nose Mouth.
  • As of Girl's Night Out, Starfire has a criminal record. This could be a reference to the original series episode Sisters, where she was framed by her evil older sister Blackfire for stealing a necklace off another planet.
  • In Gorilla, it is shown that Starfire can move so fast that she can break the fabric of time and space.
  • It is shown in Dog Hand that she has an interest to speak like an Earth teenager.
  • Starfire is very naive, as shown in Ghost Boy as she believed Beast Boy was a ghost.
  • As seen in Laundry Day, Starfire does not know how to properly sew. However, in Gorilla and Meatball Party, she apparently does know how to knit, and in Starfire the Terrible, she was able to sew (in her own unique way) a villain's costume.
  • Blackfire (Komand'r) is Starfire's evil sister. It is currently unknown if she has a brother named Wildfire, since there was an original comic of the Teen Titans series (also entitled Teen Titans Go!) about a brother of Starfire named Wildfire (Ryand'r).
  • Her flight and eyebeam is similar to Jet Ray's powers an alien from the Ben 10 series.
  • Starfire always has a reputation for always telling the truth shown in Staff Meeting and Starliar; however, in Starliar she always winks when she lies.
  • Starfire also has a liking for meatloaf in Super Robin.
  • In the original show, she had a grayish-violet tongue. in this show, she has a pink one.
  • Just like in the original series and its comic line, her "puppy-dog look" is very effective in getting what she wants from her friends.
  • Whenever she is confused or requires advice, like in Girls Night Out or Missing, she looks up to Raven. This role was taken by her looking up to Robin in the original series.


The gallery for Starfire can be viewed here.

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