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Starfire (Koriand'r) is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. She is voiced by Hynden Walch.


"Starfire! She's an intergalactic beauty. But whatever you do, never ever look her in the eye or mess up her hair!"

Starfire was originally a Tamaranian Princess who is next line to the throne but her devious elder sister, Blackfire who has been bullying her by stealing toys from her during their childhood (and whom she would take revenge on in a sooner episode), exiled her by selling her to slavery to The Gordanians. Fortunately, she managed to escape (in spite of unknown reasons) and arrive at Earth.

Later, when she was expressing her delight upon seeing a cat on a windowsill, she then met Robin who was spying her earlier and would soon develop a crazy crush on her. Her attempts at eating the cat (since she probably accepted the advice from her alien friend, presumably ALF, earlier) shocked Robin a lot, but he still gave her a flyer for the Teen Titans tryout and she was very interested about it. However, during the Teen Titans election, she was obviously eliminated, and then she along with Beast Boy, Victor Stone and Raven were beaten up by Robin who slammed them with a table and pushed and kicked out of the Titans Tower via elevator because the four of them were unable to cooperate and make a jigsaw puzzle as well as she was too excited and misused her starbolts which destroyed the TV and the opposite team’s puzzle.

That night after her elimination, Starfire who was friendless, homeless and hungry wandered on the street searching for food, until she found Robin who was living in a rubbish dumpster and he was unable to get food from a cat. Although she was being abused by him previously during the election, she was quite crossed with Kid Flash who took away Robin's tower and knocking Robin out. When Beast Boy suggested that they could be a team since they were a bunch of rejects, Starfire agreed with Raven and Victor Stone and they decided to help Robin retrieve the tower.

When the five entered the tower through a portal made by Raven, Starfire and the others (except Robin who was still quite timid at that time) were angered upon seeing Kid Flash and she pushed Robin in front of him, stating that "He had something to say to theyou" and then added that Robin had enough with him. After Robin failed, she and the four others brought him into the bathroom to give him a total makeover. Although Robin began to become into a quick-witted person after the makeover, she kinda appreciated him undergoing such changes. Then she and the three others started to listen to Robin's orders.

The following day, Starfire and her new teammates who were being led by Robin confronted Kid Flash and the three Titans East members (Speedy, Aqualad and Bumblebee) but the five were defeated by him rather quickly because of the robot which Kid Flash sent out to attack them even though she teamed up with Raven. As the robot was disintegrated by Cyborg's newly gained laser, she cheered for Cyborg with her teammates. Later on, the five tried to get back the tower by distracting Kid Flash with a race and blocking the elevator door with planks, but Kid Flash was faster. Shortly after Robin broke Kid Flash's knee, she threw him out of the tower with Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg, and thus she had become a Teen Titan ever since.

Physical Appearance

Starfire dresses in a purple and gray two-piece suit. The top half is a strapless/sleeveless top with a necklace which covers her chest, while the bottom section is a miniskirt. She has grey gauntlets, a silver arm band on the upper part of her left arm, and tall purple boots with stars on the soles and white thigh socks underneath. She has pale orange skin, slightly pointed ears, hot pink long hair, tiny pink eyebrows and green eyes, with the sclera of her eyes being light green along with large feminine eyelashes.

Her hair curls over in bangs right above her eyes, and she has tendrils of hair in the front. As seen in "Dude Relax" and "Laundry Day", she is seen wearing a pale pink bathrobe, which indicates that she enjoys wearing pink when relaxing. Like Raven, Starfire wears many different pairs of socks, and is shown to enjoy wearing them.

Aside from her usual attire, she wears a purple strapless tube-top and matching bikini when swimming. When sleeping, Starfire wear a purple nightshirt and matching pants that has amethyst-colored laces and a few small ribbons as her PJ's.

As a baby, she was clothed with a warp cloth which has pink stars and had only two curly pink hairs; most of her head is bald, and her eyes are a lighter shade of green. As a child, she had shorter hair.

Before her exile to Earth, her hair was tied into a big bun and she wore a long indigo-and-hot pink long patterned dress with puffy sleeves and a wide collar. Her head was adorned with a tiara-like head accessory that had a jewel attached in the middle.

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Starfire's personality is a strange combination of passion, psychosis, fear, savagery, and oblivion to Robin's crush on her. She is also a high, energetic and emotional spirit and loyal to her teammates.

Generally, Starfire is an optimistic, eager, fearless, sweet and beautiful alien girl who loves to see the joy around her (much the opposite of Raven who is a pessimist), though this trait seems to decline in recent episodes. She is very kind and is known for telling the truth unless it helps a friend. In Tamaranian Vacation, after being forced to fight the Skull-Crusher to the death, she explained to her friends that if she had not found happiness in everything, she would have perished long ago. In "Ghostboy," she tells Robin a lie to keep Ghost Beast Boy a secret.

The crew of show likes to play with the idea of Starfire being "bad": In "Starliar," Beast Boy teaches her how to lie. In "Love Monsters", she tells the truth about letting the twin monsters out. She is challenged to be a villain and enemy for Robin in "Starfire The Terrible," and even becomes partially evil in "Mr. Butt".

However, Starfire can be naive to a point; in "Ghostboy", she fell for Beast Boy's prank that he was a "ghost" (he pretended to be dead), and thought she must obey his every command. She even believed that her elder sister came only to see her in "Mr. Butt". She also believed in the "Second Christmas" holiday that Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven made up in order for them to get more presents and cookies. While Starfire is sweet and kind, she can also be merciless and extremely aggressive at times. When she is angry she will not hesitate to destroy everything in front of her: her own teammates, for example, in "La Larva de Amor," when the Titans lose Silkie for a time, and in "Second Christmas" when Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven deceived her into believing in an imaginary holiday. Her words can also come off as cold when she loathes something or someone, such as in Thanksgetting, she outwardly states that she is not thankful for Robin’s attitude.

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Starbolt-Snowball Barrage!

Starfire has a generous personality: while she tries to learn Earth customs, she shares aspects of her own Tamaranean culture with the Titans.

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As seen in "Missing" when she offers Robin some zorkar berries, she occasionally offers alien food that she enjoys to the Titans, though they often kindly refuse. She also tends to bring up certain aspects of her people's lifestyle: in "Staff Meeting," Starfire supports Robin's fetish-like bond with his staff by reasoning that some Tamaraneans bond with inanimate objects too (and this fact is affirmed in Nean which she nearly gets married to a pot of chilli and in The Scoop as she begins to bond and gets unusually attracted to an ice cream scoop). A prime example of Starfire's personality is seen in "Breakfast Cheese," where she attempts to teach the other Titans the art of using compassion and friendship instead of violence and aggression to win battles. Nevertheless, this characteristic soon disappears as seen in later episodes in the series; she becomes more aggressive and quite insolent as well as ferocious, especially in combat or when her feelings are hurt.

She doesn't completely understand the English language. She doesn't often use contractions (don't, they've, can't, cannot, won't etc.) and often misquotes sayings and idioms. For example, she combined "locomotive" and "commotion" to say "What is all the locomotion about?" instead of "What is all the commotion about?" or adds the articles "of" and "the" in places it shouldn't be, such as "the night of the girls!" instead of "girl's night out." Her unique form of speech characterizes her as the immigrant of the group. Also, Starfire is often amazed by mundane Earth.

She is very kind going out of her way to make Robin happy by acting as a villain for him in "Starfire the Terrible." She is also superficial about her looks as seen in "Legendary Sandwich" when she fights a monster in outer space and gets most of her hair cut off, further provoking her anger.

It is revealed that Starfire is scared of clowns in "The Return of Slade". She is shown to be hiding whether a clown is present or not. She was afraid of Honk, evil or not. The fear eventually went away and turned into Starfire's hatred for clowns. She punched Honk unconscious and vows that she will never trust a clown.

Starbolt lightning bolts

In multiple instances, Starfire is shown to be an extreme animal lover, to the point of growing attached to them (such as drinking water of her dead fish in “Fish Water” and falling in love with Hug Head in “Oregon Trail”) or even forgetting the dangers they might bring to others, and this is displayed when she brings her tiger Twinkle Bow to Justice League’s Next Top Talent Idol Star talent show.

Powers and Abilities

Tamaranian Physiology: Starfire's superpowers and natural abilities are derived from her extraterrestrial heritage as a Tamranian. Similar to Kryptonians (for example; Superman and Supergirl), Tamaranians are basically solar batteries who convert ultraviolet light to use energy-projecting capabilities. All of her Tamaranian abilities are greatly strengthened by her feelings.

  • Superhuman Strength: She is strong enough to break a wall. She is also one of strongest Titans on the team. Able to easily catch the couch that Cyborg threw at her in "Nose Mouth." One single punch can easily break through brick, stone, concrete, and even dismantle robots.
  • FTL Flight: She can fly faster than light itself. In the original show, she could fly when she had unbridled joy, though, it may not be this way in this show, as she is seen levitating/hovering more than walking.
  • Radiation Immunity: Like all her brethren, she's totally immune to all kinds of Radiation and especially their deadly effects, such as the utter prevention of cancer, genetic mutations, and among other symptoms like severe vomiting and internal bleeding. Thus, the ability can also be a useful counteractive ability against users that have Radiation associated powers like Radiation Manipulation. Two other feats include surviving fallout from a nuclear explosion, as well as taking less damage from Radiation-based attacks.
  • Superhuman Speed: Her flight may be faster than light, since she is capable of moving so fast that she can travel through time as seen in "Gorilla."
  • Superhuman Agility and Enhanced Reflexes: She is extremely agile and nimble, and has incredibly fast reflexes.
  • Limited Invulnerability: She is immune to most physical damage and injury, and has bulletproof skin.
  • Superhuman Durability: She is seen on multiple occasions able to take a decent amount of damage that would otherwise completely incapacitate a normal human. For example, she has been crushed in "No Power" and "Be Mine!" and was very close to fine.
  • Superhuman Endurance & Enhanced Stamina: Like the rest of her kind, Starfire can endure severe weather conditions, and be awake for long periods of time.
  • Outer-Space Adaption: As seen in "Legendary Sandwich," she can survive while in space without the need for a space suit.
  • Interstellar Travel
  • Language Assimilation: She can learn, understand and speak spoken languages of life forms instantly through lip contact; though she has a lot of difficulty in understanding the ways of the English language.
    • Vocal Mimicry: In the process of learning a language through lip contact, she also gains the ability to imitate the voice of whoever she kissed, as she mimicked the speaking voices of Beast Boy, Cyborg, Commissioner Gordon, and many others in Inner Beauty of a Cactus.
  • Decelerated Aging: She also has quite a slow aging process, as she can remain young and youthfully beautiful for hundreds of years to match her extended lifespan.
  • Prehensile Tongue: She can elongate her tongue, like a lizard or snake can.

Ultraviolet Energy Projection: She can shoot bright green-colored ultraviolet energy (which she calls "starbolts") from her hands that are quite strong and capable of causing extensive damage, and are hot enough to melt through metal, rock, stone, and steel. Her bright green energy-projecting abilities are fueled by righteous fury.

  • Starblasts: She shoots strong bolts of pure ultraviolet energy from her hands. As seen in some episodes, the starbolts can create bright green fire. Yet in Starfire the Terrible its purple, which were similar to those of her sister's.
  • Starbursts
  • Starbolt Beams: Firing focused beams of bright green ultraviolet energy from her hands that can burn or melt even the hardest diamond.
  • Starbolt Eye-Beams: She can shoot strong, bright green laser-beams from her eyes from a distance.
  • Starbolt Rain/Shower: She summoned many lightning-like starbolts to gravely harm the other Titans in "La Larva de Amor," and against Blackfire in "Mr. Butt", causing massive destruction in her wake.
  • Starbolt Bomb: A large, bright green orb of starbolt energy similar to a starblast, but one that must be charged up to create an even bigger and more destructive explosion, as seen in "Mr. Butt " against Blackfire.
  • Lighting Generation: At one point in "Tamaranian Vacation", she managed to generate bright green lightning from the sky; due to her intense fury.
  • Starbolt-Snowball Barrage: In "Second Christmas", she fired multiple blasts of circular starbolts combined with snowballs at the other four Titans, in a fit of anger.
  • Green Fire Generation: She is capable of generating and controlling bright green fire and even use it to cover the sides of her body in a bright green fiery aura. She first displayed this ability when expressing her hatred and being tired of coconuts in "Island Adventures, Part 3: Open Door Policy."

Other Skills and Talents

  • Expert Swordsmanship: She is highly trained the use of a sword; as seen when she was defending her home world in "Tamaranian Vacation." She was also seen using a sword in Power Moves when trying to remove Robin from Cyborg's body. She can even supercharge it with her bright green, glowing ultraviolet energy bolts; thus making her blows much stronger and more effective.
  • Detective Skills: She solved a mystery all by herself in "I See You."
  • Extraterrestrial Martial Arts: She is also slightly trained in many forms of hand-to-hand combat, and high-level moves of alien martial arts. However, she is not as skilled and experienced as her elder sister.
  • Animorphing: At one point, she had the ability to shape-shift into different animal forms temporarily seen in the episode "Animals, It's Just a Word."
  • Making war drones:In "Kabooms", despite she does do unintentionally, it is shown that she's able to make dangerous war drones.

Starfire's Alternate Forms

Photo Summary Appearance(s)
Starfire the Terrible Snuggle Time
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"Starfire the Terrible", "Snuggle Time"
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"In and Out"
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"I See You", "Garage Sale"
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"Crazy Day"
Some of Their Parts Image27
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"Some of Their Parts"
Leg Day Image38
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"Leg Day", "Bottle Episode", "Arms Race with Legs"
Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 4.10.20 PM
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"Oh Yeah!"
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"Crazy Desire Island", "The Titans Show
IMG 20180804 161552
Mutant insect


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Death Experiences

  • In the episode "Ghostboy", she almost died when attacked by rumbling rocks, then she died after being zapped by laser beams when at the volcano.
  • In the episode "Parasite", she died after being smashed by the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater.
  • In the episode "Salty Codgers", she died with the other three (Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg) after having their last breath.
  • In the episode "Hot Garbage", she died when the four (plus Cyborg, Robin and Raven) tried to fight against the smell, but then ghost Starfire possess back his body, along with the three.
Ghost Starfire (1)
  • In the episode "Scary Figure Dance", along with the others, zapped by the HIVE's laser with the target to haunt the HIVE Five.
  • In the episode "Oregon Trail", she died because of the freezing temperature.
  • In the episode "Cat's Fancy", she had a coma after she fell and hit the ground.

Episodes focusing on Starfire

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Songs sung by Starfire

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  • Evidently, Starfire is not only similar to Kal El/Superman of DC Comics, but also Son Goku from the Dragon Ball Series in terms of personality, powers and abilities, and origin stories, even though they have evil counterparts and doppelgängers.
  • In the original show, her hair was not hot pink but a more reddish color.
  • Her earth name is an English translation of her Tamaranian name, Koriand'r, with "Kori" meaning "Star" and "and'r" meaning "fire".
  • In the original Teen Titans, Starfire never had destructive rage; however, in this series, she does.
  • According to Robin in the episodes "I See You" and "Serious Business", she smells like strawberries.
  • Starfire has died 7 times in this series: "Ghostboy", "Parasite", "Salty Codgers", "Hot Garbage", "Scary Figure Dance", "Oregon Trail", and "Cat's Fancy".
    • However, in "Cat’s Fancy" she regained consciousness and was resurrected.
  • In "Smile Bones", it is revealed that she has nine stomachs. She also had nine stomachs in the original series.
  • It's shown that Starfire has a fascination towards cats in the series, as seen in "Dreams," "Caramel Apples", "Multiple Trick Pony", "Animals, It's Just a Word!", "Cat's Fancy", "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob", "The HIVE Five", "Scary Figure Dance" and "Crazy Desire Island".
  • All of her powers are derived from her Tamaranian biology, similar to the original series, but different from the comics. This is done by the writers of the original series to censor comic book Starfire's sexually suggestive origin. To keep it simple (and to censor it still), only some of her powers are from her Tamaranian biology in the comics, like her flight, and the rest came from experiments, like her starbolts.
  • Starfire will become very violent when she gets mad, as seen in "La Larva de Amor" (when she brutally attacked the other Titans after they lost Silkie) and in "Legendary Sandwich" (when the Sandwich Guardian ruined her hair). She also gets violent following sadness upon losing something precious to her, like Silkie in "Missing".
  • When angry, she curses in Tamaranian (her home planet's language): "glorborger!" in "Laundry Day", "clorbag valbernielk!" and "krebble-nebbits!" in "Ghost Boy". It's not clear if she's cursing or just being rude.
  • Ignorant of what kind of species Silkie is, Starfire refers to him as "the Silkie". However, no other Titans have commented on his species. It is worth noting that, in the original series, Silkie was a mutated moth created by Killer Moth. Despite this, Silkie's appearance is that of a large version of a maggot.
    • In fact, Raven mentions Silkie is a maggot in "Dreams'.
      • This could just be because she has a tendency to put "the" before names.
  • Her hair is far longer in this show (down to her ankles) compared to her waist-length hair from the original show. This may be an attempt at trying to recreate the original Starfire's image from the comics, though her hair color is more pink than red.
    • She also appears to be attached to her hairstyle, and will react suddenly if anything happens to it: she gets angry if it's cut or burnt in "Legendary Sandwich", or terrified if it's a different color like in "Nose Mouth."
    • Yet her hair is dyed and cut when she and Blackfire were having "Sister fun time" in the episode "Mr. Butt" and she did not seem to mind at all. in fact, she seemed happy to do it. This reveals 1 of 2 things. Either 1: that as long as she agrees to it, it's fine to do, or 2: if it is someone she loves/likes, it's fine to do it.
  • Starfire frequently cooks chili for the Titans. In "Serious Business", it is revealed that she cooks it in the toilet. Apparently the other Titans (or at least Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg) don't mind, as they eat her chili after the quick cutaway.
  • As of "Girl's Night Out" and "Mr. Butt", Starfire has a criminal record. This could be a reference to the original series episode Sisters, where she was framed by her evil older sister Blackfire for stealing a necklace off another planet.
  • In "Gorilla", it is shown that Starfire can move so fast that she breaks the fabric of time and space.
  • It is shown in "Dog Hand" that she has an interest to speak like an Earth teenager.
  • Starfire is very naive; in "Ghostboy", she believed Beast Boy was a ghost.
  • As seen in "Laundry Day", Starfire does not know how to properly sew. However, in "Gorilla" and "Meatball Party", she apparently does know how to knit, and in "Starfire the Terrible", she was able to sew (in her own unique way) a villain's costume.
  • Blackfire (Komand'r) is Starfire's evil sister. It is currently unknown if she has a brother named Wildfire, since there was an original comic of the Teen Titans series (also entitled Teen Titans Go!) about a brother of Starfire named Wildfire (Ryand'r).
  • Starfire has difficulty lying, as shown in "Ghostboy", "Staff Meeting", "Starliar", and "Love Monsters".
    • She learns how to lie successfully in "Starliar", but always winks.
  • Starfire likes meatloaf in "Super Robin".
  • In the original show, she had a grayish-violet tongue. In this show, it's pink.
  • Just like in the original series and its comic line, her "puppy-dog look" is very effective in getting what she wants from her friends.
  • Whenever she is confused or requires advice, like in "Girl's Night Out" or "Missing", she looks up to Raven. This role was taken by her looking up to Robin in the original series.
  • In the original series, Starfire wears a small silver band on her right arm. However, in Teen Titans Go!, she wore it on her left arm.
  • Of all the other Titans, Starfire is visibly the most affected in seeing Robin's "face" without his mask in "The Mask"; she is seen swooning with a heartfelt expression while the others do not.
  • In "Mouth Hole", it is confirmed for the first time that Starfire does have genuine romantic feelings for Robin, despite claims back in "Be Mine", "Sandwich Thief" and in "Rocks and Water", when she states the two will not fall in love on the triple date. It is shown during their time atop Titans Tower when she is teaching him to whistle, and at the end of the episode after Robin battles the HIVE. She also dances with him and tells him to kiss her. Yet we don't learn if they share a kiss.
  • Interestingly, in "Robin Backwards", Starfire acts like she has a crush on Nibor. Yet when Robin goes to the Bizarro World, Erifrats also acts like she has a crush on Robin.
  • It is revealed in "The Return of Slade" that Starfire has a fear of clowns. However, she overcomes this fear at the end of the episode, defeating Honk.
  • In "The True Meaning of Christmas", Starfire (along with Raven) enjoys the smell and taste of gingerbread.
  • As seen in "Knowledge" Starfire is crying when she can't understand things. When she looks up at Raven, viewers can see that she wears eyeliner.
  • Unlike Raven and her original 2003 Teen Titans series design, Starfire in this series has a less curvaceous figure.
  • According to the Teen Titans Go! issue #28 of the comic series, it is revealed Starfire is a One Direction fan.
  • Starfire enjoys drinking water that has been in contact with fish as seen in "Fish Water".
  • Starfire has ailuromania (an abnormal love of cats).
  • Starfire's voice actor, Hynden Walch, also voices Princess Bubblegum on Adventure Time; coincidentally, the two characters have a somewhat similar appearance.
  • She is the only Titan with visible eyelashes.
  • Unlike her counterpart from the original series who learned English through lip contact, she probably learned English by picking up how humans would write or speak.
  • In "The Return of Slade", it is revealed she has a fear of clowns.
  • Although she's the optimist among the five Titans, she has become less optimistic and more vulnerable to sadness as the series progresses.
  • Her pink hair is shown to be in a darker tone in later seasons.


The quotes for Starfire can be found here.

Names in other languages

  • Estelar - Brazilian Portuguese
  • Stella Rubia - Italian
  • Gwiazdka - Polish
  • Csillagfény - Hungarian

Voices in other languages

  • Borbala Csuha (Hungarian)
  • Ilaria Latini (Italian)
  • Anca Sigmirean (Season 1), and Andreea Prossi (Season 2-current) (Romanian)
  • Leisha Medina (Latin American Spanish)
  • Kouko Tsukimoto (Japanese)
  • Nuria Trifol (Castilian Spanish)
  • Xie Jiao Juan (Mandarin Chinese)
  • Beata Wyrąbkiewicz (Polish)
  • Luisa Palomanes (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Sandra de Castro (European Portuguese)
  • Laëtita Godès (French)


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