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Speedy transparent
Name Speedy
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Starfire (possible love interest)
Enemies Robin (Rival)
Beast Boy
Occupation Superhero
Residence Titans East Tower
Voiced By Scott Menville
Quote1 I used to think your staff was lame, but this is kinda fun! Quote2

Speedy (Roy Harper) is a recurring hero character in Teen Titans Go! who made his debut in The Date. He is a member of the Titans East.he is enemy of robin.


Speedy traveled to Jump City and made a reservation to a new restaurant so he can take Starfire. However, Robin kidnapped him and swapped clothes so he can take his place on the date. Speedy easily escaped and disguised himself as Robin. He was defeated and knocked unconscious before telling Starfire the truth.[1]

Speedy was shown in a flashback to be at the Titans East Annual Dance Party. He, along with his fellow teammates, were horrified when Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg ruined the party. Because of the Titans's behavior last year, Speedy and the rest of the Titans East chose not to reinvite them to the next dance party, only inviting Starfire. While not seen, he presumably attended.[2]


Speedy wears a red shirt with his "S" symbol with no sleeves and red gloves. He also wears red pants and a yellow sash, presumably to hold up his quiver which is also yellow. He has red-orange hair and a black and white mask like Robin's. He is known to have many similarities to Robin in appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Speedy does not have any powers, like Robin, but he is very good with hand to hand combat. Speedy is very good at archery and is a former sidekick of archer superheroes.

  • Advanced Strength: Much stronger than the average human.
  • Martial Arts: Has advanced skills in hand to hand combat.
  • Advanced Archery: He is a master archer.


Season 1

Season 2



  • Speedy is one of six characters in the entire series to not have their voice actor from the original series reprise their role. This was likely done to prove Starfire's statement that he and Robin look, sound, and are alike.
    • In the original series, he was voiced by Mike Erwin. Jason Marsden voiced him in "Batman the Brave and the Bold", and Crispin Freeman in "Young Justice".
  • Speedy is the sidekick of the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, and had been a member of the Teen Titans in the comics.
  • Speedy appears to have some experience with Robin's weapons, just as Robin has experience with his bow, when he says that Robin's equipment is "fun to use."
  • Speedy was a main character in the comic series 'Tiny Titans'.
  • His real name is Roy Harper.
  • In the comics, he's also gone by the aliases Arsenal and Red Arrow.
  • His relationship with Starfire in The Date is likely a nod to their relationship in the comic series Red Hood and the Outlaws.
  • Speedy is the first member of the Titans East to appear in Teen Titans Go!
  • Although Speedy himself did not appear, his bows were present in You're Fired!.
  • Speedy and Robin got along very well in the original series and even had a friendly rivalry.
  • Speedy's arrows appear differently from his arrows in the original series.
  • As his arrows in this series has a sharp front.
  • And his arrows in the original series had a round front


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