Sour Grapes
Sour Grapes by Robin
Song by Robin, Beast Boy, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and Sticky Joe
Released: Friday, January 27, 2017
Venue: Jump City
Length: TBA
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Teen Titans Go! Sour Grapes Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! Sour Grapes Cartoon Network

Sour Grapes is a song sung by Robin to annoy Kid Flash in "The Streak" and later is reprised at the end of the episode but with Beast Boy, Tooth Fairy, Sticky Joe and Santa Claus joining in.


What'ya got there? Sour grapes!

You got a grip of sour grapes!


Those sour grapes!

You brought them sour grapes!

Sour grapes, sour grapes!

You got them SOUR GRAPES!

Oh sour grapes!

You brought us a grip of sour grapes!

Oh boo-hoo-hoo! 

You got them sour grapes

(Sour grapes, sour grapes! He got them SOUR GRAPES!)

Oh yes you do!

You got them sour grapes!

(Sour grapes, sour grapes! Grip of SOUR GRAPES!)

Sour grapes, sour grapes!