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Name Silkie
Sex Male
Species Mutant Moth Larva
Relatives Starfire (owner)

Killer Moth (creator/father)

Friends Starfire
Beast Boy (adopter)
Sonia Conchita Hernández
Enemies Carlos (archenemy)
Killer Moth (creator/father)
Residence Titans Tower
Voiced By Tara Strong (noises)
Quote1 Mama's little bumgorf, no! Quote2

Silkie is a main character in Teen Titans Go!. He is mainly Starfire's pet, but seems to have relationships with all of the Titans, and he doesn't talk. Even though the other Titans say that he is just learning how to talk.


Feedin' Time

Silkie has also appeared in almost every Teen Titans Go! episode. As seen in the episode La Larva de Amor, Starfire loves Silkie so much that she attacks her friends when they fail to keep track of him. Also in the same episode, Silkie develops a relationship with a Mexican woman, known as Sonia Conchita Hernández, and saves her from Carlos.It is also shown in the episode, Driver's Ed, the berries that Starfire has are bad for him. They make his face swollen and puffy.


Silkie is a small pink mutant moth larva with light green eyes. He has six nub-like legs, and two antennae. He also seems to have a spot-like design on his body.
640px-Happy silkie
Silkie in the pool.
SophienyanAdded by Sophienyan
 Inside his mouth he has pointed yellow teeth resembling those of a dog.

Episodes Appearances

Episodes Focusing on Silkie

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  • A running gag in the series is that Silkie throws up in nearly every episode he is in, since Nose Mouth.
  • Silkie mostly appeared as an obstacle in Teen Titans Go! games.
  • In the original series, Silkie is a mutated moth larva created by the villain Killer Moth. Beast Boy secretly takes him in but then gives him to Starfire, who ends up being his permanent keeper.
  • It is revealed in "Starliar" that his favorite food is canned seafood.
  • Silkie resorts to eating nearly everything he comes across when he's not fed within a certain time frame. He's even willing to eat the contents of Beast Boy's litter pan.
  • In Dog Hand, It is shown that Silkie's deepest wish is to evolve and grow wings.
  • Raven has also has a friendship with Silkie in Legendary Sandwich, where she plays with her pony dolls and dresses Silkie up as a princess and naming him Princess Silkie Soft.
  • Beast Boy has also been shown transforming into a Silkie in La Larva de Amor.
  • Silkie gets spliced together with a rabbit by B'Wana Beast in You're Fired!
  • When Silkie eats Tamaranean berries in Driver's Ed and swells up, it is a subtle reference to the original series when Starfire fed him zorka berries from Tamaran and he became enormous.
  • Silkie is quite possibly the luckiest character on the show, as seen in La Larva de Amor. He averted death and disaster many times without trying.
  • Silkie also gained immortality upon eating the Legendary Sandwich until he threw the sandwich up.
  • Despite being male, Starfire bought Silkie a bikini.
  • Tara Strong revealed in an interview that she provides Silkie's voice.
  • Bumgorf, a term Starfire calls Silkie in many episodes, was originally used in the original series. It's a term of endearment meaning something along the lines of prodigy or child.
  • Various pictures of Silkie in various costumes can be seen in the hallway leading to the Titans' rooms. The costumes include a bee, a flower, and Batman.
  • In some episodes, his eyes are dark grey, while in others, they are green.
  • In Matched Silkie is referred to as a "bug of the cloth". This may be otherwise meant as a bed bug.
  • It is revealed in Starliar that Silkie dislikes Tofu.
  • Silkie is one of the two TTG! characters outside of the Teen Titans to be made into merchandise by Jazwares, the other being Trigon.
  • Tara Strong replaced Dee Bradley Baker for voicing Silkie.
  • Tara Strong voices Silkie in her Bubbles Voice in Missing.
  • In Missing, when Silkie is picked up, he makes a noise the Zombie makes in the video game Terraria.


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