Shower Song
200px-Robin singing in the shower
Song by Robin and Cyborg
Released: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Venue: Titans Tower bathroom
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Big Brother Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network

Big Brother Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network

 Shower Song is a song sung by Robin in "Tower Power" and later Cyborg joins in.


Robin: When there's trouble you know who to call...


Robin and Cyborg: From their tower, they can see it all



  • This is the 8th version of the original song "Teen Titans" by Puffy Ami Yumi. The list below shows the times this song has been used (or covered) on both shows:
    1. The original: Performed by Puffy Ami Yumi. Was the opening theme during Teen Titans. 
    2. Japanese version: Performed by Puffy Ami Yumi. Was the opening theme during Teen Titans. But this version was used when the episodes were bizarre, although there are some exceptions. The English translation shows the lyrics and the meaning are completely different from the original one.
    3. Larry's version: Performed by Larry in Teen Titans. Was the opening theme for the episode Fractured; producer Toshiro Kai sang the Japanese version for this episode.
    4. Cyborg's version: Performed by Cyborg in Teen Titans. Cyborg sang this while he was driving the T-Car in the episode "Titans East Part 1" . The lyrics are intentionally changed by Cyborg. The meaning was that he was awesome.
    5. Beast Boy version: Performed by Beast Boy in Teen Titans. Beast Boy sang this version in the movie "Trouble in Tokyo" while he was at the karaoke. This version was the Japanese theme with the English translation.
    6. Titans version: Performed by Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg and Raven in Teen Titans. The Titans sang this during the credits of "Trouble in Tokyo". It was the same version Beast Boy performed at the karaoke with some changes in the lyrics.
    7. Mix Master Mike version: Remix from the original. Made by Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys. It is the actual opening theme of Teen Titans Go!
    8. Robin's version: Performed by Robin in Teen Titans Go!. Robin sang it while he was at the shower in the episode "Tower Power", Cyborg joins him.
    9. Dodgeball version: Performed by Raven and Starfire in Teen Titans Go!. Raven and Starfire sing this parody version in the episode "Artful Dodgers".  The lyrics and the meaning are changed for the dodgeball theme, also the original footage intro from Teen Titans is parodied with balls instead of the Titans.