Season 3
TTG S3 Dancing


26 (53 segments)

Original airdate

July 31, 2015 - October 13, 2016

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Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! was announced by a blogger on February 19, 2015. It began with a week of new episodes on July 31, 2015 and is currently in production.After "Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory", the season took a month's hiatus and returned with a week of new episodes, starting with "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear".

The season took another break following "The True Meaning of Christmas" and returned with the premiere of "Squash & Stretch". The season took a two-week break following "Secret Garden" in preparation for a Valentine's Day episode. After returning for three holiday episodes in March, the season took another hiatus.

It returned to a regular schedule at a new time with "Bottle Episode" which marks the second half of Season 3. Following a crossover episode with The Powerpuff Girls titled "TTG v PPG", the season took a month hiatus in preparation for a five day event titled Island Adventures in August. After "The Titans Show", the season took a month hiatus in preparation for "Booty Scooty". Also this season has a end total of 53 episodes instead of the regular standard of 52 episodes. The finale is also extra long, due to the extra segment.


Main Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Scott Menville Robin (main), Killer Moth, The Brain, Billy Numerous, Mutant Rat, Sentry Robot, Hawk, Jingle, Squirrel, Amusement Park Manager, The Easter Bunny, Nightwing, Captain Cankle, ChipBirdarang, Bigfoot, Coconut #1, Coconut #5, Dick Gravestone, The Dastardly Dandy, Freak
Hynden Walch Starfire (main), Elf #1, Incredible Quad, Starfire the Terrible, Coconut #6, The Yeller
Tara Strong Raven (main), Silkie (noises), Gingerbread Man, Talking Flower, Lady LegasusMega Legasus, Evil Pig Master of Pig Latin, Robin's Mother, Coconut #4, Demon of Azarath, The Grave Mistake
Greg Cipes Beast Boy (main)/Beast Babe, Chuck, Mutant Alligator, The Calf, Robin's Father, Coconut #2, Coconut #7, Beast Monster, The Wild Man
Khary Payton Cyborg (main), Tooth FairyChief Elf Toy Maker, Amusement Park Owner, Boss Mummy, Leprechaun, George Washington, Thanksgiving Turkey, Thunder Thighs, Randy, Ninja Announcer, Coconut #3, The Cyborg, Dance Demon

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Lauren Tom Gizmo, Jinx
Kevin Michael Richardson Mammoth, See-More
John DiMaggio Brother Blood
"Weird Al" Yankovic Darkseid
Alexander Polinsky Control Freak
Trevor Devall Whimsy Starfire, Whimsy Beast Boy
David Kaye Whimsy Robin, Whimsy Cyborg, Buster
Kari Wahlgren Whimsy Raven
Peter Rida Michail Hot Pepper, Fortune Cookie, Cranberry Roll
Robert Morse Santa Claus
LeBron James Himself
William Walter Thompson Wally T
Ashley Johnson Terra
Pamela Adlon Ravager
Amanda Leighton Blossom
Kristen Li Bubbles
Natalie Palamides Buttercup
Roger Jackson Mojo Jojo
Carlos Alazraqui Pirate Ghost
Dee Bradley Baker Cinderblock, Plasmus

Characters with unknown voices:


Season Number of Episodes First airdate Last airdate
Three 26 (53 segments) July 31, 2015 October 13, 2016
Episode Cartoon Network US airdate Production order
Cat's Fancy July 31, 2015 1a
Leg Day August 6, 2015 1b
Dignity of Teeth August 13, 2015 2a
Croissant August 20, 2015 2b
Spice Game August 27, 2015 3a
I'm the Sauce September 3, 2015 3b
Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory September 10, 2015 4a
Accept the Next Proposition You Hear October 19, 2015 4b
The Fourth Wall October 20, 2015 5a
40%, 40%, 20% October 21, 2015 5b
Grube's Fairytales October 22, 2015 6a
A Farce October 23, 2015 6b
Scary Figure Dance October 29, 2015 7a
Animals, It's Just a Word! November 5, 2015 7b
BBBDAY! November 12, 2015 8a
Black Friday November 19, 2015 8b
Two Parter November 25, 2015 9a


The True Meaning of Christmas December 3, 2015 10a
Squash & Stretch January 7, 2016 10b
Garage Sale January 14, 2016 11a
Secret Garden January 21, 2016 11b
The Cruel Giggling Ghoul February 11, 2016 12a
How 'Bout Some Effort February 15, 2016 12b
Pyramid Scheme February 15, 2016 13a
Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad March 17, 2016 13b
The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic March 25, 2016 14a
Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice March 28, 2016 14b
Bottle Episode April 21, 2016 15a
Finally a Lesson April 28, 2016 15b
Arms Race with Legs May 5, 2016 16a
Obinray May 12, 2016 16b
Wally T May 19, 2016 17a
Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes May 26, 2016 17b
Operation Dude Rescue May 30, 2016 18
History Lesson June 9, 2016 19a
The Art of Ninjutsu June 16, 2016 19b
Think About Your Future June 23, 2016 20a
TTG v PPG June 30, 2016 20b
Island Adventures
August 1, 2016 21a
August 2, 2016 21b
August 3, 2016 22a
August 4, 2016 22b
August 5, 2016 23a
Booty Scooty September 5, 2016 23b
Who's Laughing Now September 8, 2016 24a
Oregon Trail September 15, 2016 24b
Snuggle Time September 22, 2016 25a
Oh Yeah! September 29, 2016 25b
Riding the Dragon September 29, 2016 26a
The Overbite October 6, 2016 26b
The Cape October 13, 2016 26c

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