Season 1
Title Sequence 9


26 (52 segments)

Original airdate

April 23, 2013-June 5, 2014

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Season 2

Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! consists of 26 episodes (52 segments). Work for the recording began in June 8, 2012. The broadcast of episode originally aired on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm until moving to Wednesdays starting with "Matched" until "Uncle Jokes", which then moved to 6:30 pm. To adjust the second season broadcast, it then moved to Thursdays at 6:00pm starting with the finale, "Puppets, Whaaaaat?". 


Main Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Scott Menville

Robin (main)/Nightwing/Red X, Speedy, Carlos, Pizza Deliverer, Detective Chimp, Dr. Light ("Colors of Raven"), Treadmill Spirit, Birdarang, Pain Bot, MuscleKiller Moth, Batcave voice scanner.

Hynden Walch Starfire (main)/Sapphire
Tara Strong Raven (main)/Lady Legasus/Ravine, Silkie, Old Lady, Little Girl, Jayna, Raven's Emoticlones, Kitten, Batgirl
Greg Cipes Beast Boy (main)/Beast Bob/Beast Babe, Puppet Wizard
Khary Payton Cyborg (main)/Stone, The Couch, Zan, Universe Staff

Supporting Cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Lauren Tom Gizmo, Jinx
Tom Kenny Cyborg's Nose, Flex, Mumbo Jumbo, Magic God
Jeff Bennett Ed
Kevin Michael Richardson Trigon
Nika Futterman Sonia Conchita Hernández
Ricky Jay The Voice in Robin's Head
Kate Micucci Parry
Ashley Johnson Terra
Rodger Bumpass Dr. Light
Eric Bauza Chef Announcer, Second Santa
John DiMaggio Brother Blood
Freddy Rodriguez Mas and Menos
Peter Rida Michail Pizza Knight
Billie Hayes Mother Mae-Eye
Roz Ryan Cyborg's Grandma Voice
Dee Bradley Baker Juvenile Correction Facility Guards, Magical Tree Custodians, Dodgeball Announcer


Season Number of Episodes First airdate Last airdate
One 26 (52 segments) April 23, 2013 June 5, 2014
Episode Cartoon Network US airdate Broadcast order
Legendary Sandwich April 23, 2013 101a
Pie Bros April 23, 2013 101b
Driver's Ed April 30, 2013 102a
Dog Hand April 30, 2013 102b
Double Trouble May 7, 2013 103a
The Date May 7, 2013 103b
Dude Relax May 14, 2013 104a
Laundry Day May 14, 2013 104b
Ghostboy May 21, 2013 105a
La Larva De Amor May 28, 2013 105b
Hey Pizza! June 4, 2013 106a
Gorilla June 11, 2013 106b
Girl's Night Out June 18, 2013 107a
You're Fired! June 25, 2013 107b
Super Robin July 2, 2013 108a
Tower Power July 9, 2013 108b
Parasite July 16, 2013 109a
Starliar July 23, 2013 109b
Meatball Party July 30, 2013 110a
Staff Meeting August 13, 2013 110b
Terra-ized August 20, 2013 111a
Artful Dodgers August 27, 2013 111b
Burger vs. Burrito September 3, 2013 112a
Matched September 11, 2013 112b
Colors of Raven September 18, 2013 113a
The Left Leg September 25, 2013 113b
Books October 2, 2013 114a
Lazy Sunday October 9, 2013 114b
Starfire the Terrible October 16, 2013 115a
Power Moves October 23, 2013 115b
Staring at the Future October 30, 2013 116a
No Power November 6, 2013 116b
Sidekick November 13, 2013 117a
Caged Tiger November 20, 2013 117b
Second Christmas December 4, 2013 118a
Nose Mouth January 8, 2014 118b
Legs January 15, 2014 119a
Breakfast Cheese January 22, 2014 119b
Waffles February 5, 2014 120a
Be Mine February 12, 2014 120b
Opposites February 19, 2014 121a
Birds February 26, 2014 121b
Brain Food March 5, 2014 122a
In and Out March 12, 2014 122b
Little Buddies March 19, 2014 123a
Missing March 26, 2014 123b
Uncle Jokes April 9, 2014 124a
Más y Menos April 16, 2014 124b
Dreams April 23, 2014 125a
Grandma Voice April 30, 2014 125b
Real Magic May 14, 2014 126a
Puppets, Whaaaaat? June 5, 2014 126b

DVD Releases


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