Scary Figure Dance
Scary Figure Dance
Song by Jared Faber & Peter Rida Michail
Released: Thursday, October 29, 2015
Genre(s): Halloween
Length: 0:42
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Teen Titans GO! - Scary Figure Dance00:43

Teen Titans GO! - Scary Figure Dance

The Scary Figure Dance is a song performed at the end of the third season episode "Scary Figure Dance". The song itself is a parody of the traditional Halloween song, the Monster Mash, and features the Titans and the H.I.V.E. re-enacting the birth of Dr. Frankenstein's monster.


I was laboring in my workshop one night

When my seeing-alls saw a curious sight

For my scary figure from his bed began to rise

And suddenly, to my surprise,

He did the dance

The Scary Figure Dance

A scary dance

I was caught in a trance

He did the dance

The Scary Figure Dance

A scary dance

It scared me out of my pants!

(Evil laughter)


  • During the song, Raven is depicted as an actual raven.
  • Robin portrays Dr. Frankenstein while Gizmo is Igor.
  • Mammoth is Frankenstein's monster.
  • Beast Boy, Jinx, Cyborg, Billy Numerous, See-More and Starfire are all villagers outside Frankenstein's castle.
  • This song is a parody of the classic Halloween tune "Monster Mash".
  • As revealed in "Island Adventures", this was one of the songs Robin has on his mp3 player playlist.

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