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Scarface saying, "WHAAAAAAATTT?!"

Scarface is a ghost originally from "Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo" that briefly appears in the episode "Dreams", when Robin's dream featured edited footage from the movie.

He is voiced by Scott Menville.


Scarface was originally a ghost-like creature that was created by one of the main villains, Brushogun, in his battle with the Titans in the movie "Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo", but in the show, Scarface is just referred to as "the ghost" that Cyborg forgets to tell certain exciting news to in the episode "Dreams".

In Robin's dream, Scarface is approached by Cyborg who eagerly wants to tell him (and everyone else) that Robin is kissing Starfire. He makes his last appearance as the punch line to the dream sequence, his "WHAAAAAATTTT?" reaction a hilarity.


  • Dreams (dream sequence, archive footage/'(cameo)


  • In the comics, a different Scarface is the Ventriloquist's (a Batman villain) puppet.
  • Scarface closely resembles ghostfreak from the ben 10 franchise
  • In Trouble in Tokyo, Scarface was one of the five ink creatures created by Brushogun along with Mecha boi, Nya Nya, Timoko, and Sycho Tek. Deka-Mido and the Troopers were also included.
    • He was voiced by Yuri Lowanthal however unlike in the movie Scarface was able to talk.