This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Rocks and Water" from season 2, which aired on March 12, 2015.

Beast Boy
Titans Tower
"Fade Away" (partially)
Plot Point
Beast Boy and Raven date each other to make their exes jealous
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[The episode opens to show Beast Boy sitting on the beach alone crying over his recent breakup with Terra.]
Beast Boy: (sighs)
Raven: Ow! (Raven says as she comes out of the ocean water.)
Beast Boy: Oh! Sorry, mama! What are you doing in the ocean? That's weird.
Raven: Um, nothing. I was just thinking... about the one that got away.( She thinks about Aqualad in a thought bubble.
Beast Boy: I'm thinking about the one that got away, too. But it's not a fish.(Beast Boy pops Raven's thought bubble.) It's a girl. (sighs) Terra! (Then a thought bubble of his own comes but its Terra now.)
Raven: I thought you finally won her over with that song.
["Fade Away" plays as Beast Boy has a flashback in which the both are in the trash hole near the camp fire]
Beast Boy:♪Endless love won't fade you'll see♪ ♪When I walk you walk with me,Terra♪ ♪Together let the light shiiinnnnne ♪ Nice. Again! ♪You can't fade away♪ ♪The way I feel for you♪ ♪There ain't no word I can say♪ ♪You can't fade away♪ ♪You can't fade away♪ ♪You can't fade away♪ ♪Can't fade away♪ ♪Fade away♪ ♪You can't fade away♪ ♪The way I feel for you for every....
Terra: Ugh! I'm sick of that song! I'm sick of us! We're done!
Beast Boy: Yeah. That song was really the only thing I was bringing to the relationship. (Groans) Now every time I see a rock, I think of her! She used to crush me with ones just like this!
Raven: Get over it, already. Terra tried to destroy all of us. Twice.
Beast Boy: Then can you at least crush me with this boulder?
Raven: Sure.
Beast Boy: It's , like, she's, still, here! (groans) Thank you!
[Cuts to the Titans sitting in the common room watching Beast Boy phone Terra]
Beast Boy: So, anyway. Terra, I just wanted to say I love you, and that every moment we're apart is complete agony! So, uh, call me back when you get this! Love you. I love you. Bye.
Raven: You're being pathetic. Stop calling her.
Beast Boy: Shh! It's ringing!
[Terra appears floating on a rock outside the window with a phone, she crushes it in anger and then throws a boulder at the Titans. They all fall down to the beach.]
Titans : (scream and fall on the beach.)
Robin: Terra! What do you want?
Beast Boy: Oh, I know exactly what she wants, Robin. ♪You can't fade away♪
Terra: Stop!
[Terra crushes Beast Boy with another boulder]
Beast Boy: Ow!
Terra: Stop it! Now! You're ruined that beautiful song! What I want is for you to leave me... (echoing) alone, Alone, ALONE.
Beast Boy: Noooooooooooooooo ! Can't breathe.
Terra: I've met someone.
Raven: See, she has a boyfriend. Move on.
Beast Boy: Can't breathe.
Terra: Thanks Raven, oh I think you might know him.
[Aqualad appears from the ocean on a pirate boat]
Cyborg: (gasps) That's a pirate!
Robin: No, it's Aqualad.
Aqualad: Yeah, it's me. Miss me, Raven?
Raven: (stammers)
Beast Boy: What? Dating my other girl now? Oh, it's on! I will chew you up again, bro!
Aqualad: Relax, you little goblin. That's all the past.
[Aqualad kisses Terra's forhead]
Starfire: Ooh! That is so the romantic!
Beast Boy: You two have nothing in common!
Robin: Yeah. He's about water, she's about rocks.
Raven: He's a hero. She's a villain.
Cyborg: He's a boy, she's a girl.
Beast Boy: Nothing in common!
Aqualad: When you rejected me, I was heartbroken. But seeing you now, sad, alone and single, I know I dodged a bullet.
Raven: Whoa, okay. I am not single. Uh, Beast Boy and I are... dating.
Cyborg: Really?
Robin: Really?
Starfire: The really?
Beast Boy: That's cool.
Aqualad: Well, since we're all so happy and in love, we should go on a double date tonight.
Robin: A couples' night out? Then make it a triple date! Starfire and I will be there too. All this romantic tension! Will we fall in love? Won't we?
Starfire: We will not...
Robin: Nobody knows!
Cyborg: And I'll be the third wheel, baby! Whoo! (Cyborg puts his shoulders around Starfire and Robin and does a vicory dance)
[Cuts to the Titans in the T-car driving to the restaurant]
Cyborg: Man, I love being the third wheel! Taggin' alone, bein' awkward, getting' in the way of true romance!
Robin: Hey! I am warning you, third wheel, do not get between Star and me!( Green gas is seen coming out of his mouth and into Cyborg's nostrils.)
Cyborg: Phew! Can something get between your bad breath and my nostrils?
Starfire: No wonder he does not get the smoochie-smoochies on his mouth hole!
Robin: Arghhh!
Beast Boy: Ha! Pshh. You were telling me to get over Terra, and you still wanna do the smoochie-smoochies (makes kissy noises)... with Fish-Face. (mock barfs)
Raven: Well, maybe I made a mistake dumping him.
Beast Boy: Well, I'm glad you did, though, 'cause I got a date out of it.
Raven: It's a fake date. We're just trying to make them jealous.
Beast Boy: Ooh, that's dirty! I like your style, mama! Come here!
[Beast Boy reaches for raven, but the T-car almost hit the store, time cut the Titans arrived at the restaurant. A killer whale appear from the ocean, Aqualad and Terra come out. The Titans, Terra and Aqualad enters the restaurant]
Robin: Mmm. Candlelight. Cloth napkins. Multiple forks. The setting is so... Romantic! Wouldn't you say, Star?
Starfire: Indeed. That is why we should sit a the table with Cyborg.
Cyborg: Hey! Over here! I've got a booth!
[Robin and Starfire go away and awkward silence between Beast Boy and Raven and Terra and Aqualad]
Beast Boy: Your makeup looks great today.
Raven: Oh, yeah... thanks.
Beast Boy: You're a beautiful young lady!
Raven: Wow. You, um, look... nice.
Beast Boy: And I am enjoying the color of your cloak, or...
Raven: Yes. Uh-huh.
Beast Boy: Wow! Look at your feet!
Raven: And your hair!
Beast Boy: They're so cute!
Raven: You're so hairy!
Beast Boy: Oh, I love your eyes.
Raven: Thank you.
Beast Boy: And your cloak matches your hair perfectly.
Raven: I like you. A lot.
Beast Boy: Why, thank you. Maybe we should hug, or kiss, sometime.
Raven: Yeah, go around.
Beast Boy: Mwah! Rawr! Y'arr.
Raven: Ooh. Mwah. (makes kissing noises)
Beast Boy: (purrs) I'll eat you up. Yum!
Raven: Mmm. I... more than like being with you. Oh, so sorry. It's hard to contain our love. By the way, I ordered for the table.
Terra: Ooh, I love calamari! (munches)
Beast Boy: I know what you're doing. (whispering) And I love it!
Terra: So good.
Aqualad: Mr. Belvedere? Is that you? It is! You're eating the squid that raised me as a child! Before him, no one cared! How could you, Terra?
Beast Boy: (meows)
Terra: I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I know he was a good man.
Both: (groan)
Aqualad: He would have liked you, Terra. Would you look at the time? It's make-out-o'-clock. Thanks for dinner.
Beast Boy: Wow. They really love each other.
Raven: Yeah. We're gonna have to work even harder to break them up.
[Beast Boy and Raven disappear in a portal Raven summoned]
Robin: Oh, my! Ha, I think I ordered too much spaghetti. Uh, I might need some help, Star.
[Robin and Starfire slurp on the same spaghetti, recreating the scene from Lady and the Tramp, only to have Robin kiss Cyborg instead]
Robin: Ack! Third wheel!
Cyborg: Whoo! Whoo!
[Cuts to Terra and Aqualad on a date undersea with Aqualad conducting an orchestra of fish. Raven and Beast Boy stop the music by dropping a rock on the orchestra]
Aqualad: If you didn't like the song, you could've just said so.
Terra: It wasn't...
Aqualad: Unbelievable!
[Aqualad is painting Terra and Raven turns the painting of Terra into a painting of a fish]
Terra: (sobs) I'm not a fish, Aqualad, and you can't make me into one!
Aqualad: Terra, wait! You're beautiful without gills!
Beast Boy: (imitating Terra)
Both: (laughing)
Raven: That's pretty funny.
Aqualad: Nice day.
Terra: Do you have to talk?
[In a park, while Terra and Aqualad are on the verge of a breakup, Beast Boy and Raven throw rocks and fish at Aqualad and Terra until they are very angry]
Both: That's it! It's over!
Terra: Enjoy your fish! Fishface McFish!
Aqualad: At least my fish don't have hearts of stone! Stoneface...
Both: (laughing)
[Beast Boy and Raven, sitting behind a bush watching Terra and Aqualad, slowly draw closer to each other and share a passionate kiss. However, when Raven realizes what she is doing, she quickly pulls away, shocked.]
Raven: Woah! Woah! Woah! What are you doing?
Beast Boy: I was just doing what you were doing!
Raven: What was I doing?
Beast Boy: I don't know! But it was being done on my face!
Raven: Beast Boy!
Beast Boy: Don't hurt me!
[Raven suddenly stops]
Raven: That was kinda nice.
Beast Boy: Really?
Terra: We should've known.
Beast Boy: Guys, not a good time.
Aqualad: You've caused us a lot of pain. Now, we're gonna return the favor.
Terra: By crushing you with rocks!
Aqualad: Rocks? Why can't we summon some sharks?
Terra: (groans loudly) Look, I know we're going through a tough time, but I've hated the Titans way longer than you have. Let me have this!
Aqualad: Longer than me?
Both: (yelling and arguing)
Terra: I'm beginning to think hating them is all we had in common in the first place.
Aqualad: How about you smash them with rocks, I'll throw some sharks, and we agree to see other people.
Terra: (exhales loudly) Whatever.
[Aqualad and Terra charge at Beast Boy and Raven, only to be punched by Beast Boy in gorilla form and fall into one of Raven's portals]
Terra: Not the trash hole again!
[Beast Boy and Raven walk to a beach where the sun is setting]
Beast Boy: So... What were we talking about?
Raven: I don't remember.
[They lean in to kiss only to be interrupted by Cyborg]
Cyborg: Whoo!
Beast Boy: Cyborg! What are you doing?
Cyborg: Nothin'! Just third wheelin' around town. You know me. Ruinin' any chance for romance!
Beast Boy: Sounds like fun!
Raven: (groans)
Cyborg: Whoo!
[The episode ends with Beast Boy dancing with Cyborg to his third wheel music while Raven watches annoyed.]