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Robin profile card
Name Robin
Alias Richard "Dick" Grayson

Red X
Mr. Butt (By Blackfire)

Sex Male
Species Human
Relatives Batman (adoptive father)
Robin's Son (son, alternate future)
Batgirl (future wife, alternate future)
Nibor (Bizzaro Universe Counterpart)
Friends Starfire (love interest)
Beast Boy
Birdarang (little buddy/pet)
Beat Box (little buddy/pet)
Super Robin (little buddy/pet)
Universe Staff (little buddy/pet)
Enemies Slade (arch-enemy)
Speedy (rival)
H.I.V.E. Five
Brother Blood
Dr. Light
The Brain
Killer Moth
Mother Mae-Eye
The Mockingbirds
The Brotherhood of Evil
Kid Flash (rival)
Occupation Superhero
Residence Titans Tower, Jump City
Voiced By Scott Menville
Peter Renaday
(old Robin)
Quote1 Titans, GO! Quote2
--Robin's catchphrase

Robin (Richard "Dick" Grayson) is a main character in Teen Titans Go! He is voiced by Scott Menville.

Robin crashed the bat mobile


"Robin is the perfectionist leader of the group whose main compliant is that the other Titans won't do what he says."

As a young boy, Dick Grayson was orphaned by the tragic murder of his parents during a circus performance. The young orphan was adopted by Bruce Wayne, a millionaire business owner who lived a double life as the infamous crime fighter Batman. Bruce had also witnessed both of his own parents murder, so the two became very close.

When he grew older, Dick became Batman's sidekick Robin and spent many years helping him clean up the crime-filled streets of Gotham City. One day, Robin decided to strike out on his own and become a solo hero. Robin decided to become the defender of Jump City. On one occasion Robin along with four other teenage superheroes, worked together to save the city. Because they worked so well together, they formed the Teen Titans, and Robin became the leader.


Robin enjoys being the team leader and is willing to do anything to ensure his position remains the same, such as in Money Grandma where he runs a smear campaign against the others to ensure he is voted leader again. He can be very bossy and is often too obsessed over his work. He is easily angered if the other Titans ignore or even question his orders. However, he can still be fun-loving and silly at times, although he is not very funny and tells really terrible jokes.

Robin is shown to be rather emotionally unstable throughout the series. He has often approached the other Titans in a frantic and troubled manner when he simply needed a ride somewhere in Driver's Ed. He sometimes borders on multiple personality disorder, as he became furious, then very upset in Staff Meeting after the other Titans broke his beloved staff and called it a stick, which he can hear talking to him in his head.

In "Uncle Jokes", Robin is shown as having a need for the status quo to remain the same. The change in the group dynamic causes Robin to go off kilter and develop the entire team's personalities.

He has an overwhelming crush on Starfire, which seems to border on obsessive at times. Robin usually feels overshadowed by his friends because they have powers which makes everything easier for them, leaving him to feel insecure. This was first shown in Driver's Ed when his friends were trying to warn him and he thought they were trying to nag on him about how he can't drive and doesn't have powers. This was mostly noted in the episodes Super Robin and No Power where he complains to the team how it isn't fair how they use their powers to their own advantage, while he has to do more work and feels useless in comparison.

Even in the beginning of Starfire The Terrible, he proclaims that on Monday, the Titans will only be allowed to fight the villains using motorcycles but because he's the only one who actually has one, he probably made the rule so he could the one to take down the bad guys with his strength without his friends taking his limelight. But after taking down Cinderblock, and also getting powers in Super Robin, he became arrogant off of his own pride, but admits that he only wishes to accepted as a hero. Robin has been shown to forget about morals to get want he wants, like in The Date when he kidnapped Speedy so he could date Starfire, and in Artful Dodgers when Robin decided to cheat to win without feeling guilty.

Despite his unstable emotions and selfish moments, Robin still comes through as a smart, strong, driven and confident leader.

Ttg robin 1280x1024

A Picture of Robin.


Robin wears a red shirt with his "R" symbol on his chest, green sleeves and gloves, as well as green pants and black and grey boots. He wears a yellow and black cape and a black and white mask. He wields weapons such as his bo staff, grappling hooks, and smoke bombs. Robin speaks in a high, raunchy voice.

  • In the episode "The Mask," it was revealed that under Robin's mask is a conjoined twin who is a miniature version of himself. Robin only has one eye under his mask whereas the other eye socket holds his twin. His twin is dressed to look just like him and he talks in a high pitched voice.
  • TheRealRobinsEyes

    Robin with dots for eyes.

    In other episode such as Driver's Ed he has beady eyes.

In is revealed in the episode Baby Hands, that Robin has "baby hands" explaining why he always wears gloves.

  • Yet in other episodes such as Second Christmas, he is seen to have normal hands underneath his gloves.


As a normal human being, Robin does not have any powers. However, Robin has many abilities.


Robin In The Intro.

  • Leadership: Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans.
  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combat: Robin is skilled in several forms of martial arts, and can often fight well enough to beat foes that have super-powers.
  • Lock Picking:
  • Intimidation: His enemies fear him and his friends respect him.
  • Peak Human Strength: Due to rigorous training, he is much stronger than any normal human being, not necessarily super strength, but stronger than the average human.
  • Mental Resistance: Mind control doesn't work on him like the other titans.
  • Peak Human Agility: Robin is the most agile of the team and more agile than an average human.
  • Master Acrobat: As a young boy, Robin trained as an acrobat in a circus. After his parents' murder, he continued his training to become a professional.
  • Skilled dancer: As seen in Super Robin, Robin is a good dancer. This is shown when he does the chicken dance. This made a difference to the original series because he hated dancing.
  • Detective Skills: Robin is a master detective.
  • Technological Expertise: Robin is very adept in handling different forms of technology, yet still handles them with utmost care as seen in Sidekick.
  • Master Driver: As seen in Driver's Ed Robin is very skilled at driving, even being able to go to space.
  • Expert Pilot: As seen in Colors of Raven and Lazy Sunday, he is also a great pilot in flying vehicles.
  • Puppet Handler: He is able to control puppets very well.
  • Whistling Powers: Robin got in Mouth Hole.


  • Super Strength (formerly): As of Dog Hand he became super-strong by a wish from Trigon that made him able to lift cars and huge televisions effortlessly.
  • Flight: Acquires this when he dies and becomes a ghost in Ghostboy, as well as one of the powers he's given to him by Raven in Super Robin.
  • Super Speed: One of the powers he's given to him by Raven in Super Robin.
  • Heat vision: One of the powers he's given to him by Raven in Super Robin.
  • Telekinesis: One of the powers he's given to him by Raven in Super Robin.


  • Staff
  • Smoke bombs
  • Birdarangs (with different variants)
  • Grappling hook



Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.58.16 PM

Robin asks Starfire to be his Valentine.

Robin has a huge and slightly obsessive crush on Starfire, and it is hinted that she loves him back, although it is unsure. This is the opposite way of how it was in the original Teen Titans, as Starfire had a crush on Robin. In The Date, she was willing to go on a date with him but had already agreed to go on one with Speedy. Robin decided to sabotage their date and, as a result, Starfire got mad at him and punched him for it, then left with the voice in Robin's head. Then in Hey Pizza!, Robin had the choice between building a senior center (for the unappreciated seniors) or building a community pool (to see Starfire in a bikini and rub sunscreen on her). His crush on her made him constantly go back and forth between wanting to build the senior center and the pool. In the end, he did the right thing and built the senior center, but Starfire decided to model the bikini for him anyways. The bikini ended up being for Silkie, much to Robin's disgust. In Super Robin, Robin reluctantly did the chicken dance for his friends after Starfire excitedly begged him to. Overall, they seem to be good friends, but their romantic relationship hasn't evolved, at least not yet. At Comic-Con they showed an upcoming video showing that Robin and Starfire kissed but Starfire said that she loved Robin like "the brother", thus disappointing and depressing Robin. In Matched, Robin asked Cyborg to make the Love Matcher 5000 because he wanted to prove he was a match for Starfire, but matching her with Aquaman instead, making him enraged. After finding out that Starfire is matched to Aquaman, he tries to be like Aquaman so he can win Starfire's heart, but instead made Starfire and Cyborg uncomfortable. In the end of the episode, he gives up, but was still mad he wasn't matched with Starfire. But when Cyborg (Robin's best friend) says his Love Matcher 5000 was faulty, he got his hopes up, thinking Aquaman wasn't Starfire's match, but he was. But later the Love Matcher 5000 matched Beast Boy and Starfire with a scratching post, making him so depressed, he cries with Aquaman. In Colors of Raven, Starfire and Robin are trying to catch Passion Raven, until they find her in a kissing booth. Robin attempts to lure Passion Raven to the prism by a kiss, but is pushed back by Starfire, hinting she likes Robin. In Starfire the Terrible, when Robin was kissing the moon in a retroback, Starfire is seen behind him, sad, leaving us a second hint that she does indeed have feelings for the Boy Wonder. In Sidekick, when he sees Starfire in a Batgirl costume, he looks at her in awe for a few seconds before he snaps out of it and tells her to take it off but reverts back by her reply of the suit being too tight. In Nose Mouth, he has a dream about saving her from several villains as a super strong buff version of himself. He also dreams of saving her in Dreams. In Breakfast Cheese, he desperately avoids looking at Starfire while she pouts, which hints he likes her but is afraid of revealing that to her and the other Titans. In Be Mine, he goes to the Valentine's dance with her. However, he seems heartbroken when she reveals that she loves him like a "brother".

In I See You, he takes her out on a fake stakeout in an attempt to get a kiss from her. When she finds out, she becomes angry but then is awed when he tells her she is a great detective.

In Mouth Hole, Starfire gives Robin whistling lessons. While she was whistling, Robin starts to become distracted by her beauty. Robin states that she had beautiful hair and eyes. Starfire hears this and tells him what lovely words to describe whistling. Starfire then says to press their lips together and puckers up as Robin puckers up as well. Robin then tries to kiss her but Starfire grabs his lips and stretches them out, leaving Robin in pain. At the end of the episode, after Robin rescues the Titans and defeats the H.I.V.E with his new whistling power, Starfire states lovingly that she couldn't know that whistling can be so strong. Robin grabs Starfire by the hand and they begin to dance. Starfire then tells Robin to kiss her. They both pucker up while the other Titans watch in awe.

Beast Boy

Be one with the couch

Beast teaches Robin how to relax.

Robin gets along well with Beast Boy as they are very good friends. Although at times both get annoyed by one another, with Robin being intolerant of Beast Boy's slacker attitude, while Beast Boy is irritated by Robin's bossiness.

In Pie Bros, Robin sees a depressed Beast Boy and asks him what is wrong. Beast Boy explains he's sad he doesn't have enough money. Robin explains that friends don't care how much they spend, which makes Beast Boy feel better. He demonstrates by giving Cyborg a half-drunk soda for a present, but this isn't received well. He then whispers to Beast Boy, "we cheapos need to stick together."

In Dude Relax, when Robin has trouble relaxing, Beast Boy offers to teach him and proclaims himself the master. Not wanting to have Beast Boy be better than him at something, Robin eagerly follows his example.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 3.11.27 PM

Beast Boy challenges Robin for leadership.

In Gorilla, Robin becomes very annoyed at Beast Boy where he takes a gorilla form and refuses to listen to Robin at all, and is acts like a complete nuisance to everyone. Robin eventually loses it and threatens to ground Beast Boy, but Beast Boy challenges Robin for leadership and successfully overthrows him. Robin also didn't like his leadership because it was focused around "helping" monkeys and didn't do any good for anyone. Robin is able to retake his position as leader by tickling Beast Boy into submission. Everything seems to go relatively back to normal after that.

Robin and Beast Boy

Robin and Beast Boy think of each other as bros.

Despite their constant disagreements, there are times when the two are shown getting along, and consider themselves "bros" along with Cyborg. In Girl's Night Out, the two enjoy a Boy's Night Out with Cyborg laughing with each other and agreeing to each other's every thought. In You're Fired!, Robin along with the other Titans fired Beast Boy from the Teen Titans. Later, Robin put him in the Teen Titans again as the new receptionist. In Caged Tiger Robin and Beast Boy, along with Cyborg, are shown hanging out as the "bros", and went on a "bro-cation" together. However after being trapped in the elevator they begin to get annoyed at each other.


Robin is repulsed by the state of Beast Boy's room.

In Hot Garbage, the poor hygiene of Beast Boy's room momentarily kills all of the Titans, until Robin revives them. He is disgusted by the state of Beast Boy's room and is determined to clean it up, despite Beast Boy's protests. Beast Boy becomes heartbroken by the many things that Robin discarded, but later on Robin is forced to pursue Beast Boy through the labyrinth of garbage. Eventually Beast Boy makes him see the value of garbage, after it saves his life, and he accepts Beast Boy's way of life.


Raven says no

Robin begging Raven to let him inside while she's doing the laundry.

While the two are generally friends, Robin and Raven are frequently at odds with one another. Despite their differences, Robin and Raven do hold a level of respect for one another, being the maturest Titans on the team. In Driver's Ed, Raven and the other Titans becomes annoyed at Robin for making them drive him places for dumb reasons. She makes an effort to tease him when he fails his driver's test several times, and is determined that he would fail.

In Laundry Day, they can still get very annoyed with each other very easily. Raven pointed out it was Robin's turn to do chores but Robin avoided it and made Raven do them. She got so annoyed with him that she pretended their clothes became possessed and attacked the Titans. As a result, Robin apologizes and was willing to do the laundry for a whole year if they got out of it. At that point, Raven accepts and stops the spell that possessed their clothes, tricking Robin.

In Super Robin, Robin wanted superpowers, but Raven told him that they were a curse and she wasn't going to give them to him. However, then she said that if he did the chicken dance, she would grant him powers. Once he did the dance, Raven gave Robin the powers, still warning him that they are a curse. Many years later, once the Titans met old Robin, Raven goes in Robin's face and tells him again that having superpowers are a curse, and watches him die.

Rr 1

Raven counsels a depressed Robin, and gets snot on her cloak.

In Staff Meeting, at the start Raven tries to talk sense into Robin and inform him his staff isn't alive, and calls it a "stick". This infuriates Robin and leads him to beat her up along with the rest of the Titans. Raven partakes in using Robin's staff and fights over it with the other Titans, leading it to be broken. Seeing a Robin severely depressed, Raven offers to tell him where he can get a new staff. Robin at first refuses her offer, but after hearing it could be "magic" he takes up her offer. Raven explains he must journey to the Universe Tree across several harsh terrains, where he will find what he is looking for, and teleports him there. After Robin claims his new staff, he returns home to find Raven had fixed his old staff using a spell, and is delighted to be reunited.

In Colors of Raven, Robin was frequently attacked and knocked around by Rage Raven. He was willing to kiss Passion Raven in order to capture her as well. He also seems to support her in being more open with herself as seen in "Legs" but they both agree that it's okay to let go every once in a while.

In Uncle Jokes, Raven is the only one who finds Robin's jokes to be funny. Robin is appreciative that at least Raven laughs at his jokes. While Robin is categorizing each of the Titans' roles, he states that Raven is the "sarcastic older sister".


Raven triumphs over Robin in the battle of the genders.

In Boys vs. Girls, Robin continues making remarks about how boys are superior to girls, which greatly irritates Raven and Starfire. Robin is furious when the girls win over Beast Boy and Cyborg's respect, and they start hanging out with the girls. To win back the boys, he steals a vial of "cooties" from a government laboratory and infects the girls with it. Raven immediately suspects Robin of doing it. Robin offers the girls a cure through a "cootie catcher", but only if the girls admit he is better. In retaliation the girls try to touch the boys so they catch cooties as well. After a long chase around town, the girls succeed in and Robin gives in to Raven's demand and hands over the cootie catcher.

In Crazy Day, Raven is extremely annoyed by Robin and the other Titans as they try to out-crazy each other, but after Raven gets possessed by Trigon and joins in the craziness, Robin becomes very competitive and is determined to be even crazier. Robin and the possessed Raven then spend the majority of the episode trier to be sillier than the other, to which Raven comes out victorious and Robin respects and crowns her "captain crazy".

In Hose Water, the two of them get into a "egg pun" contest, to see which one of them can make the wittier egg pun. Robin later becomes very aggressive that Raven would challenge his skill in making puns



Cyborg tries to force Robin out of his body.

Robin and Cyborg are very good friends, and both use their own specially designed gadgets in battle. In Staff Meeting, Cyborg is shocked to find out that he is not actually Robin's best friend, but his staff actually is. The two tend to tease each other like brothers quite often, as seen in The Date, where Cyborg teases Robin for playing a "little girl game". Cyborg thinks Robin is very "cool", and enjoys hanging out with him. In Gorilla, Cyborg helps to train Robin to be a fit enough leader and take down Beast boy. In Power Moves. He often looks down upon Robin for being too ignorant. Cyborg, for the most part, respects Robin as a leader, but is not afraid to object to any order he doesn't like.


Staring contest

Robin warns Terra to be prepared for his several Titan Tests.

When Terra first arrived in Terra-ized, Robin instantly became filled with excitement at the thought of a new Titan member. He wasn't sure what to think of her at first, so before he would let her join, Robin decided to make her undergo some tests. Robin became impressed with her and was excited to let her join.


Batman and Robin Photo

Back when Robin and Batman were working together.

Batman and Robin always had a father-son type relationship. The two were partners who fought crime together for many years, before Robin decided to become a solo hero. Robin is apparently afraid of Batman. In the episode Sidekick, Robin is seen terrified whenever one of his teammates touches Batman's stuff. In Prank'd!, Robin's fear of Batman is further confirmed, when he orders an evacuation plan just because Beast Boy prank called Batman from the Tower. Despite his apparent fear of Batman, Robin still brags about the fact that Batman trusts him.

The two still keep in touch, as seen in Gorilla, where Batman attempts to call him and the other Titans, and in Driver's Ed, where Robin calls Batman to tell him he crashed the Batmobile. In Titans Most Wanted, it is revealed that Batman still cares about Robin when he breaks the H.I.V.E. Five out of prison, solely to allow Robin and his team the opportunity to beat his own record for "Most Villains Defeated in One Day".


Robin and Batgirl are close friends. They both were Batman's sidekicks at one point. In various incarnations of DC Comics, Robin and Batgirl have dated. In Staring at the Future, we get a glimpse at the Titans' lives in 30 years. Robin and Batgirl have gotten married, and have a child. Robin says he is very happy with his life, and doesn't appear to have any feelings left for Starfire. This changes as Beast Boy and Cyborg travel back to their own time to alter history.


Speedy and robin

Speedy and Robin have both similar look and attitude.

Robin has been shown to have an intense rivalry with Speedy with them being similar in appearance, similar in voice, and both being former sidekicks of big time Justice League (Robin to Batman, Speedy to Green Arrow) heroes gone solo. This rivalry is further aggravated by the events of The Date. As shown in the episode, they both have affections for Starfire, and their rivalry makes it so that neither of them get to fulfill a date with Starfire, but in the original series they were friends.

Episodes focusing on Robin

Season 1

Season 2

Songs Sung by Robin


  • Robin has an obvious crush for Starfire, but, it isn't totally obvious if Starfire likes him back. This was the opposite during the first season of the old show, however in "Starfire the Terrible", in a retroback, she was shown to about to give Robin flowers, which means she might have feelings for him.
    • In Mouth Hole, Starfire is shown to hold affection for Robin, as she asked him to kiss her.
  • Robin is very impulsive and can lose control very easily. This was the complete opposite in the original show; where in fact Robin was very calm in almost every situation.
  • Robin has been the antagonist of an episode more than any of the other Titans, with a total of 10 episodes.
  • Several episode indicate Robin has a fragile mental state, and can easily resort to questionably sane behavior. Such instances include: Staff Meeting, Sidekick, Uncle Jokes, Puppets, Whaaaaat?, and Sandwich Thief.
  • As seen in Driver's Ed, Robin's mask is a pair of glasses and he has very small black circles for eyes, however, in The Mask, Robin uses his mask to cover his identity.
  • As shown in Dog Hand and Nose Mouth, Robin has a desire to be more muscular.
  • As seen in Laundry Day, Robin has fangirls.
  • In his room, Robin has a lot of things with the faces of mostly Batman villains on them, which he uses to either punch or throw birdarangs at.
  • Robin has died five times in this series: once in Ghost Boy, once in Super Robin, once in Real Magic, once in Salty Codgers, and once in Hot Garbage.
  • It is revealed in Parasite that Robin has various pictures of himself which he stores in his computer.
  • Robin is the only Titan who does not have the natural ability to fly.
  • In Staff Meeting, it's shown that Robin has an unhealthy attachment to his staff and treats it like a real person. He will become extremely emotional if his staff is broken.
  • Robin has his own, branded headphones, shown in Meatball Party.
  • Robin seems to love tacos, as shown in Lazy Sunday.
  • Sometimes Robin's birdarangs are red, while usually they are black.
  • As revealed in Starfire The Terrible, Robin was apparently in love with the moon. However, he may have been thinking of Starfire, contrary to what Starfire believed.
  • Robin has an extreme fear of Batman as shown in "Sidekick" and "Thanksgiving", hinting at a possible mistreatment at Batman's hands.
  • Robin doesn't like to be called Boy Wonder, but in Dog Hand, he didn't seem to mind when Trigon called him Boy Wonder.
  • Robin does not have an archenemey in this series, even though in the original Teen Titans series it was Slade.
  • Robin's little buddies are Birdarang and Beat Box, which were created in "Power Moves".
  • Robin is the one with the most episodes focusing on him at thirty so far.
  • In Thanksgiving, it is revealed that he is Raven least favorite Titan.
  • Robin seems to like making out. In Dreams he makes out with Starfire, in I See You when Starfire says I didn't know the Steakhouse was made for Stakeouts he replied and for make-outs. Then in Nature when asked where he got his water from he says from the lake then it shows a view of the lake and of course there are two fish making out.
  • Of all the Titans, Robin has the most "Little Buddies" with four. They are Birdarang, Beat Box, Super Robin, and the Universe Staff.
    • However, since Robin treats his actual staff as a friend, he could actually have five "Little Buddies" if his staff is counted.
  • According to Jinx in Opposites, he has a celery scent.


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