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Robin (Richard John "Dick" Grayson) is the leader and member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists in Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Scott Menville.


"Robin is the perfectionist leader of the group whose main compliant is that the other Titans won't do what he says."

As a young boy, Dick Grayson was orphaned by the tragic murder of his parents during a circus performance. The young orphan was adopted by Bruce Wayne, a millionaire business owner who lived a double life as the infamous crime fighter Batman. Bruce had also witnessed both of his own parents' murder, so the two became very close.

When he grew older, Dick became Batman's sidekick Robin and spent many years helping him clean up the crime-filled streets of Gotham City. One day Robin decided to strike out on his own, and become a solo hero. Robin decided to become the defender of Jump City. On one occasion Robin along with four other teenage superheroes, worked together to save the city. Because they worked so well together, they formed the Teen Titans, and Robin became the leader.


Robin is a controlling, obsessive, paranoid, psychotic perfectionist.

As leader, he can be very bossy and is sometimes too obsessed with his work. He is easily angered if the other Titans don't follow his orders. However, he can still be fun-loving and silly at times as well, though he himself is not very funny and tells terrible jokes which makes him a killjoy that ruins the fun. On the other hand, Robin is shown to be rather emotionally unstable throughout the show, as well as bipolar. He often approached the other Titans in a frantic and troubled manner when he simply needed a ride somewhere in Driver's Ed. He sometimes borders on multiple personality disorder, as he became furious, then very upset in Staff Meeting after the other Titans broke his beloved staff and called it a stick, which he can hear talking to him in his head. From how he treats his staff as his “best friend” and an actual person, it is implied that he has a severe object attachment symptom.

In 'Uncle Jokes' Robin is shown as having a need for the status quo to remain the same. The change in the group dynamic caused Robin to go off kilter and develop the entire teams personalities.

He has an overwhelming crush on Starfire, which seems to border on psychotic at times. Robin has usually feel overshadowed by his friends because they have powers which make everything easier for them, leaving him to feel insecure. This was first shown in "Driver's Ed" when his friends were trying to warn him and he thought they were trying to nag on him about how he can't drive and doesn't have powers. This was mostly noted in the episodes "Super Robin" and "No Power" where he complains to the team how it isn't fair how they use their powers to their own advantage while he has to do more work, and feels useless in comparison.

Even in the beginning of "Starfire the Terrible", he proclaims that on Monday that the Titans will only be allowed to fight the villains using motorcycles but because he's the only one who has one, he probably made the rule so he could the one to take down the bad guys with his strength without his friends taking his limelight. But after taking down Cinderblock, and also getting powers in Super Robin, he became arrogant off of his own pride, but admits that he only wishes to accepted as a hero. Robin has been shown to forget about morals to get want he wants, like in "The Date" when he kidnapped Speedy so he could date Starfire, and in "Artful Dodgers" when Robin decided to cheat to win without feeling guilty. Not to mention that Robin is vengeful and very harsh to ones that he considers as rivals, such as Kid Flash whom got his knees broken by Robin’s staff in Multiple Trick Pony and The Streak.

Nonetheless, it’s later revealed in “Flashback” that before he became a quick-witted and dominating leader, he used to be a mild-tempered sidekick who was ambitious to form Teen Titans but also had a tendency to bottle up his rage till it reached its breaking point, until Kid Flash kicked him out and his then rejects teamed up with him as well as giving him a total makeover.

Despite his unstable emotions and selfish moments, Robin still comes through as a sometimes smart, strong, driven and confident leader, and for some unknown reasons sometimes his ridiculous warnings turn out to be accurately correct.

Physical Appearance

Robin wears a red shirt with his "R" symbol on his chest, green sleeves and gloves, as well as green pants and black boots with grey toes. He wears a yellow and black cape and a domino mask. He has a yellow utility belt. His hair is slicked back and spiked. He wields weapons such as bo staffs, grappling hooks, katanas, and smoke bombs. He appears to be about 5'5" (5'7.5" including hair).


  • Staff
  • Smoke bombs
  • Birdarangs (with different variants)
  • Grappling hook
  • Net gun

Robin's Alternate Forms

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Starfire (love interest)

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Robin asks Starfire to be his Valentine.

Robin has a huge and obsessive crush on Starfire, but as shown in Sandwich Thief, Starfire does not feel the same way. This is different from how it was in the original Teen Titans, as Starfire had a crush on Robin.

In La Larva de Amor, Robin wrote, "I love Robin" on one of Starfire's photos while searching for Silkie in her bedroom while she was gone.

In Hey Pizza!, Robin had the choice between building a senior center (for the unappreciated seniors) or building a community pool (to see Starfire in a bikini and rub sunscreen on her). His crush on her made him constantly go back and forth between wanting to build the senior center and the pool. In the end, he did the right thing and built the senior center, but Starfire decided to model the bikini for him anyways. The bikini ended up being for Silkie, much to Robin's disgust.

In Super Robin, Robin reluctantly did the chicken dance for his friends after Starfire excitedly begged him to. Overall, they seem to be good friends, but their romantic relationship hasn't evolved, at least not yet. At Comic-Con they showed an upcoming video showing that Robin and Starfire kissed but Starfire said that she loved Robin like "the brother", thus disappointing and depressing Robin.

In The Date, she was willing to go on a date with him but had already agreed to go on one with Speedy. Robin decided to sabotage their date and, as a result, Starfire got mad at him and punched him for it, then left with the voice in Robin's head.

In Matched, Robin asked Cyborg to make the Love Matcher 5000 because he wanted to prove he was a match for Starfire, but matching her with Aquaman instead, making him enraged. After finding out that Starfire is matched to Aquaman, he tries to be like Aquaman so he can win Starfire's heart, but instead made Starfire and Cyborg uncomfortable. In the end of the episode, he gives up, but was still mad he wasn't matched with Starfire. But when Cyborg says his Love Matcher 5000 was faulty, he got his hopes up, thinking Aquaman wasn't Starfire's match, but he was. But later the Love Matcher 5000 matched Beast Boy and Starfire with a scratching post, making him so depressed, he cries with Aquaman.

In Colors of Raven, Starfire and Robin are trying to catch Passion Raven, until they find her in a kissing booth. Robin attempts to lure Passion Raven to the prism by a kiss, but is pushed back by Starfire, hinting she likes Robin.

In Starfire the Terrible, when Robin was kissing the moon in a retroback, Starfire is seen behind him, sad, leaving us a second hint that she does indeed have feelings for the Boy Wonder.

In Sidekick, when he sees Starfire in a Batgirl costume, he looks at her in awe for a few seconds before he snaps out of it and tells her to take it off but reverts back by her reply of the suit being too tight.

In Caged Tiger, While waiting for Cyborg to fix the elevator, Beast Boy asks Robin what is up with him and Starfire, Robin told him he is playing cool and taking it slow, she touched his arm six times that week and basically, they are pretty much dating.

In Nose Mouth, he has a dream about saving her from several villains as a super strong buff version of himself. He also dreams of saving her in Dreams.

In Breakfast Cheese, he desperately avoids looking at Starfire while she pouts, which hints he likes her but is afraid of revealing that to her and the other Titans.

In Be Mine, he goes to the Valentine's dance with her. However, he seems heartbroken when she reveals that she loves him like a "brother".

In Uncle Jokes, Starfire successfully joins Cyborg and Beast Boy's "comedy duo". Robin crazily yells Cyborg and Beast Boy that they are a terrible influence on her and then he called her "his unrequired love" out loud. He also added that if Starfire will not turn back, the Titan Tower will got out of balance. Starfire told Robin that he is right and called him "uncle". Later on in the episode, Robin comes back to the Tower after hearing Starfire called him "lone wolf leader" and comforted her after Cyborg and Beast Boy sadly kicked her out of their "comedy duo", bringing the Titans Tower back in balance.

In Grandma Voice, Robin endorses the view of Starfire, because she is pretty.

In Puppets Whaaaaat?, Robin makes the Starfire Puppet and his own Puppet kiss in the beginning and end of the episode.

In Mr. Butt, When, the Titans see Starfire and her evil older sister, Blackfire, entering the Tower, they became shocked and angry. Robin asked Starfire if he can talk to her for a minute, grabs her by the hand, and pulled her into the kitchen, using his grapple gun. He then tell her about all the bad things that Blackfire did to her and is a villian, but Stafire disagreed. Later on in the episode, he and the other Titans gave Blackfire lessons on becoming a better sister for Starfire.

In I See You, he takes her out on a fake stakeout in an attempt to get a kiss from her. When she finds out, she becomes angry but is flattered when he admits that she is a great detective.

In Brian, During Birdarang and Beatbox's Birthday Party, Robin gets jealous when he notices Super Robin impressing Starfire with his dance moves.

In Slumber Party, when Starfire comes up with the idea of playing Truth Or Dare, Robin dares her to Date him for a couple of years, move in with him, marry him, have kids with him, hold his hand as the sun go down over the mountains, and whisper in his ear, "It has been the good life.", which is her date. She tells him that she was going to pick the Truth. He asks her will she do all of that stuff and she says no, which made him sad and loudly cries in the blanket fort that he build all by himself.

In Baby Hands, Brother Blood erases all the Titans' Memories (Except for Robin). Then, back in the Titans Tower, After Cyborg and Beast Boy hears Starfire asking Robin in Tamaranian, He tells the other Titans that she was just flirting with him, which makes her angry. After telling the other Titans' Stories in order to restore their memories, Robin finally goes to Starfire and says that she is his girlfriend and he had made her to be on his team. This made her angrily speaks Tamaranian, which makes him tells the Titans that she was telling him how handsome he looks. Next, he asks her does she know that Tamaranians can learn any language through lip contact, which shocks her and he plays the song, "Remember", he slowly movies closer to her, puckering up for a kiss. She angrily punches him to the floor, once again speaking Tamaranian. He then tells her that he loves her, too, adding "baby".

In Mouth Hole, Starfire gives Robin whistling lessons. While she was whistling, Robin starts to become distracted by her beauty. Robin states that she had beautiful hair and eyes. Starfire then says to press his lips together and puckers up as Robin puckers up as well. Robin then tries to kiss her but Starfire grabs his lips and stretches them out, leaving Robin in pain. At the end of the episode, after Robin rescues the Titans and defeats the H.I.V.E with his new whistling power, Starfire states lovingly that she couldn't know that whistling can be so strong. Robin grabs Starfire by the hand and they begin to dance. Starfire then tells Robin to kiss her. They both pucker up while the other Titans watch in awe.

In Yearbook Madness, Robin lets Starfire signs his Yearbook. Later on in the episode, Robin goes in the yearbook, to a picture of Starfire in a upper part of the page, Robin flirtatiously saying, "Most likely to get married" and kisses that page.

In Rocks and Water, When Aqualad announces that he, Terra, Raven, and Beast Boy are all in love, they should go on a double date. Robin hears this and tells him to make it a triple date. Robin then says that he and Starfire will be there and asks will they fall in love, she was about to say that they will not, but is cutted off by Robin when he says nobody know. During a date ride, Cyborg says he loves to be a way of true romance and Robin, calling him "third wheel", warns him to not get between them. After the seven Titans arrive at a restaurant, Robin flirts with Starfire about their own date dinner table, which he calls "so how romantic", and asks her wouldn't she say. She agrees, saying that's why they should sit with Cyborg and they get out of Aqualad, Terra, Beast Boy and raven's way. Then, at their own table, Robin tells Starfire that he had ordered too much spaghetti and flirtatiously asks for some of her help. They slurped the spaghetti together, getting close to each other. When Cyborg unexpectedly appears between them, Robin wanted to kiss Starfire, but accidently Cyborg. Robin spits from his mouth and angrily yells, "third wheel!".

In Head Fruit, Robin told Starfire that someone had a crush on her, which was implying himself. As he was about to tell her, Beast Boy shook his head so that everyone would fall out of his treehouse.

In The Return of Slade, Robin said he finally got a kiss from Star after defeating Slade. Although, it was an off screen.

In More of the Same, During one the Titans' plans for The New Year's Eve party, The Midnight Kiss, The Titans draw faces on their hands. Robin draws Starfire on his hand and imitates her, calling her, "beautiful". When they were done, Robin flirtatiously tells his Stafire-Specific hand that he had been waiting long for the moment, but when he was about to kiss it, he imitates her, asking what is that mouth oder. He says that he ate fish and onions, which makes his hand apologizing to him, saying that she cannot kiss the fish and onion eater, which saddens him. Back in the Tower, before getting ready for the New Year's Eve plan, The Toast, Robin goes to Starfire, asking for The Midnight kiss and puckers up his lips, but she kisses her hand instead, which he sadly says that he wishes he was her hand. After the party begins, She flies, kissing everything and he chases her.

In Some of Their Parts, When Starfire's personalities are split, Robin holds out a rose, asking any of them that will they marry him. They each said no, which once again saddens him.

In A Cat's Fancy, Robin is so determined to receive Starfire's attention to where he is willing to become a cat, knowing how much she loves them. Starfire loves cat Robin, to the point where she renames him 'Sassy Pants' and never leaves his side. Because of this, she leaves the Titans to live with Sassy Pants, thus causing her to become a cat lady. After six months, Robin doesn't want her to be a cat lady anymore, so he dresses up as a dog, and Starfire rejoins the Titans, loving the dog Robin, then Robin was presumably hit by a car at the end.

In Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory, Robin, with one more change of becoming The Student Body President at Jump City High, takes a test. Robin proudly announces to his fellow Titans that he passed the test. Starfire tells him that she is proud of him as well as Raven and Cyborg.

In A Farce, Robin tries to get Starfire to admit that she has feelings for him, but she didn't.

In Leg Day, Robin is seen kissing Starfire’s muscular arm when the Titans with muscular arms (not Raven) are fighting with the robots.

In The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, Starfire wishes she has the better speech that the other Titans have, which makes Robin excitedly realizes that by kissing. He says that they'll help her with that by playing Spin The Bottle. When playing Spin The Bottle, he wants to kiss her, but he accidently kisses a catcus twice instead. When she each kisses Beast Boy and Cyborg, which it works, but then fails twice, which saddens Robin twice throughout the episode. She tries to keep finding the right speech, the Titans tries to stop her because they love for the speech that she has of her own. When she was about to kiss the moon, Robin catches her with his grapple gun and pulls her back closer to him, making him to finally wanting to kiss her, but Raven tells him that he can't because he'll erased her personality forever. Remembering what Raven said, Robin tells Starfire that he can't kiss her because they all like her just who she is. He frees her from his grapple gun's tie, saying that it is ok if they don't understand each other sometimes, which he describes as a normal part of any relationship and begs her to not change who she is. He then tells her that they love her. Back to her normal self, she hugs and thanks him for that.

In Movie Night, during the popcorn war, Robin protects Starfire from getting hit by one of the popcorn bags.

In BBRAE, While seeing Beast Boy and Raven together along with Cyborg and Robin, Starfire states that she's interested in "Will they or the won't they" segment in their relationship. Robin then puts his arm around Starfire's shoulders and flirtatiously asks her if that makes her wonder about the other members of the Teen Titans, which implies himself and her, finally getting together and she pushes him away, saying no.

In Permanent Record, The Titans were each playing a teaching role. Starfire teachs about the word "the", which makes Robin, still complaining about keep getting checkmarks, thinks that it's not understandable. Starfire outbursts that she will also give another check and Robin begs for mercy and tells her to calm down.

In Hand Zombie, Robin teaches the Titans about Hygiene. When he gets to Starfire, she shows him her clean, spotless hands, saying that she washes them daily, which impresses him. She thinks he misunderstands and tells him that in a fairytale towershe once wash her hands, an evil witch casts a spell on her, which makes fall into a deep slumber, a handsome knight wakes her from the slumber, and rescues her from the tower. This makes Robin wanting to let her kiss his hand. Starfire kisses Robin hand and he admits that he'll never wash it again and puts a small bag over it. Next in the episode, Robin is forced to remove the bag off of his hand and it fell off his arm and comes to life, which is similiar to Starfire's story. He finally notices that Starfire's kiss was removed from his hand in the bathroom, which shocks him. Starfire asks his hand if it's ready and Robin asks if it's ready for what. Starfire tells him that she and his hand have a date, which finally again shocks him, and he asks if he can come. She again says no, which saddens him, and apologizes and explains that the number three is outnumbered. Robin's hand gives her a flower and they leave the Tower. Robin angrily states that his hand was an enchanted gift, but instead it was a Hand Zombie, which makes Robin fearfully thinks that Starfire is in danger and come to her rescue. At the restaurant, Robin's hand orders the waiters to sit Starfire down and play a romantic music. Then, the food comes to their table. Starfire eats and Robin's hand dries her mount with a napkin and she thanks it. When they were about to kiss, Robin angrily hits a musical instrument with his staff and tells his hand that he had the "hand" it to it. Starfire begs him to not ruining the jealousies and Robin tells that his hand didn't want a date, it wants her brain and it's a hand zombie. Robin's hand finally becomes a hand zombie and tries to eat Starfire's brain, but fails. Robin has a battle with his hand and it was defeated. On the way back to the Titans Tower, Robin finally has his hand back on his arm and waves it to Starfire and apologizes for putting fairytales ahead of Hygiene, but she thanks him for saving her brain and once gain asks to kiss his hand and he did. Robin once again puts the small bag over his hand, but this time, it was unable to once again to turn into a hand zombie once again.

In Demon Prom, Robin really wants to ask Starfire to The Demon Prom, but is coaxed by going with Raven so he can be The Prom King. So, he regretfully apologizes to Starfire and tells her that he won't be able to take her to Demon Prom and Starfire doesn't feel sad or disappointed about it. He then takes her hand and tells to not worry and she will find that special someone so brave. After that, she wipes her hand on her skirt.

In TV Knight 2, at the Titans Tower, Robin is dressed to go out with Starfire, but he suddenly worries that she won't go out with him. Then, His Parasitic Twin appears and teaches Robin about having confidence. Robin finally realizes that being himself is the best way to go out with Starfire, so he took off is suit and walks to Starfire's House. When the door is open, Robin greets Starfire, who's not shown in this scene of the episode, but she screams in fear, seeing him and his Parasitic Twin and closes to door.

In Beast Girl, upon seeing Starfire falling for her male counterpart (although she is seen laughing at her counterpart later on), Robin rudely pushes him off Madame Rouge’s castle out of jealousy, leaving Starfire puzzled.

In Flashback, Robin notices Starfire looking at a kitten and that is when he first develops a huge crush on her. She then sees Robin watching her. Then, he says he hope he is not interrupting anything and she says that she was recovering the wonderful kitten cat. Robin tells her to not let him stop her and he can wait. Starfire then take the kitten and eats it. Robin angrily demands her to get it out of her mouth now and she does, both sadly and shockingly. Robin then apologizes to her for blowing his stack, calling her "Miss" and tells her that cats are not food. Starfire tells him and he is mistaken and her wise-cracking TV Alien Friend, which she is referring to ALF, told her that cats are Earth's Biiis Delicacy and one does not disregard the advice of ALF. She once again puts the kitten in her mouth and he grabs her by the arms, shakes her, and once again desperately tells her to get it out of her mouth and cats are pets, but he himself takes the kitten out of her mouth. He then gives it back to her and gives her directions on how to care for the kitten, such as loving it, kissing it, scratching it behind the ears, and does the hand thing that makes it purr. Then, she finally realizes that cats are the sweet, but not to eat, which Robin calls it, "Groovy", gives a Teen Titans team poster to her and tells her to join his super hero team.

In some cases however, Robin was shown to mistreat Starfire on the same level as the other Titans to the point where he is even abusive to her without showing any remorse. For example, in Staff Meeting, Starfire was among the others constantly being beaten by Robin with his staff.

In Croissant, Robin calls Starfire ugly (not only because of her crude makeup, but he says it right to her face) and continuously puts a bag over her head throughout the first act of the episode.

In I'm the Sauce, Robin sets Starfire and the others on fire and launches them out and back into the Titans Tower with the couch crushing them.

In Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory and by far the most controversial moment to date, after failing to become valedictorian, Robin takes his anger on not only his teammate, but Starfire as well bu crane kicking her, karate chopping her in the face, and throwing a bike on top of her and the others.

In Secret Garden, Starfire is beyond unhappy to know Robin along with Raven and Beast Boy enter her garden without permission, and although he doesn't beat her up, he still selfishly uses a chainsaw to slice a tree, which distresses her even more.

In Pure Protein, Robin sets Starfire and the others on fire again while laughing manically to dispose of their clothing.

In Jinxed, upon learning from Jinx that the Titans will only listen to him from yelling and violence, Robin smacks Starfire to which she fearfully admits is 'inspiring'.

In Flashback, Robin was very cruel to Starfire and the others on two occasions; the first was when after Starfire destorys the window of the Titans Tower which she and Cyborg drew on it resulting in Robin hitting her and the others with a fish. The second was in the flashback when Robin hits her and the others with the table after they fail to complete the puzzle.

Beast Boy

TTG Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp 220a 024

Robin usually gets along well with Beast Boy as they are very good friends. Although at times both get annoyed by one another, with Robin being intolerant of Beast Boy's slacker attitude and thinks the latter is the most useless member of the team, while Beast Boy is irritated by Robin's bossiness.

In Pie Bros, Robin sees a depressed Beast Boy and asks him what is wrong. Beast Boy explains he's sad he doesn't have enough money. Robin explains that friends don't care how much they spend, which makes Beast Boy feel better. He demonstrates by giving Cyborg a half-drunk soda for a present, but this isn't received well. He then whispers to Beast Boy, "we cheapos need to stick together."

In Dude Relax, when Robin has trouble relaxing, Beast Boy offers to teach him but when the latter has trouble doing so, Beast Boy taunts him and proclaims himself the master. Not wanting to have Beast Boy be better than him at something, Robin eagerly follows his example.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 3.11.27 PM

Beast Boy challenges Robin for leadership.

In Gorilla, Robin becomes very annoyed at Beast Boy where he takes a gorilla form and refuses to listen to Robin at all, and is acts like a complete nuisance to everyone. Robin eventually loses it and threatens to ground Beast Boy, but Beast Boy challenges Robin for leadership and successfully overthrows him. Robin also didn't like his leadership because it was focused around "helping" monkeys and didn't do any good for anyone. Robin is able to retake his position as leader by tickling Beast Boy into submission. Everything seems to go relatively back to normal after that.

Robin and Beast Boy

Robin and Beast Boy think of each other as bros.

Despite their constant disagreements, there are times when the two are shown getting along, and consider themselves "bros" along with Cyborg.

In Girl's Night Out, the two enjoy a Boy's Night Out with Cyborg laughing with each other and agreeing to each other's every thought.

In You're Fired!, Robin along with the other Titans fired Beast Boy from the Teen Titans. Later, Robin put him in the Teen Titans again as the new receptionist.

In Caged Tiger, Robin and Beast Boy, along with Cyborg, are shown hanging out as the "bros", and went on a "bro-cation" together. However after being trapped in the elevator they begin to get annoyed at one other and soon have a huge fight until the elevator is suddenly fixed during the fight. Then the three attacks Dr. Light and in the end they once again jump into “the bro train”.

In Little Buddies, Beast Boy cheered as Dave attacked Robin.

In Caramel Apples, Cyborg and Beast Boy were inspired by Robin’s inspiring speeches at first, but after they got injured twice after his speeches, they didn’t wanna get inspired anymore and threw him back into the centre of the earth.


Robin is repulsed by the state of Beast Boy's room.

In Hot Garbage, the poor hygiene of Beast Boy's room momentarily kills all of the Titans, until Robin revives them. He is disgusted by the state of Beast Boy's room and is determined to clean it up, despite Beast Boy's protests. Beast Boy becomes heartbroken by the many things that Robin discarded, but later on Robin is forced to pursue Beast Boy through the labyrinth of garbage. Eventually Beast Boy makes him see the value of garbage, after it saves his life, and he accepts Beast Boy's way of life.

In Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Beast Boy calls Robin’s face “stupid” and rips off the dollar bill, which makes Robin refuse to pay for him and the three others until they respect money. Little does he know that Beast Boy unwittingly takes his value on money and uses bees as a currency, and when he discovers Beast Boy has become a bee-llionaire and returns to the tower, the latter humiliates him in front of their three other friends by forcing him to dance for some bees, but doesn’t give him more. Believing money has turned Beast Boy evil, he smacks a beehive down with a hammer and after Beast Boy transforms into a huge monster because of allergic reactions, Robin still thinks the greed has consumed his friend and beats Beast Boy with his staff very hard and repeatedly until Beast Boy returns to normal. As Beast Boy slowly rehabilitates, he apologizes to Robin for his money obsession while Robin does the same as he has beaten him up and then claims that it’s cool.

As well as Some of Their Parts, where Robin thought Beast Boy was moving out and was disappointed when he found out he wasn't.

In Leg Day, Cyborg and Beast Boy (as Thunder Thighs and The Calf respectively) compliment Robin (Captain Cankle) for creating a chasm that destroys most of the robots.

Nevertheless, there are occasions that Robin picks on Beast Boy and sometimes Beast Boy suffers a lot from his beating. To cite an example, in Hey You, Don't Forget about Me in Your Memory, Robin has an unexplained prejudicial hatred towards Beast Boy by calling him a nerd without giving him a proper label, refuses to let him hang out with Cyborg due to their labels, and continuously bullies Beast Boy by crane kicking him.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg attempt to persuade the girls that chivalry is real, but after they end up in The Brain's jell cell, the three use time machines to summon lots of their counterparts.Then the girls and their extra girl power believe that they seem to have fun in the cell and ditch the three of them.

In BBRAE, Robin is one of the three Titans who helps Beast Boy to write a love song for Raven. He even cheers with Starfire and Cyborg when Raven and Beast Boy kiss.

In The Streak, Beast Boy is the only one who stays in the team with Robin after Cyborg, Starfire and Raven are poached by Kid Flash, and he helps Robin to find Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Sticky Joe to be their new/substitute members. In the end of the episode, after Robin breaks Kid Flash’s knee, Beast Boy and Robin team up with the Tooth Fairy, Santa and Sticky Joe and together they defeat Killer Moth and the giant monster.


Raven says no

Robin begging Raven to let him inside while she's doing the laundry.

While the two are generally friends, Robin and Raven are frequently at odds with one another. Despite their differences, Robin and Raven do hold a level of respect for one another, being the maturest Titans on the team.

In Driver's Ed, Raven and the other Titans becomes annoyed at Robin for making them drive him places for dumb reasons. She makes an effort to tease him when he fails his driver's test several times, and is determined that he would fail.

In Laundry Day, they can still get very annoyed with each other very easily. Raven pointed out it was Robin's turn to do chores but Robin avoided it and made Raven do them. She got so annoyed with him that she pretended their clothes became possessed and attacked the Titans. As a result, Robin apologizes and was willing to do the laundry for a whole year if they got out of it. At that point, Raven accepts and stops the spell that possessed their clothes, tricking Robin.

In Super Robin, Robin wanted superpowers, but Raven told him that they were a curse and she wasn't going to give them to him. However, then she said that if he did the chicken dance, she would grant him powers. Once he did the dance, Raven gave Robin the powers, still warning him that they are a curse. Many years later, once the Titans met old Robin, Raven goes in Robin's face and tells him again that having superpowers are a curse, and watches him die.

Rr 1

Raven counsels a depressed Robin, and gets snot on her cloak.

In Staff Meeting, at the start Raven tries to talk sense into Robin and inform him his staff isn't alive, and calls it a "stick". This infuriates Robin and leads him to beat her up along with the rest of the Titans. Raven partakes in using Robin's staff and fights over it with the other Titans, leading it to be broken. Seeing a Robin severely depressed, Raven offers to tell him where he can get a new staff. Robin at first refuses her offer, but after hearing it could be "magic" he takes up her offer. Raven explains he must journey to the Universe Tree across several harsh terrains, where he will find what he is looking for, and teleports him there. After Robin claims his new staff, he returns home to find Raven had fixed his old staff using a spell, and is delighted to be reunited.

In Colors of Raven, Robin was frequently attacked and knocked around by Rage Raven. He was willing to kiss Passion Raven in order to capture her as well. He also seems to support her in being more open with herself as seen in "Legs" but they both agree that it's okay to let go every once in a while.

In Uncle Jokes, Raven is the only one who finds Robin's jokes to be funny. Robin is appreciative that at least Raven laughs at his jokes. While Robin is categorizing each of the Titans' roles, he states that Raven is the "sarcastic older sister". They are not really love interests in the show.

In Boys vs Girls, Robin continues making remarks about how boys are superior to girls, which greatly irritates Raven and Starfire. Robin is furious when the girls win over Beast Boy and Cyborg's respect, and they start hanging out with the girls. To win back the boys, he steals a vial of "cooties" from a government laboratory and infects the girls with it. Raven immediately suspects Robin of doing it. Robin offers the girls a cure through a "cootie catcher", but only if the girls admit he is better. In retaliation the girls try to touch the boys so they catch cooties as well. After a long chase around town, the girls succeed in and Robin gives in to Raven's demand and hands over the cootie catcher.


Raven triumphs over Robin in the battle of the genders.

In Crazy Day, Raven is extremely annoyed by Robin and the other Titans as they try to out-crazy each other, but after Raven gets possessed by Trigon and joins in the craziness, Robin becomes very competitive and is determined to be even crazier. Robin and the possessed Raven then spend the majority of the episode trier to be sillier than the other, to which Raven comes out victorious and Robin respects and crowns her "captain crazy".

In Hose Water, the two of them get into a "egg pun" contest, to see which one of them can make the wittier egg pun. Robin later becomes very aggressive that Raven would challenge his skill in making puns.

Nean Image0
In Nean, Robin was crying over a pot of chili (which Starfire was going to marry) and Raven in her nice form told Robin to be himself and that Robin is cool too. Robin hugs Raven to thank her and when Robin walks away, Raven said that it actually felt nice and being nice isn't bad after all.

In Boys vs Girls, Robin continuously makes remarks about how boys are superior to girls, which greatly irritates Raven and Starfire. Robin is furious when the girls win over Beast Boy and Cyborg's respect, and they start hanging out with the girls. To win back the boys, he steals a vial of "cooties" from a government laboratory and infects the girls with it. Raven immediately suspects Robin of doing it. Robin offers the girls a cure through a "cootie catcher", but only if the girls admit that boys are better. In retaliation, the girls try to touch the boys so they catch the cooties as well. After a long chase around town, the girls succeed, and Robin gives in to Raven's demands and hands over the cootie catcher.

In Leg Day, Raven (as Lady Legasus) is the one who saves Robin (Captain Cankle) from one of the leg robots and put herself into a dangerous situation before Robin and the other members of the League Of Legs help her.

In Arms Race with Legs, Robin and the other members of the League of Legs challenge Raven‘s leadership role as Lady Legasus and they defeat her through cheating by putting rigs into her suit. Although she later accepts his apology as Mega Legasus, it takes her awhile to realise she has used her harshest strength that she has broken their legs as a result...

In The Academy, Raven and the three others are furious on how Robin tries to monopolize the Teen Titans Award and she's the first to punch him with her One Big Punch and snatch his cards. However, after the Academy destroys the award, she and the others decides to assist Robin on fighting the Academy.

In Demon Prom, Raven manages to coax Robin to go to the prom with her and she let him play her up as he desires to be prom king.

In Flashback, Robin hits Raven and the others for disobeying after she summons a demon into the tower. It’s later revealed that before she becomes a Titan, Robin shouts at her for causing troubles in the city and eliminates her by beating her and the other up with the table as she punches him with her shadow punch and fails to complete a puzzle, but she still decides to help him evict Kid Flash despite his treatment to her earlier. After Robin recovers from his flashback, Raven admits she and the others have brought out the worst of him yet she doesn’t seem to regret joining the team.


Get Robin out

Cyborg tries to force Robin out of his body.

Robin and Cyborg are very good friends, and both use their own specially designed gadgets in battle. In Staff Meeting, Cyborg is shocked to find out that he is not actually Robin's best friend, but his staff actually is. The two tend to tease each other like brothers quite often, as seen in The Date, where Cyborg teases Robin for playing a "little girl game". Cyborg thinks Robin is very "cool", and enjoys hanging out with him.

In Gorilla, Cyborg helps to train Robin to be a fit enough leader and take down Beast Boy.

In Power Moves, Cyborg often looks down upon Robin for being too ignorant. Cyborg, for the most part, respects Robin as a leader, but is not afraid to object to any order he doesn't like.

In "Caged Tiger", Robin and Beast Boy, along with Cyborg, are shown hanging out as the "bros", and went on a "bro-cation" together. However after being trapped in the elevator they begin to get annoyed at one other and soon have a huge fight until the elevator is suddenly fixed during the fight. Then the three attacks Dr. Light and in the end they once again jump into “the bro train”. During the elevator trap, Robin mentioned how he found it cool that Cyborg is half human and half robot.

Robin seems to be interested in Cyborg's powers. He helped him in "Real Boy Adventures" to get his robot suit eventually.

In Caramel Apples, Cyborg and Beast Boy were inspired by Robin’s inspiring speeches at first, but after they got injured twice after his speeches, they didn’t wanna get inspired anymore and threw him back into the centre of the earth.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg attempt to persuade the girls that chivalry is real, but after they end up in The Brain's jell cell, the three use time machines to summon lots of their counterparts.Then the girls and their extra girl power believe that they seem to have fun in the cell and ditch the three of them.

In The Academy, Cyborg and the three others are angered with the fact that Robin tries to monopolise the Teen Titans Award, but after the award is destroyed by the Academy, Cyborg is the first to encourage Robin who is crying for the loss and he then join Robin and the others to fight against the Academy.


Staring contest

Robin warns Terra to be prepared for his several Titan Tests.

When Terra first arrived in Terra-ized, Robin instantly became filled with excitement at the thought of a new Titan member. He wasn't sure what to think of her at first, so before he would let her join, Robin decided to make her undergo some tests. Robin became impressed with her and was excited to let her join. Robin was also with Starfire and Cyborg when they thought Raven was jealous.

Batman (adoptive father/mentor)

Batman and Robin Photo

Back when Robin and Batman were working together.

Batman and Robin always had a father-son type relationship. The two were partners who fought crime together for many years, before Robin decided to become a solo hero. Robin is also apparently afraid of Batman. In the episode Sidekick, Robin is seen terrified whenever one of his teammates touches Batman's stuff. In Prank'd!, Robin's fear of Batman is further confirmed, when he orders an evacuation plan just because Beast Boy prank called Batman from the Tower. Despite his apparent fear of Batman, Robin still brags about the fact that Batman trusts him.

The two still keep in touch, as seen in Gorilla, where Batman attempts to call him and the other Titans, and in Driver's Ed, where Robin calls Batman to tell him he crashed the Batmobile.

In Titans Most Wanted, it is revealed that Batman still cares about Robin when he breaks the H.I.V.E. Five out of prison, solely to allow Robin and his team the opportunity to beat his own record for "Most Villains Defeated in One Day".

Batgirl (former love interest, wife in alternate timeline)

Robin and Batgirl are close friends. They both were Batman's sidekicks at one point. In various incarnations of DC Comics, Robin and Batgirl have dated. In Staring at the Future, we get a glimpse at the Titans' lives in 30 years. Robin and Batgirl have sealed the deal, even having three kids. Robin says he is very happy with his life, and doesn't appear to have any feelings left for Starfire. This changes as Beast Boy and Cyborg travel back to their own time to alter history. In "Yearbook Madness", Batgirl signs in Starfire's yearbook "Get your hands off my man", referring to Robin.

Speedy (rival)

Teen titans go the dte
Robin has been shown to have an intense rivalry with Speedy with them being similar in appearance, similar in voice, and both being former sidekicks of big time Justice League (Robin to Batman, Speedy to Green Arrow) heroes gone solo. This rivalry is further aggravated by the events of The Date. As shown in the episode, they both have affections for Starfire, and their rivalry makes it so that neither of them get to fulfill a date with Starfire, but in the original series they were friends.
TTG Yearbook Madness 17

Robin and Speedy glaring at each other.

In Yearbook Madness, Robin is still shown to have a hatred for Speedy, since he wouldn't let him sign his yearbook. however, Speedy was shown to willingly sign it, showing either that Speedy no longer hates Robin, was going to write something mean, or maybe he just didnt care they were enemies.


Serious Robin defeats Mammoth

Robin sees Mammoth as the strongest, toughest member of the H.I.V.E. Five, and as a result often declares he as the leader should be the one to fight him. Robin and Mammoth have frequently brawled, with the results ranging from Robin overwhelming Mammoth, to barely struggling to win.

In "Gorilla", while Robin is tangling with Mammoth, he calls out to Beast Boy for help. However Beast Boy who had decided to annoy Robin refuses, leaving Robin to get flattened by Mammoth.

In "Super Robin", Robin saves Mammoth for himself, declaring as leader he should take down the biggest, baddest villain. However, he has a lot of trouble taking on Mammoth. All of the other Titans finish before him with little effort and wait on him. After a long dragged out fight which exhausts Robin, he finally topples the giant.

In "No Power", Robin demonstrates to the other Titans how to fight without powers, and proceeds to beat Mammoth up.

In "In and Out", while infiltrating the H.I.V.E. Tower as Red X, Robin plans to gain the H.I.V.E.'s loyalty by beating up Mammoth, the biggest member, to prove his worth. Upon entering the H.I.V.E. Tower where Gizmo shows hesitation to inducting him, Robin immediately pounds Mammoth and leaves him crippled.

Kid Flash (rival)

Robin and Kid Flash generally don't get along at all, due to Robin loathes how his team takes a liking to Kid Flash who is more capable than himself.

In Multiple Trick Pony, he is jealous with Kid Flash's capability of being agile and able to impress his own team as well as stealing all of his teammates, and in order to win back the others, he even abandons his morality to crack Kid Flash's leg and leaving the latter crippled on the ground while he is being lifted up by the other Titans.

Death Experiences

  • In the episode "Ghostboy", when he accidentally fell because a cliff can't stand his weight and cause Cyborg can't catch him (he's a ghost), so he died.
  • In the episode "Super Robin", the lights fade out, and we can hear Robin's ECG flatten, as we know he has kicked the bucket.
  • In the episode "Parasite", he got squashed after the monster that came out of Starfire's parasite attacked the Titans.
  • In the episode "Real Magic", he briefly died when he ties himself up in a water tank, trying to perform a trick, but then Raven catches the ghost and put him back to Robin's body.
  • In the episode "Salty Codgers", he died with the other three (Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg) after having their last breath.
  • In the episode "Hot Garbage", he died when the four (plus Cyborg, Starfire and Raven) tried to fight against the smell, but then ghost Robin possess back his body, along with the three.
Request 7 Robin Ghost
  • In the episode "Scary Figure Dance", he died after shot by a laser beam from the HIVE, then uses his ghost form to haunt the HIVE.
  • In the episode "Pure Protein", he died off screen known after seeing the alien putting Robin's skull in his collection.
  • In the episode "Oregon Trail", he died after he made it to the Oregon Trail, suddenly having the infamous dysentery.
  • In the episode "Hand Zombie", he temporarily died (turning into a skeleton) after Raven released her bad breathe.

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  • Robin has an obvious crush for Starfire, but, it isn't very obvious if Starfire likes him back. This was the opposite during the first season of the old show, however in "Starfire the Terrible", in a retroback, she was shown to about to give Robin flowers, which means she might have feelings for him. (Robin is overly obsessed with Starfire, Starfire only likes him slightly, if any.)
  • Robin's first appearance was in Detective Comics #38 (1940).
  • It is unknown if he will use red birdarang's in this show.
  • He believes that his sandwiches are the best.
  • It is shown that Robin's staff has a few weapons inside it in Meatball Party when he was fighting the black octopus robin's staff is seen having a stunning or paralylzed weapon. in Mas y Menos robin prepared for the perfect timing to stop Mas and Menos from running too fast with his staff and it was seen his another weapon was a big flash explosion inside his staff
  • In Mouth Hole, Starfire is shown to hold affection for Robin, as she asked him to kiss her.
    • On top of that, however, she had no shown feelings for him in Rocks and Water.
    • It should be noted though, she showed some brief attraction to him in her "serious form" in "Let's Get Serious".
    • Another example of Starfire holding some affection for Robin is in the episode "The Return of Slade". Robin states that he got a kiss from Star, resulting with her giggling.
  • Robin is very impulsive and can lose control very easily. This was the complete opposite in the original show; where in fact Robin was very calm in almost every situation.
  • Robin has been the antagonist of an episode more than any of the other Titans, with a total of 10 episodes or more.
  • Several episode indicate Robin has a fragile mental state, and can easily resort to questionably sane or completely insane behavior. Such instances include: The Date, Staff Meeting, Sidekick, Uncle Jokes, Puppets, Whaaaaat?, Sandwich Thief, Yearbook Madness, and Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes.
  • As seen in Driver's Ed, Robin's mask is a pair of glasses and he has very small black circles for eyes, however, in The Mask, Robin uses his mask to cover his identity.
  • As shown in Dog Hand and Nose Mouth, Robin has a desire to be more muscular.
  • As seen in Laundry Day, Robin has fangirls.
  • In his room, Robin has a lot of things with the faces of mostly Batman villains on them, which he uses to either punch or throw birdarangs at.
  • In Video Game References, Robin has a habit of being in a constant state of excitement which elevates his blood pressure as well as making enjoyable things boring.
  • Robin has died 10 times in this series: Ghost Boy, Super Robin, Parasite, Real Magic, Salty Codgers, Hot Garbage, Scary Figure Dance, Pure Protein, Oregon Trail and Hand Zombie
  • Robin has become a ghost 4 times in this series: Ghost Boy, Real Magic, Hot Garbage, and Scary Figure Dance.
  • Robin has left the Teen Titans 7 times: Super Robin, Staring at the Future, Money Grandma, Robin Backwards, Let's Get Serious, Multiple Trick Pony, and for unknown reasons in Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp.
  • There are several running gags revolving around Robin in the series:
    • Robin's obsession over Starfire and his vain attempts to win her heart.
    • Robin being narcissistic and selfish in his quest to be a true hero or the greatest hero.
    • Him doing something wrong, then later realizing his mistake. Then he apologizes to the Titans, but the Titans don't seem to notice and/or care.
    • Robin getting injured.
    • Robin being depicted as crazy; often involving him having a panic attack, talking to himself, or hearing voices.
    • Robin arriving or leaving by throwing a gas canister on the ground.
    • Robin being obsessive over being the leader of the Titans.
    • Robin using his grapple gun for faster travel.
    • Him hearing disembodied voices
    • Him making butt jokes (i.e. patting or shaking his butts).
    • Him shouting out words or phrases repeatedly (for audiences’ cheap laughs)
  • It is revealed in Parasite that Robin has various pictures of himself which he stores in his computer.
  • Robin is the only Titan who does not have the natural ability to fly.
  • In Staff Meeting, it's shown that Robin has an unhealthy attachment to his staff and treats it like a real person. He will become extremely emotional if his staff is broken.
  • Robin has his own branded headphones, shown in Meatball Party.
  • Robin seems to love tacos, as shown in Lazy Sunday.
  • Sometimes Robin's birdarangs are red, while usually they are black.
  • As revealed in Starfire The Terrible, Robin is apparently in love with the moon. However, he may have been thinking of Starfire, contrary to what Starfire believed.
  • Robin has an extreme fear of Batman as shown in "Sidekick" and "Thanksgiving", hinting at a possible mistreatment at Batman's hands.
  • Robin doesn't like to be called "Boy Wonder", but in Dog Hand, he didn't seem to mind when Trigon called him Boy Wonder.
  • Robin does not have an archenemy in this series, even though in the original Teen Titans series it was Slade.
  • In Thanksgiving, it is revealed that he's Raven least favorite Titan.
  • Of all the Titans, Robin has the most "Little Buddies" with four. They are Birdarang, Beat Box, Super Robin, and the Universe Staff.
    • However, since Robin treats his actual staff as a friend, he could actually have five "Little Buddies" if his staff is counted.
  • According to Jinx in Opposites, he has a celery scent.
  • Whenever Robin becomes paranoid, he has a habit of writing on the walls, as he did so in "Nose Mouth" and "Birds".
  • His current costume is the same outfit that Tim Drake wore in the Comics when he became Robin.
  • His hair resembles Tim Drakes' when it gets wet.
  • As shown in Puppets, Whaaaaat?, Robin gets angry when the Titans don't follow his orders.
  • Robin and Raven are the only character that named with a bird started the letter "R".
  • Robin is a fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, which Raven likes.
  • Robin has been shown to have bad breathe multiple times in the series, for example in "More of the Same" and "Rocks and Water".
  • It was shown in "Yearbook Madness" that the other heroes in the DC universe like the Teen Titans except for Robin.
  • It has been shown in "Spice Game" and that Robin cannot take spicy foods, not even a grain of salt dissolved in a pot of water. Though this is very ironic as he could eat pizza (with 500mg of sodium while a grain of salt has 1mg) without feeling a hint of spice.
  • It has been shown in the episode "Grube's Fairytales" that Robin is skilled in playing the flute.
  • Robin's Bo Staff was Tim Drake's Weapon of choice in the Comics.
  • Robin likes to show off his body this is seen in the episodes "Fourth Wall" and "Matched".
  • In "Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad", it is revealed Robin used to be a leprechaun and also is Irish.
  • In "Obinray", it is revealed that Robin dislikes secrets.
  • Other than Trigon, Robin's parents are the only parents of any other Titan who made an appearance in the series (though his might be imaginary to display his symptoms of denial).
  • Robin (along with Raven) are the only two Titans who have not celebrated their birthday in the series.
  • Robin has a somewhat similar personality to Benson from Regular Show and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Robin is the second most pessimistic member of the group after Raven.
  • In this series Robin is shown crying in Staff Meeting but in the original series he never has cried.
  • If counting Starfire and Raven as official best friends and not including Robin’s staff as an actual person, Robin is the only Titan without a real best friend.
  • In Hot Salad Water, it is proven that Robin is an Anglophobic nationalist.
  • In The Avogodo, it is evident that he can gain excess powers and even becoming an entity after consuming avocados.


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