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Robin (Richard John "Dick" Grayson) is the leader and a member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists in Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Scott Menville.


"Robin is the perfectionist leader of the group whose main compliant is that the other Titans won't do what he says."

Dick Grayson was originally a mild-mannered boy who born and lived in a circus, where he got abused by the circus animals. Soon, his parents died (though the series didn't state the reason behind their deaths) and he was adopted by Batman. However, in spite of having a rich adoptive father who trained him for crime-fighting and giving him a new title "Robin", his life in Wayne Manor was miserable as he was forced to live in a small, stuffy room and possibly got treated badly during his childhood, since Batman even prohibited him from getting a poster of Bell Biv DeVoe.

Years later, Robin ultimately decided to quit being Batman's signature sidekick and headed off to Jump City. After multiple failed attempts of trying to defeat some baddies, an idea sparked off inside him: forming a new team named Teen Titans. During his search for new members, he not only found Kid Flash (his future rival), Aqualad, Speedy (another soon-to-be rival) and Bumblebee, but he also discovered Victor Stone, an African-American athlete boy who quickly grew a strong interest on him and continuously begged Robin to consider himself as an option for the team, Raven, a cambion and the daughter of Trigon, Starfire, a Tamaranian princess whom he instantly got smitten with, and Beast Boy, a Meta-human who's an animal shape-shifter.

Initially, after meeting all the candidates, Robin promoted "Teamwork is dream work" and suppressed his anger when watching Starfire trying to eat a cat again, Victor failing to run in a race and being beaten up by Raven without any reason. Nevertheless, after seeing how Victor, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire unable to cooperate while completing a jigsaw puzzle, his pent up rage exploded and upon thrashing them violently with the table, he eliminated them by pushing them into the lift so as to send them off the tower, making them rejects. Unfortunately, it turned out that Kid Flash, the one whom Robin himself viewed as a suitable member for the team, took this at his advantage to monopolize the tower and expelled Robin from his own property, causing Robin to suffer the same fate of being a reject.

That night, while residing in the dumpster, Robin once again encountered Starfire after he failed to fight with a cat. He also met Raven, who gloated his predicament, as well as Beast Boy and Victor, who teased him. Although they were being abused by him during the election, they still offer their assistance on retrieving his tower by including him as a teammate among them as they were all rejects. But due to his timidity, he continued to be belittled by Kid Flash. In order to power him up, the other rejects gave him a total makeover and stimulated him by calling him a wimp, which utterly changed him into a quick-witted person whom these rejects obeyed.

The following day, Robin led his new team to confront Kid Flash but was overpowered by Kid Flash's robot. After Victor Stone became Cyborg and help defeated the robot, he cheered for Cyborg with Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. They then tried to get back the tower by distracting Kid Flash and blocking the elevator doors with planks, yet realizing how Kid Flash outwitted them, Robin decided to prove to the former he was a wimp no more by harshly cracking the former's knee. He soon expelled Kid Flash from Jump City by allowing his teammates to dump the speedster out of the tower and warned Kid Flash to never return, and he had become the team leader ever since.

Despite his position as the leader, he still can't get rid of his shame of being regarded Batman's former sidekick until now, and is frequently being ridiculed by his teammates whom he often has trouble to control, especially when it comes to his baby-sized hands.

Physical Appearance

Robin wears a red shirt with his "R" symbol on his chest, green sleeves and gloves, as well as green pants and black boots with grey toes. He wears a yellow and black cape and a domino mask. He has a yellow utility belt. His hair is slicked back and spiked. He appears to be about 5'5" (5'7.5" including hair). When not wearing his gloves, his hands are often being displayed to be baby-sized, having small palms and stubby fingers. However, that is not true and is shown in some episodes to have regular sized hands.

In some occasions, he can be seen wearing light teal pajamas and red shorts with white dot patterns.

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Robin is a short tempered, controlling, obsessive, paranoid, psychotic perfectionist who's frequently dissatisfied with his somewhat incompetent and disobedient team. However, at times, he is also very open and caring of his teammates.

As the leader, he can be very bossy and is sometimes too obsessed with his work. He is easily angered if the other Titans don't follow his orders, usually roaring at them and/or even choosing violence as a solution to resolve their defiance. However, he can still be fun-loving and silly at times as well, though he himself is not very funny and tells terrible jokes which makes him a killjoy that ruins the fun. On one condition, in spite of somewhat prone to panic, he is always ready to jump in and share his opinions with the rest of the team and faces his fears to make his mark!

On the other hand, Robin is shown to be rather emotionally unstable throughout the show, as well as bipolar, perhaps owing to his traumatic childhood. He often approached the other Titans in a frantic and troubled manner, such as when he simply needed a ride somewhere in Driver's Ed. He sometimes borders on multiple personality disorder, as he became furious, then very upset in Staff Meeting after the other Titans broke his beloved staff and called it a stick, which he can hear talking to him in his head. From how he treats his staff as his “best friend” and an actual person, it is implied that he has a severe object attachment symptom. More importantly, in Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes, he has an awful symptom of denial towards his parents’ passing and needs to imagine them as real for self-comfort and avoid the pain of such trauma.

In addition, he tends to contradicts his lessons a lot, such as in Hand Zombie, he lectured his friends about the importance of hygiene but refused to wash his right hand because of his superstitious belief on Starfire’s kiss having fairytale magic.

He has an overwhelming crush on Starfire, which seems to border on psychotic at times. He would do everything to flirt and/or enamour her obsessively in spite of her disinterest and confusion, and this also causes him to do plenty of questionable actions, including attempting to preserve her kiss on his right hand by not washing it for three months (mentioned above).

Robin, being the only powerless member, has usually feel overshadowed by his friends because they have powers which make everything easier for them, leaving him to feel insecure. This was first shown in "Driver's Ed" when his friends were trying to warn him and he thought they were trying to nag on him about how he can't drive and doesn't have powers. This was mostly noted in the episodes "Super Robin" and "No Power" where he complains to the team how it isn't fair how they use their powers to their own advantage while he has to do more work, and feels useless in comparison. Even in the beginning of "Starfire the Terrible", he proclaims that on Monday that the Titans will only be allowed to fight the villains using motorcycles but because he's the only one who has one, he probably made the rule so he could the one to take down the bad guys with his strength without his friends taking his limelight. But after taking down Cinderblock, and also getting powers in Super Robin, he became arrogant off of his own pride, but admits that he only wishes to accepted as a hero. In 'Uncle Jokes' Robin is shown as having a need for the status quo to remain the same. The change in the group dynamic caused Robin to go off kilter and develop the entire team's personalities. His low self esteem often leads to him becoming power hungry and turns out to be a reason for him to ignore morals.

Speaking of Robin forgetting about morals to get what he wants, there has been more than one example: in "The Date" when he kidnapped Speedy so he could date Starfire, and in "Artful Dodgers" when Robin decided to cheat to win without feeling guilty. Not to mention that Robin is vengeful and very harsh to ones that he considers as rivals, such as Kid Flash whom got his knees broken by Robin’s staff in Multiple Trick Pony and The Streak.

Nonetheless, it’s later revealed in “Flashback” that before he became a quick-witted and dominating leader, he used to be a mild-tempered sidekick who was ambitious to form Teen Titans but also had a tendency to bottle up his rage till it reached its breaking point, until Kid Flash kicked him out and his then-rejects (current teammates) teamed up with him as well as giving him a total makeover.

Despite his unstable emotions and selfish moments, Robin still comes through as a sometimes smart, strong, driven and sometimes confident leader, and for some unknown reasons sometimes his ridiculous warnings turn out to be accurately correct. In addition, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies further reveals that in spite of his self-absorbed traits and savageness, he is an insecure individual who yearns for recognition. Besides, he is still very loyal and compassionate to his friends and regards his friends important.


Since he has no natural born powers, Robin tends to rely on various types of equipment. Below are the following equipment he has used in the series:

  • Staff
  • Smoke bombs
  • Birdarangs (with different variants)
  • Grappling hook
  • Net gun
  • Pencil (as a puppet)

Robin's Alternate Forms

Photo Summary Appearance(s)
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"In and Out"
Batgirl, Nightwing and three children
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"Staring at the Future", "Sandwich Thief", "Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice"
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"Crazy Day"
Some of Their Parts Image53
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Cats Fancy Image51
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Leg Day Image40
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Dick Gravestone Snuggle Time
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"Oh Yeah!"
Robin Avogodo Picture TTGWikia
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"The Avogodo"
The Gold Standard Gallery TTGWikia0012
"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck, and It's Bad","The Gold Standard"
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Mutant insect


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Death Experiences

  • In the episode "Ghostboy", when he accidentally fell because a cliff can't stand his weight and cause Cyborg can't catch him (he's a ghost), so he died.
  • In the episode "Super Robin", the lights fade out, and we can hear Robin's ECG flatten, as we know he has kicked the bucket.
  • In the episode "Parasite", he got squashed after the monster that came out of Starfire's parasite attacked the Titans.
  • In the episode "Real Magic", he briefly died when he ties himself up in a water tank, trying to perform a trick, but then Raven catches the ghost and put him back to Robin's body.
  • In the episode "Salty Codgers", he died with the other three (Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg) after having their last breath.
  • In the episode "Hot Garbage", he died when the four (plus Cyborg, Starfire and Raven) tried to fight against the smell, but then ghost Robin possess back his body, along with the three.
Request 7 Robin Ghost
  • In the episode "Scary Figure Dance", he died after shot by a laser beam from the H.I.V.E., then uses his ghost form to haunt the H.I.V.E.
  • In the episode "Pure Protein", he died off screen known after seeing the alien putting Robin's skull in his collection.
  • In the episode "Oregon Trail", he died after he made it to the Oregon Trail, suddenly having the infamous dysentery.
  • In the episode "Hand Zombie", he temporarily died (turning into a skeleton) after Raven released her bad breathe.

Episodes focusing on Robin

List of episodes focused on Robin can be found here.

Songs Sung by Robin

List of songs sung by Robin can be found here.


  • Robin normally isn't a Metahuman in DC Comics, in Teen Titans Go however, Robin is capable of gaining powers, at least temporarily. For example, he had possessed the power to transform into a Leprechaun at will in Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad, as well as The Gold Standard. Another example on how he became a Metahuman is Raven bestowing him some powers in Super Robin.
    • In The Avogodo, it is evident that he can gain excess powers and even becoming an entity after consuming avocados. However, after he had consumed so many avocados, he became a deviant of godly power.
  • Robin has an obvious crush for Starfire, but, it isn't very obvious if Starfire likes him back. This was the opposite during the first season of the old show, however in "Starfire the Terrible", in a retroback, she was shown to about to give Robin flowers, which means she might have feelings for him. (Robin is overly obsessed with Starfire, Starfire only likes him slightly, if any.)
  • Robin's first appearance was in Detective Comics #38 (1940).
  • It is unknown if he will use red birdarang's in this show.
  • He believes that his sandwiches are the best.
  • It is shown that Robin's staff has a few weapons inside it in Meatball Party when he was fighting the black octopus, it is seen having a stunning or paralyzing weapon.
    • In Más y Menos, Robin prepared for the perfect timing to stop Mas and Menos from running too fast with his staff and it was seen his another weapon was a big flash explosion inside his staff.
    • In Booty Scooty, it is revealed that this staff can be used as a lighter.
  • In Mouth Hole, Starfire is shown to hold affection for Robin, as she asked him to kiss her.
    • On top of that, however, she had no shown feelings for him in Rocks and Water.
    • It should be noted though, she showed some brief attraction to him in her "serious form" in "Let's Get Serious".
    • Another example of Starfire holding some affection for Robin is in the episode "The Return of Slade". Robin states that he got a kiss from Star, resulting with her giggling.
  • Robin is very impulsive and can lose control very easily. This was the complete opposite in the original show; where in fact Robin was very calm in almost every situation.
  • Robin has been the antagonist of an episode more than any of the other Titans, with a total of 10 episodes or more.
  • Several episode indicate Robin has a fragile mental state, and can easily resort to questionably sane or completely insane behavior. Such instances include: The Date, Staff Meeting, Sidekick, Uncle Jokes, Puppets, Whaaaaat?, Sandwich Thief, Yearbook Madness, and Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes.
  • As seen in Driver's Ed, Robin's mask is a pair of glasses and he has very small black circles for eyes, however, in The Mask, Robin uses his mask to cover his identity.
  • As shown in Dog Hand and Nose Mouth, Robin has a desire to be more muscular.
  • As seen in Laundry Day, Robin has fangirls.
  • In his room, Robin has a lot of things with the faces of mostly Batman villains on them, which he uses to either punch or throw birdarangs at.
  • In Video Game References, Robin has a habit of being in a constant state of excitement which elevates his blood pressure as well as making enjoyable things boring.
  • Robin has died 10 times in this series: Ghost Boy, Super Robin, Parasite, Real Magic, Salty Codgers, Hot Garbage, Scary Figure Dance, Pure Protein, Oregon Trail and Hand Zombie
  • Robin has become a ghost 4 times in this series: Ghost Boy, Real Magic, Hot Garbage, and Scary Figure Dance.
  • Robin has left the Teen Titans 7 times: Super Robin, Staring at the Future, Money Grandma, Robin Backwards, Let's Get Serious, Multiple Trick Pony, and for unknown reasons in Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp.
  • There are several running gags revolving around Robin in the series:
    • Robin's obsession over Starfire and his vain attempts to win her heart.
    • Robin being narcissistic and selfish in his quest to be a true hero or the greatest hero.
    • Him doing something wrong, then later realizing his mistake. Then he apologizes to the Titans, but the Titans don't seem to notice and/or care.
    • Robin getting injured.
    • Robin being depicted as crazy; often involving him having a panic attack, talking to himself, or hearing voices.
    • Robin arriving or leaving by throwing a gas canister on the ground.
    • Robin being obsessive over being the leader of the Titans.
    • Robin using his grapple gun for faster travel.
    • Him hearing disembodied voices
    • Him making butt jokes (i.e. patting or shaking his butts).
    • Him shouting out words or phrases repeatedly (for audiences’ cheap laughs)
  • It is revealed in Parasite that Robin has various pictures of himself which he stores in his computer.
  • Robin is the only Titan who does not have the natural ability to fly.
  • In Staff Meeting, it's shown that Robin has an unhealthy attachment to his staff and treats it like a real person. He will become extremely emotional if his staff is broken.
  • Robin has his own branded headphones, shown in Meatball Party.
  • Robin seems to love tacos, as shown in Lazy Sunday.
  • Sometimes Robin's birdarangs are red, while usually they are black.
  • As revealed in Starfire The Terrible, Robin is apparently in love with the moon. However, he may have been thinking of Starfire, contrary to what Starfire believed.
  • Robin has an extreme fear of Batman as shown in "Sidekick" and "Thanksgiving", hinting at a possible mistreatment at Batman's hands.
  • Robin doesn't like to be called "Boy Wonder", but in Dog Hand, he didn't seem to mind when Trigon called him Boy Wonder.
  • Robin does not have an archenemy in this series, even though in the original Teen Titans series it was Slade.
  • In Thanksgiving, it is revealed that he's Raven least favorite Titan.
  • Of all the Titans, Robin has the most "Little Buddies" with four. They are Birdarang, Beat Box, Super Robin, and the Universe Staff.
    • However, since Robin treats his actual staff as a friend, he could actually have five "Little Buddies" if his staff is counted.
  • According to Jinx in Opposites, he has a celery scent.
  • Whenever Robin becomes paranoid, he has a habit of writing on the walls, as he did so in "Nose Mouth" and "Birds".
  • His current costume is the same outfit that Tim Drake wore in the Comics when he became Robin.
  • His hair resembles Tim Drakes' when it gets wet.
  • As shown in Puppets, Whaaaaat?, Robin gets angry when the Titans don't follow his orders.
  • Robin and Raven are the only character that named with a bird started the letter "R".
  • Robin is a fan of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, which Raven likes.
  • Robin has been shown to have bad breathe multiple times in the series, for example in "More of the Same" and "Rocks and Water".
  • It was shown in "Yearbook Madness" that the other heroes in the DC universe like the Teen Titans except for Robin.
  • According to "Crazy Day", it is revealed that Robin drives Raven the most crazy (in other words, annoys her the most) out of all the other Titans.
  • It has been shown in "Spice Game" and that Robin cannot take spicy foods, not even a grain of salt dissolved in a pot of water. Though this is very ironic as he could eat pizza (with 500mg of sodium while a grain of salt has 1mg) without feeling a hint of spice.
  • It has been shown in the episode "Grube's Fairytales" that Robin is skilled in playing the flute.
  • Robin's Bo Staff was Tim Drake's Weapon of choice in the Comics.
  • Robin likes to show off his body this is seen in the episodes "Fourth Wall" and "Matched".
  • In "Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad", it is revealed Robin used to be a leprechaun and also is Irish.
  • In "Obinray", it is revealed that Robin dislikes secrets.
  • Other than Trigon, Robin's parents are the only parents of any other Titan who made an appearance in the series (though his might be imaginary to display his symptoms of denial).
  • Robin (along with Raven) are the only two Titans who have not celebrated their birthday in the series.
  • Robin has a somewhat similar personality to Benson from Regular Show and Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Robin is the second most pessimistic member of the group after Raven.
  • In this series Robin is shown crying in Staff Meeting but in the original series he never has cried.
  • If counting Starfire and Raven as official best friends and not including Robin’s staff as an actual person, Robin is the only Titan without a real best friend.
  • In Hot Salad Water, it is proven that Robin is an Anglophobic nationalist.
  • Robin's current boorishness might be a joke made by the Teen Titans Go! Crew and Staff on his name "Dick".


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