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Raven's Emoticlones are five seperate beings of Raven that were created by the Mysterious Prism. They made their debut in Colors of Raven and later return in Some of Their Parts. They also appear in Video Game References, but only Pink, Purple and Red show up

Emoticlone Versions

Each Raven has their personality and actions, as well as their own cloak colours and unique designs of their cloak buckles and eyes.

Pink Raven (Happiness)

The pink emoticlone of Raven represents her happy and cheerful side. She loves spreading joy around everything and is often seen playing with Starfire. Her cloak colour is pink, her eyes are pink and her cloak buckle is a flower. She has no love interest in Beast Boy

Purple Raven (Passion)

The purple emoticlone of Raven represents her passionate and loving side. She is seen kissing Beast Boy almost all the time (due to regular Raven's crush on him). Her cloak colour is purple, her eyes are purple with hearts as reflections, as well as possessing eyelashes and lipstick, and her cloak buckle is a heart.

Red Raven (Rage)

The red emoticlone of Raven represents her angry and rageful side. She is very aggresive and violent towards others (specifically Robin and Cyborg). She is also extremely hot-tempered. She was Robin's choice of becoming a superhero in the Elite Titans. Her cloak colour is red, her eyes are red - she also shows her four demonic eyes and her cloak buckle is a skull. She has no love interest in Beast Boy

Orange Raven (Laziness)

The orange emoticlone of Raven represents her lazy and slothful side. She is constantly doing nothing and always lies down and sleep. She also enjoys eating a lot of food. Her cloak colour is orange, her eyes have no irises and are usually derped and her cloak buckle is a hamburger. She has no love interest in Beast Boy

Grey Raven (Timidity)

The grey emoticlone of Raven represents her sad and timid side. She is always seen hiding in different places and sometimes hides behind Robin. If she is really scared, she vomits. Her cloak colour is grey, her eyes are grey without pupils and her cloak buckle is a teardrop. She has no love interest in Beast Boy

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • The Emoticlones are very similar to the Emoticlones in original series episode Nevermore and comic Pieces of Me, the only difference is that Orange Raven was rude while Brown Raven was laziness.
  • Brown Raven, Green Raven, and Yellow Raven are the only Emoticlones who have yet to appear in Teen Titans Go!.
  • All of the emoticlones primarily interacts with at least one of the Titans, except Orange.
    • Red Raven with Robin or Cyborg, who constantly beats them up.
    • Purple Raven with Beast Boy, making-out with him.
    • Pink Raven with Starfire, where they engage in girly activities together.
    • Grey Raven with Robin, often seen hiding behind him or puking on him.
  • With each personality trait, their eyes appear in a different state or appearance; Pink's eyes are in constant excitement, Passion's in a stereotypical "seductive" image, Grey's in constant sadness and fear, Orange in a constant state of dizziness, and Red's in the same demonic eyes Raven has whenever angered
  • None of the Raven's Emoticlones (except Purple) have love interest in Beast Boy
  • Red Raven and Pink Raven both like comedies
  • Pink Raven and Red Raven are the only Ravens who have powers
  • None of the Ravens have shown a liking of Pretty Pretty Pegasus
  • In "Colors of Raven" Instead of battling, Red Raven beat up Cyborg, but in "Some of Their Parts" Red Raven defeated the H.I.V.E. Five
  • Beast Boy has happened to take a liking in Purple and Orange Raven


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