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Name Raven
Alias Rachel Roth

Lady Legasus
Raven the sarcastic older sister

Sex Female
Species Half-human, Half-demon
Relatives Trigon (Father)
Arella Roth (Mother)
Friends Beast Boy (love interest)
Demon (little buddy)
Dr. Light (temporarily)
Enemies Trigon (Father)
Terra (Rival)
H.I.V.E. Five
Brother Blood
Dr. Light
Killer Moth
Mother Mae-Eye
The Mockingbirds
Occupation Super Hero
Residence Titans Tower
Voiced By Tara Strong
Quote1 Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS! Quote2
--Raven´s catchphrase

Raven (Raven Roth) is a main character on Teen Titans Go!. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


The evil interdimensional demon, Trigon, chose the human Arella to be his wife. Shortly after marriage, he abandoned her and left her. Arella almost committed suicide, but was taken care of by the disciples of Temple Azarath. She eventually gave birth to Raven, who spent many years learning to control and hide the powers from her evil father. Trigon eventually began to fill her dreams with evil visions and prophecies, so she went to confront her evil father. Trigon tried to get her to join him, but she refused. He was still willing to spare her and her mother, and Raven fled to Earth. When she arrived, she joined three other superheroes, and they worked to defend an alien girl from the Gordanians. When they succeeded, they formed the Teen Titans, and became a group of superheroes devoted to defending Jump City.


TTG Raven2 1024x768
Raven is not amused
BooswithangerAdded by Booswithanger

Raven wears a blue/purple cloak with a hood, behind it being a leotard-like suit with long sleeves reaching to her hands, though she is only seen without her cloak in which she meditates or uses her telekinetic powers. She has light gray skin, blackish-purple hair, purple eyes, and a red, diamond shaped gemstone on her ajna shakra on her forehead. She has skulls at the soles of her ankle boots.

In Laundry Day, she curses the Titans' clothing to come to life and attack the Titans themselves. This results in her wearing Robin's uniform.

In Legs, Raven adopts a new look and name as Lady Legasus in having discovered the possibilities of using her legs and feet. Opposite to her dark attire, she wears a golden-yellow one-piece bikini-like outfit with matching boots, cuffs and her Lady Legasus logo in the center.


Raven without her cloak (and with her cheer back)
Goldenrod51Added by Goldenrod51

"Raven is the sarcastic, deadpan half demon girl who'd rather be left alone."

With a shadowy past and eerie powers, Raven tries to be good, but she's desperately afraid of the darkness within her. Raven's telekinetic powers allow her to move objects with her mind. She constantly has to deal with Trigon's influence and the fact that her powers are based on emotion, so she tends to be the most emotionless of the Titans. Feeling just about any emotion too strongly can be bad for everyone. However, she still shows some emotion like frustration and happiness. She typically prefers to be alone, but will still frequently spend time with the rest of the Titans. She is perhaps the most level-headed of the group, as she is rarely shown freaking out or showing any "extreme" emotions unless provoked. Despite this, she seems to be quick to anger, and has destroyed appliances or attacked numerous people when she gets angry. She also seemed saddened along with the other Titans (aside from Starfire) when she wasn't invited to the Titans East Party, breaking down crying with the others. In "Legs", it is revealed that her cloak is what gives her the sarcastic personality and level-headed personality.

She also seems to hate going to the dentist, shown the episode Meatball Party. She generally dislikes things that are considered "girly," but considers Pretty Pretty Pegasus a sort of guilty pleasure. At first, she didn't seem to want the other Titans to know about her being a fan of the show, but in "Super Robin" she has apparently gotten over this, as she is seen watching it in front of them. Raven is also shown to be one of the laziest Titans, along with Beast Boy and Cyborg. She doesn't do any physical work, and she often uses her telekenisis, teleporting and flying power every day, to the point that she had difficulty walking in in No Power. Raven is also shown to be kind of mischievous as she has played pranks and or tricks on some of her friends, for example whe she tricked Robin in Laundry Day and Starfire (with Beast Boy and Cyborg) in Second Christmas. Also, she participated in pranking Beast Boy (with the others) in Ghost Boy. She has shown strong feelings for Beast Boy on several occasions, but has difficulty expressing her feelings. Despite this, the two seem to share a close, sometimes flirtatious relationship. 

Powers and Abilities

Raven's powers are magical in nature and are inherited from her father, Trigon. They are controlled by her emotions, so she has to keep them at bay. When using certain powers, she has to say her incantation "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" before casting them.

Teen titans go raven vector by umbravivens-d64swdz
Raven is attempting to use her powers.
Johnzach23Added by Johnzach23
  • Soul-self (the dark colored energy she uses is called soul-self)
  • Telekinesis: She can control anything that is enveloped in soul-self.
  • Solid telekinesis construct: She can mold anything with the energy from her soul-self.
  • Teleportation: She can teleport herself or others anywhere.
  • Casting spells: She is very skilled in using spells like using it to create clones or giving life to Aboitic, inanimate Objects.
  • Power Granting: It is shown in Super Robin that she can give people powers like her father, Trigon.
  • Duplication: It is also shown in Double Trouble that she can duplicate objects.
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    Raven using her powers
    BatmannpAdded by Batmannp
  • Soul-self Creations: She can also make hands, shields, and even inter-dimensional portals with her soul-self.
  • Apparition: She can teleport herself wherever she wants without portals.
  • Moderate Hand-to-Hand Combat: In "Legs", Raven was shown to be a capable hand-to-hand fighter. She only fights with her legs and feet in the episode though.
  • Dark Magic: In "Nose Mouth", she used Dark Magic to change the other Titans. If it's used for silly reasons, it tends to get out of hand and make her more and more evil.


Beast Boy

Ttg raven smiling
Raven smiling at the thought of her and Beast Boy.
Tumblr mszph70zPP1sdfj22o1 r1 500
Beast Boy and Raven about to share a kiss.
CramberryAdded by Cramberry

Raven has a huge, secret crush on Beast Boy. She claims to find him annoying and dislikes his jokes, but this is only an act. Despite this, they're very close friends and deeply respect each other. In "Meatball Party," the demonic monster in Raven's mouth attacked Beast Boy by far the most often out of any of the Titans, even causing Beast Boy to question why it singled him out suggesting that she has Beast Boy on her mind often.

In "Terra-ized," the other titans thought she was jealous of Beast Boy's "relationship" with Terra. Every time they'd teased her and call her jealous. She did, however, deny this multiple times. At the end of the episode, when the Titans said it was crazy to think that Raven liked Beast Boy, Raven says how absurd their relationship would be, but turns around and smiles, implying she actually does have feelings for Beast Boy.

In "Matched," the Love Matcher 5000 (created by Cyborg) matched Beast Boy and Raven, making Beast Boy crazy in love with Raven. Curiously, despite Raven's apparent love for him, throughout the episode she stubbornly rejected, and both attacked and insulted him each time he tried to hit on her. This may imply that she is in denial of her feelings for him. Nonetheless, near the episode's end, once Raven sees that Beast Boy really does care and wants to be with her she realizes that he's really trying to win her over which makes her looks back and remembers everything he's done to show his love for her, she then decides she wants to give their relationship a chance. Beast Boy then immediately proposes to her and the two prepare to get married. However, Cyborg interrupts them and reveals that his machine was faulty and Beast Boy's true match was a scratching post leaving Raven to be visibly frustrated.

Raven apparently still holds deep feelings for Beast Boy as shown in "Colors of Raven, when her passionate side showed immediate attraction towards him, promptly kissing him constantly. Curiously Beast Boy is the only Titan Rage did not assault or attempt to attack during the episode.

In the episode "Legs " Raven was often getting complimented by Beast Boy by her legs and although she seemed to ignore it. At the end we find out she actually did enjoy the attention he was giving her which is shown when she shows a small seductive smile then shows him her legs one more time as he morphs into a dog and howls cheerfully. 

In the episode "Waffles", Beast Boy was only saying the word "waffles" when he spoke to Raven. It is unknown what he said, but apparently Raven did. She blushed in response and said "Right....."

In the episode "Be Mine" Raven carries an intenion to keep Beast Boy from getting hurt by reveiling Terra's true nature. When realizing this Beast Boy becomes depressed while she comforts her she states that " There is another girl out, who I bet likes you. " with Beast Boy ask "why hasn't she told me" which makes Raven feels that she should tell the truth. Raven comes close to admitting her feelings to Beast Boy at the valentines day dance, but was interrupted by an assault by Terra. At the end of the episode, she sadly comments that she didn't get to express her true feelings.


Raven has a very strained relationship with her father, Trigon, describing at one point as "a complete weiner." Raven apparently decided at some point in the past that she wanted to be a hero, rather than follow in her father's footsteps. Trigon seems to resent this, but apparently accepted it. Nonetheless, he still seems to want her to embrace her birthright as a demon spawn.


Starfire and Raven are good friends. In "Dog Hand," Starfire says to Raven's father, redundantly, that she is Raven's best female friend within the Teen Titans (However, apart from Starfire, she is the only female in the Titans). Starfire is often extremely friendly to Raven, but Raven is often not that interested. She often tries to reject Starfire, often failing, but usually not in a mean way, she just wants to be left alone. Even when she does try to be a little mean, Starfire doesn't understand because of her naivety of Earth culture. However, in "Girl's Night Out," despite her initial reluctance to join, Raven joins Starfire and Jinx in a girl's night out and they all have a good time. Starfire, along with Cyborg, tease Raven about supposedly being jealous of Beast Boy's relationship in "Terra-ized". 


Cyborg seems to have an older brother sort of relationship with Raven. As seen in Meatball Party, Raven was upset with him, because he wanted her to eat a meatball, but she didn't want to. Cyborg seemed to have a pattern of forcing Raven to do things she didn't want to do, which he finally understood by the end of the episode, but couldn't help himself when it came to meatball parties. He and Starfire teased her about her apparently being jealous of Beast Boy's relationship with Terra in "Terra-ized".  


Raven and Robin have a brother/sister relationship. In "Dog Hand," she refused to discuss her father until Robin confronted her on the subject and forced it out of her. She also helped him find a replacement staff in "Staff Meeting" by giving him the location of the Universe Tree. She's also shown to be deeply annoyed by Robin as seen when Red Raven beats him up along with Cyborg in "Colors of Raven".


She seems to be Silkie's friend, because in Legendary Sandwich and Nose Mouth, she is playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls with him, but In "Dog Hand," she threw him out by breaking the window, but it was more due to rage than a dislike for Silkie.


Raven and Jinx smiling

Raven and Jinx are more enemies than friends, being that Raven is Jinx's least favorite Titan and Raven targeting her as the villain she mostly teases about being put in jail, but in "Girl's Night Out," Raven doesn't really seem to think letting Jinx out is the best idea, but after the big chase, Raven starts to have some fun. Once they were put into the facility, Raven admits she had fun with Jinx and agrees to join them on their second Girl's Night Out.  


Terra seems to be Raven's enemy because she knew her purpose was to bring down the Titans, and also from her envy of Beast Boy's affection for Terra. From the start Raven was suspicious of Terra the first time in the episode Terra-ized she had a feeling Terra was a spy that was using Beast Boy's affections to get The Titans secrets. After, when Raven saved Beast Boy from getting crushed by Terra, they have a short battle Raven won, then traped her in another demenion. And when she returns in Be Mine, she continues to spy on Terra after the latter escapes from a dimension Raven had previously sealed her in. This time, she manages to convince Beast Boy of Terra's treachery, which depresses him. Raven is left clearly heartbroken when Beast Boy seems to win Terra over, combined with the fact that she was unable to express her true feelings for him. She then in envy and anger seals Terra into the other dimension once again, with Beast Boy jumping in after her.


"Finally." -Raven in "Legendary Sandwich"

"Let's have fun." -(happy) Raven to Beast Boy and Cyborg in "Colors of Raven"

"Huh, first time I ever rode a building." Raven in "Girl's Night Out"

"I'll go if you come with." -(passionate) Raven to Beast Boy in "Colors of Raven"

"Then why can't you let Starfire and I play?" -Raven to Robin in "Artful Dodgers"

"Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!" -Raven, plenty of times

"Funnus, Pinkus, Happix, Awesomus, Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!" -(happy) Raven saying her extension of the "Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!"

"And now you get to do the laundry for the next year, sucka." -Raven teasing Robin in "Laundry Day"

"I'm not talking because that stupid meatball cracked my tooth!" -Raven to Beast Boy in "Meatball Party"

"Why do you always have to force people to do what you think is fun?" -Raven to Cyborg in "Meatball Party"

"Just the thought of Beast Boy, and me! *scoffs*" -Raven to Cyborg and Beast Boy in "Terra-ized"

"So, what's an attractive, *sniffs* decent smelling girl doing with Beast Boy?"- Raven questions in "Terra-ized"

"You rock, Butterbean." Raven in Legendary "Sandwich"

"I am not JEALOUS!" -Raven to the Titans in "Terra-ized"

"I still don't care." Raven to the Titans in "Burger vs. Burrito"

"Answer your communicator!" -Raven to Robin via communicator in "Dude Relax!"

"And why would you waste your time with that?" -Raven to Cyborg in "Matched"

"Mmmm, yum." Raven in "Burger vs. Burrito"

"That's, actually a good choice." -Raven responding to Starfire in "Pie Bros"

"We don't have a relationship!" -Raven to Beast Boy in Matched

"That's how I play." -Raven responding to Starfire in Pie Bros

"You do know how to relax, don't you?" -Raven to Robin in "Dude Relax!"

"Oh, but it is true. Behold!" -Raven to the Titans in "Legendary Sandwich"

"This is... beautiful. I guess Beast Boy and I were meant to be together." -Raven in Matched

"Why do I even try...?" -Raven in "Matched"

"Dare I even ask?" -Raven in "Double Trouble"

"I told you not to mess around with that thing! *slaps Cyborg*" -(Rage) Raven in "Colors of Raven"

"Uh, yeah. That's about right." -Raven responding to Starfire in "Pie Bros"

"This is not a good look." -Raven to the Titans in "Laundry Day"

"Great. Right in the middle of the best part of Pretty Pretty Pegasus." -Raven in "Legendary Sandwich"

"You guys are the only things that keep me sane in this house." -Raven in "Nose Mouth"

"I'm leaving the Titans." -Raven in "Legs"

"These legs, along with the rest of me, will henceforth be known as... Lady Legasus." -Raven in "Legs"

"Whatever..." -Raven plenty of times

"Wait! I got legs... and I know how to use them." -Raven in "Legs"

"Wow! That feels good! Hey, why haven't I been fighting like this all my life?" -Raven in "Legs"

"And I don't laugh." -Raven in "Caged Tiger"

"Dancing is fun! Who knew I had these moves!" -Raven in "Legs"

"So annoying." -Raven about Robin in "Nose Mouth"

"You were right. That stupid cloak was holding me back." -Raven in "Legs"

"Get that away from me." -Raven about Robin's leg in "The Left Leg"

"Really, ok but I'll need your clothes." -Raven in "Laundry Day"

"I hate you all." -Raven in "Terra-ized"

"Beats hanging around here." -Raven in "Sidekick"

"So how do we get out of this cage." -Raven in "Waffles"

"Yeah we got this." Raven in "Waffles"

"Creepy guy who stands under dramatic lighting." -Raven about Brother Blood in "Waffles"

"He's gone, but he'll be back. Probably for Thanksgiving." -Raven about Trigon in "Dog Hand"

"Look at you your in prison." -Raven mocking Jinx in "Girls Night Out"

"Lets do it." -Raven in "Waffles"

"Well, I sent her to the same place I get rid of our garbage." -Raven about Terra in "Be Mine"

She doesn't like you, Beast Boy. She's planning on destroying us all." -Raven about Terra in "Be Mine"

"Here. I used my magic to watch her every move." -Raven in "Be Mine"

"Tried to warn you. You okay?" -Raven to Beast Boy in "Be Mine"

"There nothing wrong with you. It's her. She's an awful person." -Raven in "Be Mine

"Look's like it's just you and me again, Terra. Azarath... Metrion... ZI.. OW! Stupid Cupid baby!" -Raven in "Be Mine

"Beast Boy... I didn't get to tell you how I feel." -Raven in "Be Mine"

"This is for your own good Robin." -Raven in "Dude, Relax"

"This is terrible." -Raven in "Be Mine"

"I better keep an eye on her." -Raven in "Be Mine"

"I heard she bakes people into her pie." -Raven, discussing the rumors about Mother Mae-Eye in "Pie Bros"

"Thanks for making me whole again." -Raven in "Colors of Raven"

"Just good job." -Raven in "Colors of Raven"

"I really don't care." -Raven in "Burger vs. Burrito"

"Creeps." -Raven in "Opposites"

"Flowers?" -Raven in "Opposites"

"He has some major issues." -Raven about Robin in "Sidekick"

"Make no mistake." -Raven in "Staff Meeting"

"Check this out, that's what set off the alarm." -Raven in "Birds"

"Keep it down I'm trying to read." Raven in "Meatball Party"

"Why do you always have to force everyone to do what you think is fun?" -Raven to Cyborg in "Meatball Party"

"Fine I'll eat your stupid meatball." -Raven in "Meatball Party"

"I'm fighting a vacuum cleaner and losing... This is embarrassing." -Raven in "Tower Power"

"It's only the beginning there are five stages of grief: stage one, denial; stage two, anger; stage three, bargaining; stage four, depression; stage five, acceptance." -Raven in "Lazy Sunday"

"And I was in the middle of a good dream." -Raven in "Nose Mouth"

"Wow! You replaced Teen with Team! Mind blown!" -Raven in "Artful Dodgers"

"Super cool." -Raven in "Birds"

"Why would you kick them out? They're really cool." -Raven in "Birds"

"How about a Robin?" -Raven in "Birds"

"These guys? Yeah, right." -Raven in "Birds"

"I told you to back off. My name is Raven! I'm not a raven." -Raven in "Birds"

"Robin was right about them." -Raven in "Birds"

"Robin, it's us." -Raven in "Birds"

"You have to help us get rid of them." -Raven in "Birds"

"Good job on almost holding it." -Raven in "Brain Food"

"Well, you sometimes have difficulty comprehending the complexities of certain task." -Raven to Beast Boy in "Brain Food"

"You left the front door open." -Raven to Robin in "Sidekick"

"You don't understand. He's not your typical dad." -Raven about Trigon in "Dog Hand"

"Yeah, we didn't want to tell you, but your old costume... Lame." -Raven to Robin in "In and Out"

"Uh, that reminds me: avoid the bathroom." -Raven in In and Out"

"So what makes you think they'll just let you join the H.I.V.E.?" -Raven to Robin in "In and Out"

"So you destroyed the H.I.V.E. Tower?" -Raven in "In and Out"

"Hi I'm... Ravine." -Raven in "In and Out"

"I hate it here." -Raven in "In and Out"

"Cyborg get away from that thing." -Raven in "Little Buddies"

"He'll never figure out how to open the book." -Raven to Robin about Beast Boy in "Brain Food"

"Oh no, not Him!" -Raven in Little Buddies

"No ones saying you can't have a little buddie Cyborg it just can't be evil." -Raven in Little Buddies

"B, u, u" -Raven in Brain Food

"Boom indeed Robin, boom indeed." -Raven in Uncle Jokes

"How ironic" -Raven in "Ghostboy"

Episodes focusing on Raven


  • When she is angered, her eyes turn red, her teeth get sharp and she speaks in a demonic voice. She also gains another pair of slightly smaller red eyes above her normal eyesall of which was inherited from her father.
  • In order to cast her spells successfully she needs to say "Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!".
  • It is revealed in Girl's Night Out and Matched that she is very vulnerable to puppy eyes.
  • Her father Trigon not only gave her the five of her emoticlones, he also gave her an extension of the "Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!" for the five of them
  • In Laundry Day, Raven's bob-cut hair is black instead of the usual purple from the original show, though this slight change may be an attempt at Raven's original image from the comics. There was a different design for Raven with her purple hair in some concept art, similar to the old show. It is unknown why the producers didn't use this design. However in some episodes, on the wall can be seen some photos of Raven without her hood, showing her hair with the style from the old show. 
  • Raven loves the show Pretty Pretty Pegasus, which is clearly a parody of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This is a reference to Tara Strong, Raven's voice actress, as she voices Twilight Sparkle on the show.
  • In Driver's Ed, it is shown that Raven has a car license and can drive the T-Car without touching the steering wheel.
  • Raven is slightly taller than Beast Boy, but smaller than anyone else, making her the second shortest of the Titans.
  • It is revealed in La Larva de Amor that Raven doesn't wear socks.
  • It is revealed in Colors of Raven, she has the ability to release her magic from her body by flagellating.
  • Raven's skin appears to be a lighter shade of grey than in the original TV series.
  • Raven's room has chains, hooks, multitudes of candles, and cages on her wall making it a parody to her Goth-like persona in the original series. 
  • As of Girl's Night Out, Raven has a criminal record for knocking down buildings with a bumper car with Jinx and Starfire.
  • Raven's voice actress, Tara Strong, also voiced her in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us', however, her voice is mature and sounds much more demonic sounding than in the show.
  • Raven is also portrayed as being evil (in the alternate timeline) and plotting to bring her father Trigon to earth to rule it.
  • In addition to her love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus, she is also seen wearing pink rabbit slippers in the episode Laundry Day.
  • In Meatball Party, Raven reveals that she hates the dentist. 
    Raven In the Intro.
    Cartman99Added by Cartman99
  • In Terra-ized , it is revealed that Raven has skull-like designs on the bottoms of her shoes. 
  • Her hair is different in the series and Tower Lockdown
  • Terra and Raven's rivalry in Terra-ized seems to be a nod to the original series, where Terra and Raven had the same type of relationship. The two also hated each other in the original DC comics. 
  • Her wedding gown in Matched (without the flowers) looks like White Raven from the original series.
  • In The Left Leg, it is shown that Raven hates the smell of celery.
  • Sometimes her cloak is indigo, and sometimes blue.
  • Her mother Is the only one in her family not demonic.
  • As seen in the episode Nose Mouth, Raven has a liking for poodles as she turns Beast Boy into a balloon and folds him into one.
  • As shown in the episode "Legs", Raven's cloak carries some kind of curse, making the wearer discover the dark side of their personality, and making them unable to express his/her feelings.
  • In "Laundry Day," Starfire wore Raven's cloak and it didn't have any affects to her, as well as Beast Boy in "Meatball Party".
  • In "Girls Night Out" it is revealed Raven has a fear of girly things.
  • In "Birds," it is revealed that her power can be used against her as she tried to use her powers on Orange Mockingbird but he used it to hit her.
  • In In and Out it is revealed that Raven has a Pretty Pretty Pegasus shirt.


The gallery for Raven can be viewed here.


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