Punch Icon (Cyborg) (Titans Most Wanted)

Cyborg's Punch icon, just one of the many that there is.

Punch is a standard beginning attack, of the melee specification, that most players possess in Titans Most Wanted. As far as damage, Punch attacks can range anywhere from -1HP to -7HP, dependent on the type of player - bulky players such as Mammoth can KO one of the Titans easily, compared to a Thug, who will take a few turns to even moderately damage them.


Punch (Thug vs Robin)

A Punch (but a fairly weak one) connects with Robin's face.

Pretty self-explanatory; when players use Punch, they sock the opponent with their fist (a punch!). Because it's a melee attack, players have to watch out for enemies with ranged attacks, like Jinx.

Punch doesn't take any extra turns to reload, since it's some of the players only opening move, so it comes in handy when the stronger attacks are re-arming. Still, Punch sees minor usage in the harder levels, because of massive Counter Attacks that can backfire viciously.


Below is a list of players who can use this attack:


  • Beast Boy has a variant of the Punch called the Gorilla Punch.

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