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Pretty Pretty Pegasus is a television show that Raven watches while no one is around. The series also has a line of toys.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2


Raven seems to enjoy the show very much, as she tends to play with the show's corresponding figurines a lot. Robin may be interested in it as well, as he suggested watching it at the end of the episode Legendary Sandwich. It is assumed that Trigon enjoys it too, because in Dog Hand, he is seen with a Pretty Pretty Pegasus kite.

Raven christmas

Raven got her special edition Pretty Pretty Pegasus doll

It also appeared in Super Robin, in which Raven was watching it on her laptop and she seemed comfortable watching it in front of the other Titans now. Two Pretty Pretty Pegasus figurines (Sparkleface being one of them) are seen being played with by Raven when the other Titans cannot see her play with them in Meatball Party. In some episodes such as Starliar and Matched, a poster of Pretty Pretty Pegasus can be seen in the Tower.

The ponies in Pretty Pretty Pegasus play an important role in Nose Mouth in an imaginative sense. All of the show's characters seen so far are in this episode, one even being introduced. Also, at the episode's end, all of the Titans, thanks to Raven, are transformed into ponies. Robin was also seen hurting SparkleFace using his Staff in "Sleep Fighter ll".

Pretty Pretty Pegasus is seen yet again in the episode Knowledge. Raven is shown to be briefly playing with her PPP dolls right before Starfire comes into view and says "dolls are meant for babies" while under the Starfire's Knowledge control.

After Raven is bitter with Starfire hanging with her father, Trigon, she is seen playing with her PPP dolls, with Butterbean, Sparkleface, and Jelly Roll (called "King Jelly Bean") who have been recolored to match Raven, Starfire, and Trigon (respectively). She has Sparkleface accepting caramel apples from King Jelly Bean, and Butterbean getting angry at Sparkleface and fighting with each other. However the real Trigon and Starfire appear, and she nervously tosses the dolls away.

Pretty Pretty Pegasus appears in the episode Friendship. There, the Teen Titans are trapped by Control Freak inside a random television playing an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus. The Titans aside from Raven, all try and convince the innocent ponies to abandon their friendly ways of handling situations, and replace it with violence and anger. In the end, Raven manages to teach both her comrades and the Pretty Pretty Pegasus ponies how friendship is power, and that violence will not cause any good.

In the episode Halloween, Raven wears a Pretty Pretty Pegasus pony costume. Proving that her initial embarrassment of liking the series in Legendary Sandwich that she no longer feels awkward with openly showing her interest in the series.

It is revealed in Road Trip that the television series also has at least one novel published. Raven is shown to be reading "Pretty Pretty Pegasus: The Novel" while riding in the back seat of the T-Car on the road trip.

In Hose Water, after Raven tells Starfire she hates colorful things, as soon as Starfire leaves she rubs her face against Sparkleface, and assures her she didn't mean that.

In Let's Get Serious, the Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls briefly appear in the Serious Song, where Serious Raven smashes them with her fist.


  • Butterbean (yellow pegasus, green hair, white pegasus with blue mane in "Caramal Apples")
  • Sparkleface (pink pegasus, yellow hair, orange pegasus with red mane in "Caramal Apples")
  • Jelly Roll
  • Buttermilk Biscuit
  • Princess Puffballs (mentioned)
  • Princess Silkiesoft (Silkie, used when Raven plays with her PPP dolls)
  • Gumdrop Goblin
Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 8.17.08 AM

A softer side of Raven is seen whenever Pretty Pretty Pegasus is involved.

  • Trolls (mentioned)
  • Pink and Blue pegasus (unnamed)


  • This show is a parody of the animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • Raven's fondness of the show is a reference to her voice actor, Tara Strong, being the voice actor for the show's lead character, Twilight Sparkle.
  • When Raven watches PPP, she becomes really calm.
  • The implication that Trigon enjoys the show as well could be a reference to Friendship is Magic being known to have a large number of adult male fans.
  • In Second Christmas, Raven gets a special edition golden PPP doll for Christmas.
  • In Nose Mouth, It is revealed that Raven's ponies are the only thing that keep her sane.
    • This is similar to Robin's habit of playing with puppets to stay sane, as revealed by Puppets, Whaaaaat?
  • Also in that episode Raven transforms Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire into ponies resembling the ponies from PPP.
  • In In and Out it is revealed that Raven has a PPP shirt and she is shown to wear them as pajamas in Dreams, Man Person, and Slumber Party.
  • In Nose Mouth when the Titans were turned into ponies they each had different symbols on their cheek, Cyborg: bolt, Starfire: star, Robin: birdarang, Beast Boy: paw print.
  • The color of Raven's Butterbean and Sparkleface dolls changed in "Caramal Apples" as a metaphor for her and Starfire's in-fighting.
  • Control Freak is shown to have a similar interest in the show as well. It should also be noted, Raven did not seem to attack him at all in the episode Friendship.
    • This was either because they shared a common interest, or Raven was too focused on watching Pretty Pretty Pegasus to care about attacking Control Freak.
  • Also mentioned in Friendship, Raven states to Robin that this show may seem ridiculous to him but it has gotten her through tough and dark times in the past.
  • Butterbean is the first character to speak in the series.


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