Pie Toss, Drop Pies Icon (Titans Most Wanted)

Icon for Mother Mae-Eye's lone attack.

On the third level of the Titans Most Wanted game, the Teen Titans have to combat Mother Mae-Eye and her Pie Toss, Drop Pies attack. This is one of the few dual moves in the game (Mae-Eye can either throw or lay a Magic Pie, either chosen from the same button).


Pie Toss (Maye-Eye)

Shameful KO of Robin, dealt by Pie Toss.

Even though it may not seem like the most effective weapon, Mae-Eye utilizes her Magic Pies as ranged ammo against the Titans. These are some dangerous pies- they take away -3HP.
Dropped Pies (Titans Most Wanted -Level 3-)

A few dropped Magic Pies layin' around.

In order to actually throw them, the second part of this move is Drop Pies. Afterwards the Magic Pies can be tossed, or even in a more strategic way, they can serve as decoys for the Titans to attack. Because pies come before a super villain on the fighting priority list.

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