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[TICKING] [GASPS] [SCREAMS] Dude, what's with the gasp? You almost gave me a heart attack, yo.

Did you hear that? No, that's why your gasp was so unsettling.

You don't gasp when it's quiet.

You just don't do that.

It scares us.

But it's never this quiet.

That is not the good reason for the gasping, Robin! Yeah, bro, how do you like it? [GASPS] The gasp! I had to gasp, Titans, when I realized why it's so quiet.

Cyborg is missing! [ALL GASP] See? It has been sometime since I heard the "booyah!" And it's unlike him to disappear without telling us really - loudly where he's going.

You think he's in trouble? There's only one way to find out, the Titan Tracker! I implanted one in each of you without either your knowledge or consent.

Oh, so that is what my glowy bulge friend is! [BEEPING] [BEEPING] Bad news! Wait for it.


Cyborg is in the H.I.V.E.

Tower! [ALL GASP] Now I ask you, does anything feel better than an appropriate gasp? - Why would Cyborg be in the H.I.V.E. Tower? - Why don't we ask Gizmo? I was wondering how long it would be before you noticed your friend was missing.

[LAUGHS MANIACALLY] If you don't meet our ransom demands, you'll never see him again! [ALL GASP] Another great gasp, Titans.

Are you telling them you kidnapped me? You couldn't kidnap me if you tried.

Hey, Titans! I'm just hanging here with my girl [MUFFLED] I think he said Jinx was trying to hang him! [ALL GASP] We really have those gasps going now, Titans.

If you want to see him again, you'd better have my ransom.

We must save the Cyborg! [GASPS] What was that gasp for? That one was for no reason.

[ALL GASP] Now, let's save Cyborg.

[ALL GASP] [CYBORG MUFFLED TALKING] Oh, man! Why did you do that?! Now my mouth tastes like your hand smells.

Argh! Malodorous! [CRASHES] And you're crazy if you think they're gonna pay a ransom for me.

Well, how would I look if they knew I was just letting - you hang around? - Like a little baby wearing a jet pack? [GRUNTS] I'm sick of your boyfriend coming over here, eating our food and sitting on our couch! He needs to leave! - Why don't you leave? - No, you leave.

You leave! - You leave! - You leave! - You leave! BOTH: You leave! - I said you leave! - You leave! - You leave, leave - CYBORG: [SING-SONGY] You leave, leave You, you, you, you, you leave! Leave! You, you, you leave! Leave! You, you, you leave! [ELECTRICITY BUZZING] You two have so much in common.

You love computers.

You're always inventing those little gadgets.

Why can't you be friends? - Because we can't! - Yeah, that's why.

Fine! But I better not catch either of you messing with each other.


All right.

Fine! - Whatever.


All righty then.

Okay! [IN DEJECTED VOICE] Okay - Whatever.

Okie-dokie - All right! - A'ight.


Okie-dokie, then.

Whatever you say.

It's all right.

[LOUD EXPLOSION] Oh, hey, guys! Operation Tin Man is a go! [ALL SCREAMING] [MUSIC] [BEEPS] ALL: Whoa! ROBIN: We'll be back for you, Cyborg Cool! I'll be here till around 8:00 or 8:30.

Wait, did you want to finish that movie? [GRUNTS] Make it 9:00! Listen carefully, H.I.V.E.

I have a plan to destroy Jump City.

And the first step is - First step? Aw, you took your first step? Next we're gonna get you on the potty! [ALL GIGGLING] Does he have to be here while we plot our evil schemes? - Yes, we talked about this.

Fine! My plan starts with this! [SCRAMBLING] [GRUNTS] [BABY COOING] [BOTH SNICKERING] [BABY COOING] [ALL LAUGHING] [CHUCKLES] [BABY COOING] [ALL LAUGHING] This obviously is not part of the plan!

Well, it should be because it's adorable! [ALL LAUGHING LOUDLY] [GRUNTING] Cyborg! [CHUCKLES] Great plan, fearless leader.

[ALL LAUGHING] [BEEPING] I really appreciate you listening to me vent.

I'm hanging on every word, baby.

Uh! [POWERING DOWN] Cyborg? Cyborg? Hello? [SNICKERING] Ugh! Is this your hilarious way of telling me you don't care? [GRUNTS] Hey! What's your problem? I don't know what my problem is.

But clearly there is a problem.

[GRUNTING] - What are you doing? - I Whoa! Don't know [GRUNTS] But I don't like it.

[CRYING] [CHUCKLES] Maybe I can do something about that volume.

[TALKING AT NEAR-MUTE VOLUME] Why are you acting so weird, Cy? [IN AUTOMATED VOICE] Because I am a big dumb-jerk, with a big dumb jerk face.

We should break up.

I am spending too much time here and annoying your friends.

Booyah! Booyah! Booyah! [STUTTERING] Booyah! [FARTING] Oh! I don't like this side of you, Cyborg.

[POWERS DOWN] [GIZMO LAUGHING] - Love it! - Hmph! Okay, Titans.

Our first mission to save Cyborg didn't work.

Time to turn to my skills as a master of disguise.

[YODELLING MUSIC PLAYING] Raven, what's our cover story? - We're just some - In character!

[GERMAN ACCENT] We are the German tourists and we are wanting to use the bathroom, please.

Excellent, and what's your name, Beast Boy? Uh, Beast Boy? [SLAP] Ow! Are you trying to get us killed?! [CLEARS THROAT] [IN GERMAN ACCENT] My name is Dieter.

My Papa runs a chocolate shop on ze Hamburg.

And what about you, Fraeulein? I am also eating the hamburger.

You do not eat the hamburger! You are the hamburger.

You live in Hamburg! Get it straight, Fraeulein! Or we all die! Stick to our story and we just might be able to pull this off.

You guys ready? - ALL: Ja! [YODELLING MUSIC PLAYING] [BELL RINGS] Who is it? [IN POOR GERMAN ACCENT] We are weary travelers with an interesting story Go away! No solicitors! - Who was that? - I don't know.

[GRUNTS] [GIGGLES] Now don't think I don't know that you two have been pranking each other.

BOTH: What? You two are gonna hang out until you're cool with each other.

[ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [BEEPING] Ugh! Your room's boring.

You got a rattle I can play with or something? [SCOFFS] No rattles.

Just devices to destroy the Titans with.

[SCREAMS] [CHUCKLES] How's that gonna destroy us? [DRONE SPUTTERING] It's a surveillance drone.

I'm gonna use it to find your weaknesses.

[SCOFFS] It's too loud! We'd hear it coming from a mile away.

Here, give it to me.

[LOW WHIRRING] Whoa! How'd you do that? You're not the only gadget genius.

Now, watch.

Don't worry, Cyborg, help is coming.

We just need to upgrade the arsenal.

Starting with these guns Hah! Look at those pecs! They're positively glistening.


CYBORG: Oh, my gosh.

It's nice to finally see my boys getting along.

I told you, you have a lot in common.

I should have kidnapped you a long time ago, dude.

You can say that again.

If Robin calls about that ransom, add some fries for me.

I'm getting hungry.

For you, I'll make it chili fries.

Best friends? - Nah! Best friends forever.

[BLUBBERING] [LOUD EXPLOSION] Hi! You wanted a ransom for Cyborg?! Well, here it is! [ALL SCREAMING] [LAUGHING MANIACALLY] [GASPS] Little buddy! [ROBIN LAUGHING] [ALL SCREAMING]


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